GPTHub Review – Why This Micro-Jobs Site Might Not Be Worth Your Time

Welcome to my GPTHUB review. How different is GPTHUB compared to  the other 'get-paid-to' websites? Can you really make decent money with GPTHub or is GPTHUB a scam?

I took it for a test drive. Is it worth your while or will GPTHUB be a waste of time? Let me show you what it's all about.


Earning money online is possible. However some make-money-online opportunities have limited earning potential, others are downright scams and then you get those that allow you to earn a passive income online.

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Creator :  Unknown

Price to join : Free 

Do I recommend it? No, it's not going to bring in life-changing money.

GPTHUB is basically an opportunity where you can earn money for doing easy gigs. It can be answering surveys, playing games or watching ads.

Yes, they have proof that members have been paid. 

But the key point to remember is that you will be spending a great deal of your time just earning a few cents.

If your ultimate goal to make your time count, and learn to build a business with a solid foundation and that has passive-income potential, then you should not even consider 'get-paid-to' opportunities.

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GPTHub is a website that caters to two markets. The first market is the advertisers. If a company wants to increase its brand exposure, it can use the GPTHub platform to advertise its services or products.

The other market is that it provides an initiative for folks to earn money by completing simple tasks.

Some of the activities which one can get paid for doing are completing quizzes, taking surveys, playing games, and viewing ads.


There is no real owner to stand responsible for this business. Is this a red flag? 

Usually, I would consider it as one. From having written reviews of opportunities such as Prosperity People Systems and TimeBucks, I learned that a sign of a no-owner means that one should thread carefully.

However upon doing deeper investigations, I learned that the GPThub site was registered back in 2018. So it has been around for a while.

When was the domain name created

But the other good part about it is that they have real payment proofs. We will talk about that soon. 

Let's first chat about the sign-up process.


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To sign-up as an advertiser partner on the GPThub platform, you would have to choose from one of their various advertising categories.

How does GPThub work

They have advertising options for ads that will show up when a member is logging in to his account, or when ads are viewed on vacation days, or fixed advertisement as well as pay-per-click ads, and so on.

In addition to choosing the category, you also have the option to select the number of days you want your ad to show.

For example, if you want your 'login ad' to show for 30days, it would cost you $6.

How does GPTHub work

And you might wonder as to why it's so cheap? Well, one of the reasons in my opinion is that folks are rarely interested in viewing any of these ads. They are more interested in learning how to make money online. When I signed-up that was my original intention as well. I just bypassed the ads and sometimes they can even be a bit annoying popping up all over the place.

As a free member, it's easy and free to sign-up with Gpthub. They do also have a paid membership option. I am going to chat about that in the compensation plan section.

Once you are registered, you can start doing tasks and earn money. Now I  would like to share my experience of having used the GPTHUb website.


Once you are in the member's area, simply click on the 'earn money' tab and you will be presented with a range of options.

How to make money with GPTHUB

The first part that I attempted was the quizzes. The pay for completing a quiz is really small, like $0.024 up to $0.072.

How to complete the quizzes on GPT hub

But here's the thing, I found that clicking on any of the quiz options just leads straight to the main Google page. So it turned out to be a dead-end!

As for the survey part, like most survey companies I tried such as TeensEyes and American Consumer Opinion I found myself wasting my precious time filling in screeners. (these are profile surveys that do not pay)

Nevertheless, I still signed up to be notified of any new survey jobs. It has been 2 weeks since and nothing had happened.

Just like the quiz section, there were no games to play in the bonus game section.

I had some luck though in the viewing ads section. It was super-easy to do. All I had to was click on one of the bonus ads. A new page would open allowing me to view the ad for a minimum of 10 seconds. Thereafter my account would be credited with the relevant amount.

I made myself $0.00005, cool right?

In summary, those are the main ways in which you can earn money with

They also run contests, but that ended back in Dec.2018.

You can increase your chances of earning more money by upgrading your account. 

Did you notice that all of these activities had one thing in common? Every single one of required of you to be actively engaged in order to earn.

You can also earn money passively. 

>>Active Income VS Passive Income, Learn The Major Differences<<


Aside from being a free member, you can upgrade your membership to one of three paid options. 

They are 

  • Clique Family Member
  • Elite Member
  • Super Elite Member
You can upgrade your Gpt Hub membership to a paid account

The higher the option you choose, the more bonus ads you get to view and the more money you can make. With the elite and super-elite membership, you have access to an unlimited number of ads.

GPThub also has its own referral program. With the elite and super option, you earn $0.10 should your referrals upgrade.

Now let's a took at how other members have fared on the GPThub platform.


It was refreshing to see that folks have made money using GPThub.

Interesting to note though, that most of the earnings were below $10. There were some people who made more than $10.

GPTHUB review proof of payments

I also learned that GPThub pays out through various methods such as Skrill, Payeer, Bitcoin, FaucetPAY, and Neteller.

According to their terms and conditions, they will only process your second payout after posting proof of your first payment within their community forums. 

Does this mean that GPThub is legit?

I will share my verdict soon. Let's take a quick look at the pros and cons of this business opportunity.


Registration is free

Tasks are really easy to do.

They accept worldwide registrations.

They have a payment proofs section.


You are not guaranteed survey jobs.

Tasks can be long such as quizzes. (if they do eventually get it working)

Pay per task is very small.

This is not a passive income opportunity.


Many 'get-paid-to' websites such as iRazoo,  ZAI Rewards , and Walletsync have two things in common. The tasks are easy to do but the pay or rewards are really small.

And GPTHub is no exception.

You can spend a great deal of your time answering survey and viewing ads. Yet in the end, you will make very little for all of your efforts. As I showed you, the site is legit and does pay, but folks have not earned significant income. 

In the end, you are trading your precious time to earn a few dollars.

BOTTOM LINE: is a legit website. However, it serves as a past-time initiative only. It does not offer one the opportunity to make a sustainable income. Neither does it give one the freedom to build a passive income online.


Whilst there are opportunities that may rob you of your hard-earned efforts, your time, and your money, there are those real opportunities that will help you to make money online.

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If so, then it would be my pleasure to show you how you can get started with creating a passive income online., click here to learn more.

Thanks so much for joining me on this GPThub review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

If you any questions, please do not hesitate to leave them below.

Looking forward to hearing from you real soon.

All the best and do take care



6 thoughts on “GPTHub Review – Why This Micro-Jobs Site Might Not Be Worth Your Time”

  1. Hi Roopesh. Very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with online business and posts like this are extremely useful. I read a bit before about GPTHUB and to e fair opinions were quite mixed. But looking on your review its clear to me that this platform is not worth time and money. Maybe its not a scum, but there are much better ways to earn decent money online.

  2. A pleasure to watch some terrible websites
    get exposed for taking advantage of their audience promising
    great rewards and just paying a few pennies.

    I really genuinely hate these PTC websites,
    because they are paying almost to nothing 
    to the users, and that it becomes more and a more 
    like a pyramid scheme. And that is why I greatly discourage it.

    Do you know any other websites that are known
    for doing these kinds of disgusting tricks?

    I have seen websites like NEOBUX,
    which has been around for a while,
    but you should definitely check it out.

    Great thanks from me,


  3. I’ve done some work for survey sites and they are pretty much the same as this.  The platforms are “legit” in the sense that, yes, they DO pay but it’s never enough per task to make it worthwhile.  It can be confusing when you read the claims.  I, for one, have worked with several survey companies…because this time will be different, right?   Thanks for posting this great info!!


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