Food Blogger Pro Review – Is It The Best Way To Start To A Food Blog?

Welcome to my Food Blogger Pro review. Would you like to start your very own food blog? Eating is a social activity and food bloggers play a significant role in influencing the trend. A reputable food blog can not only impact its followers but get the attention of famous restaurants, sell recipes and even offer membership packages.

The bottom line is that having a food blog can no doubt help you to make serious money online. And a teaching platform like Food Blogger Pro can help you to get started. So the main question is, Is Food Blogger Pro really worth it?


Thinking of joining Food Blogger Pro? It is my pleasure to show you what Food Blogger Pro is all about, and how it works so that you can make an informed decision. 


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Food Blogger Pro is a platform that helps people to build their own food blogging business.

Who are the founders of Food Blogger Pro

Food Blogger Pro is the brainchild of the husband and wife team, Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom. Back in 2010,  they started their first food blog called Pinch of Yum.

Prior to Pinch of Yum, Lindsay used to be an elementary school teacher. Now she is a full-time online entrepreneur.

They received numerous requests from folks who were also keen to learn how to make money from a food blog. Hence the birth of Food Blogger Pro.

For 8 years +, Food Blogger Pro is the platform where the couple teaches others how to become a success with their own food blog. The platform caters to both newbies as well as experienced bloggers.

Apart from their flagship video courses, Food Blogger Pro also has an-house community forum to help food bloggers at different experience levels to connect with others.

But before we dive straight into the 'meat' stuffy of the course, I want to share the free stuff that FBP offers.

They say that the first impression lasts, and when it comes to Food Blogger Pro, they do not disappoint.

Take a look at what I mean in the next section.


When you receive value as a visitor or a free member to a site, you can be pretty sure that whatever they are selling will most likely be worth it.

And when it comes to the Food Blogger Pro, it's one such site that delivers on both value and transparency.

Let me explain what I mean.

If you have not had much experience with building an online business, then their free "16-ways to monetize your food blog," pdf will give you a pretty good taste(pun intended) on how you can make money with your online business.

It does not just start and stop at writing content for your site. The pdf talks about 16 ways in which you can monetize your food blog. 

These are as follows :

  • Display Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Freelance writing
  • Recipe Development
  • Recipe Licensing
  • Food Photography
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Information Products
  • Video Ads
  • Paid Product Placement
  • Writing an e-cookbook
  • Publishing a Physical CookBook
  • Having a Membership Site
  • Creating Classes
  • Have Consulting Sessions
  • Hosting a Podcast

And if that is not enough the visitors are treated to over 100 of their recording podcasts.

Click on the link that follow to check out their podcasts

As for the main offering, these are the key areas that you will be taught should you sign-up as a member.

What is covered in the Food Blogger pro course

Let's take a closer look at what Food Blogger Pro is all about.


These are the three key areas that I am going to chat about as far as the membership area is concerned :

  • Video Library
  • Discussion Area
  • Tools


Video format seems to the choice of medium that people now gravitate towards.

Whether it's Facebook ads or watching a YouTube video review, we tend to have the patience to watch a video rather than other media forms.

Having said that, as an FBP member you are treated to over 300 videos that cater to both beginners as well as experienced marketers. The cool part is that these are bite-sized videos so you can absorb the training in short chunks at a time.

They also have category videos. For instance, if you want to learn about food photography, there is a section on how to take your photos in an artificial lighting environment. You will learn about composition, natural lighting, and styling. 

The one thing that becomes quite apparent is that there are lots of training material for you to get through.

As I said earlier, they delivered on the free stuff, and the member's area is certainly no exception.

And I think that if you really sit down and go through it you can learn lots and if you are still not entirely happy, you are covered by a 60-day money back guarantee.

Getting started module is the introductory course. you will learn how to go about setting your CMS(Content Management System), and in this case it would be WordPress.

Once you get the hang of it, you will love using WordPress. Then you will learn about how to get traffic to the website, followed by the essentials of food photography to making your videos and using social media.

>>>Did you know that you can build a WordPress Framework in under 30 seconds? Take a look here.<<<

Here are some of the topics covered in the main course.

Food Blogger Pro inside the members area

Apart from these topics, you get access to other courses such as :

  • Essential Tools
  • Essential Plugins
  • Creating an ebook
  • Bootcamps
  • Mini-Courses


When I started my online journey as an affiliate marketer five years ago, the one thing that kept me on track is support. And I am not talking about family support. Sure my wife was there backing me up every step of the day.

I am talking about having the support of other online entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as yourself. To have the motivation and inspiration, and more importantly to have the help anytime when you need it for your business. Having an online community makes a big difference and that's why I will always recommend this affiliate marketing training platform for newbies.

Coming back to Food Blogger Pro, they too have such a community. They have various threads that give you the member the freedom to hop in and out of, to get help, or help others, or to learn going forward.

The ultimate goal is to make sure that you are not alone in your online journey and that you are guided every step of the way.

food blogger pro various thread of discussions

The threads range from "general discussions," to "getting started" all the way to using paid ads and affiliate marketing.

With some of these threads, you might also be lucky enough to interact with experts on the topic or even chat with Lindsay and Bjork themselves!


The tools section is there to help you keep track of your progress. Having a checklist can do two wonderful things. The first thing, it will reflect on the progress that you have already done. 

And you know what?

Even if you went just two steps forward it's still an accomplishment.

And the second thing by 'checking off' your completed task, you are all pumped up. It gives you that drive to go further!

That is what the Course Checker tool is all about.

The other tools are  :

  • SEO Checklist
  • Social Media Checklist

SEO means search engine optimization. I know that it sounds like a mouthful. But it just means following techniques to get your content noticed and ranked by Google. As a beginner, it might sound like lots to remember, but trust me as time goes on, it will become second nature.

Then the social media checklist is all about making sure you are following the best strategy in social media marketing.

So, that sums up the main meaty stuff of Food Blogger Pro.

There are other areas apart from these three main sectors that also impressed me and I will chat about that in the closing section of this review.

Now, let's talk about price. How much does the Food Blogger Pro cost?


They have two membership options. You can pay monthly at $35, or take up the yearly option for $350.

Food Blogger pro how much does it costs

The added benefit of the yearly option is that you getting two months free and you get yearly access to their Nutrifox tool.

Nutrifox is a tool that helps you to create customizable ingredient labels for your products. 

The yearly membership to Nutrifox is $89. So you are definitely scoring by choosing the FBP yearly membership.

So, is Food Blogger Pro really worth it?

Let's take a quick look at the pros and cons before I share my verdict.


The platform shows owner transparencyYou also get to learn who the main team members are.

They are teaching you on how to capitalize on the food niche, which is an evergreen niche.

The training is complete and detailed. Videos are transcripted.

You get to interact with experts within the field.

Live Q & A with team members.

Reasonably priced


No trial into the membership area.

More centered around creating a food blog. You will not be taught to build a business based on another niche.

Hosting fees are additional costs.

No personal coaching


Can you really make money with your own food blog?

The owners of Food Blogger Pro not only share their knowledge of what works to become a successful food blogger, but they also show you the proof that what they teach actually works!

They post regular income statements to prove that one can make money in this industry. I think that it's a good touch as it provides inspiration and motivation for the newbie at heart.

As an affiliate marketer and online entrepreneur, I have reviewed many make-money-online businesses and courses, and Food Blogger Pro is one that exceeded my expectation in terms of free value offerings.

Just reading their blogs alone, will give you an idea of how much time, effort, and care the owners have put into helping others. And if that is not enough, hopping into one of their podcasts, you also treated to hearing from an expert from time to time.

Of course, as humans, we tend to believe it easier if there are results. And the testimonials speak volumes.

Food Blogger review member testimonials

Is Food Blogger pro really worth it? I'd say that if you always wanted to start a food blog, then you should buy this course. 

It's got everything under one roof that a food blogger needs to become an online success. 

The only downside is that the training on offer at FBP in my opinion is limited when it comes to building a profitable website unrelated to the food niche. If you want more flexibility and want to build an online business based on any niche, or topic or passion then you should check out my NR.1 training platform here.

Either way, there is one thing that is for certain. You can make money online.

There is an amazing opportunity for you, you simply need to take that leap forward. Yes, initially it can be scary, it can be intimidating, it can be overwhelming. But it's exciting and has its rewards.

Think of it as learning to ride your bicycle for the first time. Initially, you might have hesitated, you might have bruised and you might even cry. But after that, once you got the hang of things you smiled and raced till the sun went down.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Food Blogger pro review.

I hope that it has helped you.

Would you start a food blog or do you have another exciting topic on your mind?

Looking forward to hearing from you.



4 thoughts on “Food Blogger Pro Review – Is It The Best Way To Start To A Food Blog?”

  1. Hi Roopesh, thanks for sharing this Food Blogger pro review. I heard about it a few days ago, and to be honest, the founder seems to be honest and great, and your review confirms what I already thought.

    Anyway, I’m really interested. I know they only focus on food niche, but right now that’s what I need. Maybe I’ll also take a look at your #1 recommendation and compare both.

    By the way, Is their Nutrifox membership truly worth it?

  2. Great review Roopesh,

    I’ve always wanted to venture into food blogging, I’m not a chef or anything but I do cook a lot and I also like to try out different restaurants so a lot of my friends asked me if I could start a food blog but I don’t have the knowledge. That is, until I heard about Food Blogger Pro, wowee sounds really interesting!

    Supposing I wouldn’t want to focus on other niches besides the food niche, do you think Food Blogger Pro is great for me?


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