Is American Consumer Opinion A Scam? – Looking To Make Money With Surveys?

Welcome to my American Consumer Opinion review. Is American Consumer Opinion a scam, or can you make good money as a survey panelist?

I signed-up with American Consumer Opinion to see if it would be different compared to the other survey companies that I previously reviewed. My experience thus far with most of these companies were more or less the same. Hardly any survey jobs, and lots of screeners, low points, and ultimately low pay. Did I encounter a similar experience being a member of American Consumer opinion? Let me show you what it's all about


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Decision Analyst created the American Consumer Opinion platform. They are a research and analytical consulting firm. Their headquarters are based in Dallas-Fort Area. According to the official website, Decision Analyst has 175 employees and serves an array of Fortune 500 companies.

When they started out in 1986, they contacted the participants via telephone and sent out surveys via mail.

By 1995, they grew to a membership base of 20 000 members. Then in 1996, they went online and opened membership to all countries. And to this day according to the site, they have a membership of several million consumers.

Were these members happy with using the survey platform? I will show you the feedback in a moment.

Let's first see how it works.


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The main idea behind American Consumer Opinion is to get feedback on products or services that consumers are already familiar with or would be willing to buy.

There are various topics that you as a survey panelist may be asked. Some of these topics include :

  • opinions about the current economy,
  • opinions about tanning products,
  • taste a new snack for a food manufacturer, and
  • feedback on using a specific local utility.

You could even be asked about party supply products or medical-related items. 

Many times, the assignments are based on whether a company is interested in researching a particular geographical location or demographics.

Initially, I had a feeling that I might not get as many surveys as I had hoped, as I was based outside of the United States. But to be 100% sure, I went through the sign-up process just to see if I might get lucky.

Let me take you through this process.


Membership is free. I used my FaceBook credentials to create an account. The dashboard area is fairly easy to find your way around.

At a glance, you can see what available points you have accumulated by completing survey jobs. Then there are polls that literally take you less than 10 seconds to complete. 

This is what the members area looks like within the American Consumer Opinion

Unfortunately though, you do not get any points for completing these polls.

The main way to earn money is by doing surveys. I am going to show you what my experience was like of having used American consumer opinion.


With American Consumer Opinion, you do not earn cash directly from answering surveys.

You earn points. Each survey is assigned its own points. Once you successfully complete them, then your account will be credited with these points.

I had only one survey to do. It was a screener survey. I earned myself 5 points for having completed it.

How much money can you make with American Consumer Opinion? This is how much I made

You can request a payout once you reach 1000 points. You get paid via PayPal.

You can also stand a chance to win $100 Amazon Gift cards for completing surveys. Here are some of their previous winners.

How to earn $100 Amazon gift Cards

Then there is a 3rd way in which you earn with American Consumer Opinion, and that is via their affiliate program.


Affiliate marketing is a business model that has lots of advantages. As an affiliate, your job is to promote the product or service to interested consumers.

What is Affiliate Marketing

In other words, you bring the buyer and seller together. And for every successful transaction that takes place, you earn a commission.

One of the advantages is that you do not have to worry about stock overheads. You do not have to worry about after-sales customer queries or even delivery arrangements. That is all taken care of, by the affiliate merchant or vendor.

And since affiliate marketing takes place online, your business can reach a worldwide audience depending on the niche you choose. Speaking of niche, you can build an affiliate marketing business based on any niche. 

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The diagram below shows you the simplified four-step process of affiliate marketing.

How does affiliate marketing work

So coming back to American Consumer Opinion, you can earn $1.00 for each valid, and confirmed member whom you introduce to the platform.

However, not everyone can participate into their program. 

They only take members from the following countries :

  • The United States,
  •  Canada,
  • The United Kingdom,
  • Germany and
  • France.

Now let's take a look at what previous members have to say.

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Though the official site does have testimonials, I felt that I needed to do a bit more research.

And so I checked out a third-party review site called 

American consumer opinion scored 2.5 stars on third party review site called sitejabber

They scored an overall rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars on this platform. 

Out of the 14 reviews, 11 of them were from one-star reviewers and the rest were one each on the 5, 4, 3-star levels respectively.

What were these complaints all about?

Some of the common ones were the following :

  • Deactivation of account due to non-compliance of companies terms and conditions, and
  • Poor customer support.

But I think that the one complaint that really stood out was the long time folks have had to wait to receive their monies.

Once members finally reached the 1000 points threshold, they had to wait at least 6-8 weeks for their payment. Some folks have to had to wait as long as 12 weeks!

And interestingly enough, the payments are mostly done via Paypal.I get paid often through my Paypal, and it usually is pretty quick.

Take a look at some of these complaints below :

These were the common American Consumer Opinion complaints
American Consumer opinion complaints logged on the site
American Consumer Opinion shows that you as survey panelists have to wait very long for your next payment

Does this mean that American Consumer Opinion is a scam?

Before I share my verdict, let's take a look at the pros and cons of this business opportunity.


Membership is free.

They have a long-standing in the market.

They accept Paypal


Their affiliate program is limited to only certain countries.

They take long to process payments.

Very high payment threshold.

This is not a passive income business opportunity


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Is American Consumer Opinion a scam? Can you really make money using this survey website?

I think that American Consumer Opinion is a legit survey platform. But like other survey websites such as Quest Mindshare and TeensEyes they fall short of earning potential.

With these sites, you have to wait for them to call you when they need you. So not only are you not guaranteed jobs, but your earning potential  will not be consistent.

As you have seen most of the folks reported low-income figures. It's safe to say that the site may be useful if you intend to make some spending money, but not if you are thinking of making big money or earning a passive income.

If you really do enjoy doing survey jobs, then you might want to consider signing up for more than just one website. 

In that way, you are increasing your chances of getting jobs one way or the other. You can even check out Mindswarms where you can get paid $50 just for doing10 second video surveys.

But if you want to make significant income, or build yourself a passive income online, then check out the training platform that I have used to help me build a full-time online career.

Thanks so much for joining me on this American Consumer Opinion review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and I will gladly get to them.

Wishing you everything of the best in your online success,



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