Wpp10 App Review. Is Wpp10 a Scam? Legit GPT Website or Ponzi?

Welcome to this Wpp10 review. Would you like to make easy money online? All you have to do is complete simple online tasks, and you will get rewarded in cash! Does that sound exciting? Well, that is what is promised should you decide to register with the Wpp10 website.

Is Wpp10 a scam or is it a legit way to make money online? I took this app/website for a test drive and would like to show you what is going on here. Is Wpp10 a pyramid scheme? Can you really make good money here, or should you run away from this opportunity?

These days there are so many make money online opportunities, that with some clever marketing, and emotional triggers, people can make online scams look like the real deal. So, then how do you distinguish between legit businesses and scams? Simple, you just do the research.

And that is exactly what you are doing right now!

Congratulations on taking the time to do your research before you go all-in with this particular opportunity. 

There are tons of scams online. But on the other side of the coin, there is a legit way to make money online. 

Having said that, let’s dive into this Wpp10 review to see what this opportunity is all about.


CREATOR: Unknown

PRICE TO JOIN: up to R51 000

Do I Recommend it? No

wpp10 app review


WPP10 is a GPT site. You can earn cash for completing certain tasks. However, there is no guarantee that you will be getting any tasks so your earning potential is uncertain.

Furthermore, they have expensive VIP packages. The only way that one can earn higher commissions is through the purchase of these packages and recruiting others to do the same.

The company is in existence for less than 6 months, but claim they have invested 1 billion dollars. There is no owner transparency. I would not recommend this opportunity.

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Who are the Founders of the Wpp10 website?

The official website does not have any information on who the owners or founders are. Later on, when we talk about the membership plans, I will show you that there are some huge investment plans that the company offers.

And the fact that there is no owner transparency is a red flag. Would you seriously go into business investing your hard-earned cash with someone who ‘hides behind the curtains?’

Anyway, I did manage to find out when the official site was registered. According to Whois, it was only created on the 27th of October 2021.

WPP10 review who are the owners of wpp10

Another interesting thing is that on the official website, they claim to have served the public for a period of one year! How can that be possible if they are only in operation for just 5months(the time of writing this post is 28th of February 2022)?

wpp10 is a scam, and there are no real owners and they claim to have donated $1 billion dollars when the site was only registered in october 2021

Let’s take a closer look at what the company is all about?

What is WPP10 All About?

The mission statement of the company is not very clear. The founders claim that the purpose of the website and their business proposal is to help South Africans to recover financially from the impact of the pandemic.

“The reason we exist is to help more people escape the hardships of unemployment and employment.”

Basically, WPP10 is a GPT or a ‘get paid to’ initiative. With GPT sites members get rewarded for completing certain tasks. Some of these tasks may include downloading an app, watching a Youtube video, playing games, or even testing a new site.

Some sites reward you with Amazon Gift cards, or with points. In this case, you can earn cash for completing tasks. But they also have a referral program that allows you to earn from the efforts of friends whom you invite to join the company.

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How Does WPP10 Work? Inside The Members Area

Initially, it’s free to join.

You can only successfully register if you have an invite code. Once you are in the member’s area, you can stay as a free member and earn cash for completing a limited number of tasks. Or you can upgrade to one of their VIP membership plans and get more tasks and earn more money.

wpp10 review how to join wpp10

You start off as an intern. As an intern, you get five daily tasks, and for each task that you complete, you can earn 5 rands or R5.

At the time of writing this review, there were no active tasks for me to do. So I had to wait for something to come up.

The WPP10 Vip Member Packages

There are six paid VIP membership packages that you can choose from.

VIP 1: Cost R400

VIP2: Cost R800, 10 Daily Tasks

VIP3: Cost R2100 15 Daily Tasks

VIP4: Cost R7200 30 Daily Tasks

VIP5: Cost R25500 50 Daily Tasks

VIP6: Cost R51000 40 Daily Tasks

The higher the plan you buy, the more tasks you get. In addition, the higher the commissions will be per level.

VIP 1 and VIP 2 each will pay out R5 per task.

VIP3 will pay out R10 per task.

VIP 4 will pay out R15 per task.

VIP 5 will pay out R50 per task.

VIP 6 will pay out R75 per task.

So, the projected monthly income will be higher as one progresses to a higher level.

The company also has plans for the other levels such as a regional agent and recruitment director, but no further info is available on this.

The WPP10 WithDrawal Limits

They allow you to withdraw your funds at any time. Payment is made into your bank account. You have to have your bank account with ABSA, Capitec, or Nedbank.

But you have to reach a certain limit each time you want to have a withdrawal processed.

  • First Withdrawal : minimum R100
  • Second Withdrawal : minimum R300
  • Third Withdrawal : minimum R500
  • Fourth Withdrawal : minimum R1000
  • Fifth Withdrawal :minimum R2000
  • Sixth and Seventh Withdrawal : minimum R5000
  • Eighth or more Withdrawals : minimum R10 000

How To Make Money With WPP10?

You can earn in 3 ways as a WPP10 member.

The first way is by just completing tasks. Then the second way is by upgrading to a paid membership plan.

You can earn APP rewards should you upgrade to one of the paid plans.

For instance,

On the VIP1 plan, the app rewards you with R60 and the Hiring Manager pays you R50, so you get a total of R110 back.

On the VIP2 plan, the app rewards you with R120, the Hiring Manager pays you R88 and you get R208 in total.

On the VIP3 plan, you get R360 and the Hiring Manager pays you R200 and you get R560 in total. And it carries on with the rest of the levels.

Then the third way in which you can make money with Wpp10 is via their referral program.

I will show you the breakdown in the next section.

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The WPP10 Compensation Plan – Recruiting is KEY

You can invite friends to join bu sharing your referral link.

wpp10 compensation plan breakdown

Their compensation plan works on a 3 tier level.

On the first level, you earn 12% from the people whom you directly sponsor. Then let’s say that your referral recruits someone, you would earn 4%(level two). And if your referral’s referral recruits someone you would earn a 2% commission(level three).

VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THIS: If you recommend someone to join, you can only get the referral’s commission from his first recharge. After this, if he or she upgrades to a higher level, you will lose out on any commission. Hence they recommend that you become the highest-level user and also recommend to your referrals to do the same.

And just to remind you again, the highest level package will set you back R51 000. For many people that is a fortune to get started with.

So, is WPP10 a scam?

Before I reveal the verdict, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this business opportunity.

What I Like About WPP10

There is nothing that I find positive about this business opportunity.

What I Do Not Like About WPP10

  1. Very Expensive Membership Packages
  2. There is no owner transparency
  3. No refunds or money-back policy
  4. No physical products or services to sell
  5. You have to recruit to earn higher commissions

Is WPP10 A Scam? My Personal Opinion

I have seen people receive commissions from the company. There are a few WhatsApp messages where folks have posted the earnings been deposited into their bank account.

So, does it mean that WPP10 is legit?

In my personal opinion, I would still not recommend this business to anyone. For the following reasons given below :

Firstly there is no real founder. The directors claim to have spent $1 billion on a global payout. But there is no proof anywhere to state that it’s true.

Secondly, there are no guarantees of ‘task jobs.’ I have yet to receive my first task. That means your daily/monthly earnings might not be consistent as you would like them to be. This means that if you want to make the higher commissions your only choice is to buy into one of the expensive packages.

Thirdly, the company does not have any products or services from which you can earn a retail profit. That means that once you buy a package to recoup your investment, you would have to get other people to buy into the company as well.

To make sure you do not lose out on any commissions, they twist your arm further into buying the highest-paying packages, which may not be affordable for everyone.

The only source of income is from the sale of membership packages. That means that should people stop investing, eventually, then the funds would dry up.

In my opinion, the people at the top, or whoever the founders are will gain the most. They pay out a small percentage in comparison to how much money the members are investing. At any time, they can choose to pull out, leaving the newest members to lose out the most.

As I said earlier members are getting paid, but it does not mean that it’s a stable investment vehicle.

WPP10 can become a costly venture. You are investing a considerable amount, but you are not getting anything of value in return. They are not teaching you any solid skills to build a profitable online business.

If the scheme collapses, you will be left back at square one trying to figure out how to make money online.

There are better ways to learn to make money online. And a great start is to invest in YOURSELF.

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Thanks so much for joining me on this Passion Product Formula review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Wish you everything of the best in your online success,

Kind Regards and Take Care


11 thoughts on “Wpp10 App Review. Is Wpp10 a Scam? Legit GPT Website or Ponzi?”

  1. Thank you for such a thorough review! I hadn’t heard about Wpp10 before, but this is especially helpful because it gives readers an idea of what to look for when researching. You do a really thorough job of walking us through this particular review, but also giving us the tools to do the research on our own the next time around.

  2. This is a great text to better navigate the internet if you are looking for a job in the future. Also here we will be better able to distinguish whether it is a fake or real job. I like it because you stated the reasons why you do not recommend this job. 

  3. I would not trust this by the name alone. However, was trying to get money from the site I would look into the numbers. My first problem is I do not have a cash comparison to rands. but without doing an equivalent exchange rate, I do not agree to paying 400 rands for 5 tasks max per day at a payout of 5 rands per task which is 25 rands per day. I would have to do all the tasks every day for 16 days to break even on my investment. 

    The tasks are my main problem because they could be a survey or subscribing to a service that I do not want. The Payouts are a problem also. If I have a minimum achievement rate to cash out and a maximum task rate to work I am limited on my potential return. All bad signs

  4. Im on wpp10 first 2 payments paid out but im struggling to get withdrawal they say due too the war they cant withdraw their money they said wait until the 11 march
    10k is what i withdrew been waiting until the 25th

  5. I do not recommend this platform at all! I recently paid money into their account (R9000) which I had to fight tooth and nail for it to reflect in my wallet (on their platform).

    After the fight, I did not want to proceed with the app and tried to withdraw my wallet to my bank account. Now it says that the funds have been paid yet no money has actually gone into my account. I am not confident that I will be getting my money back….

    Problem is this sounds so appetising and I personally know of numerous individuals that have made some money off of this. Its crumbling down now because all of these same people are struggling to cash out since March.

    Please don’t make the same mistake!

    • Hi there. Thanks so much for sharing your experience of using this website. I really do hope and pray that you get your money back.
      Wish you everything of the best.

  6. Hi Roopesh.
    Thank you for the insightful article. It makes alot of sense and your information has saved me from investing in this unpredictable scheme. May you grow from strength to strength.



    • Hi Aarti
      Thanks so much for the comment. Really Appreciate it. And you are most welcome. I am so glad to have helped you through this article. And thank you so much for the best wishes. That is too of you.
      Wishing you everything of the best in your online success.


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