Is TeensEyes Legit? [Looking To Make Money With Surveys?]

Hi there and welcome to my TeensEyes review. Are you a teen who is looking to make some money online? You might be considering joining a survey website called TeensEyes.

Is TeensEyes legit, or can you really make good money with this website? From my experience of having reviewed survey companies, many of them use up so much of your time by having you do their screener surveys, only to be told that you are not the right fit for the main survey job.

It would save you some of your precious time if you knew whether this opportunity is a time-waster or not. Today I am going to help you with that.


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TeensEyes is an online survey panel of teens between ages 13 and 18 years. TeensEyes is owned and operated by a marketing research company called C&R Research Services, Inc.

Their headquarters are based in Michigan, Chicago. 

The TeensEyes survey rewards teens for offering their feedback or opinion to companies who manufacture products/services specially catered for the teen market.

The cool part is that membership is free. The not-so-cool part is that membership is restricted.

I will tell you more in the next section.


You can only join TeensEyes if you are residing within the United States. 

The sign-up process is fairly straight-forward. You first have to accept their terms and conditions. Then you will be asked to complete a questionnaire that will earn you a 500-point sign-up bonus. 

These points can be converted into cash. But I will show you how that works in a moment.

You will then need to create a username, a password,  and supply your best e-mail address and you are all good to go!

According to the official TeensEyes website, once your registration is complete, you will be sent your first TeensEyes survey invitation within a week. 


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The topics of the surveys that you will be asked to do will vary. It could be about movies, websites, TV shows, music, clothes, video games, sports, maybe even comics.

The surveys may be in a form of multiple-choice questions or open-ended questions. 

Most of the Teenseyes survey invitations are open for only a week or so. Therefore, you need to make sure that you supply them with an e-mail that you regularly use. Just so that you do not lose out on any future assignments.

As for the rewards, you get awarded points for every survey completed. 

How Does Teenseyes work

Each point is worth 1cents. Surveys can reward up to a few thousand points which according to the site is equivalent to $20.

Only once you reach a threshold of 1000 points, can you request cash payment via check.

You might also be asked to do surveys that have sweepstakes prizes rather than points. It just depends, however they will let you know what is up for grabs before you take on an assignment.

So, can you really make money with TeensEyes?

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The one thing that I found to be somewhat disappointing with this website, is that there were no testimonials or payment proofs. 

In fact, I usually use and there was nothing there as well. The only place where I did get some luck, was the BetterBusinessBureau

Teenseyes review better business bureau

The above two complaints were lodged against C+R Research, the company that owns TeensEyes.

I do not think that these complaints were from members of TeensEyes.Nevertheless, it shows that survey panelists were struggling to get their monies and that the customer support was not in good standing.

In all fairness, the company did reply to one of the respondents.

So, is TeensEyes legit, or will it be a waste of your time?


They cater to the teen-market, it's refreshing and different compared to other traditional survey sites such as Mindshare, and Spidermetrix.

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Restricted to the United States only.

No testimonials or proof of earnings.

Not a Passive Income earning opportunity


Is Teenseyes a scam my personal opinion

Can you really make money with the Teenseyes website or is Teenseyes legit?

According to their policy, the company will try to send out at least one survey invitation every month. That means that you will not be guaranteed survey jobs.

Since the survey pay can vary from $2 to $20, it also means that you will not know how much money you will be earning on a monthly basis. In other words, you will not be in control of your financial earnings.

I would not exactly call Teensseyes a scam, but at the same time, I would not recommend this business opportunity. 

Bottom Line: TeensEyes does not offer proof of the earnings of previous members. The potential to earn is limited and this website does not provide a way to earn a substantial income.


I am sure that you might have discovered by now that the internet has lots to offer. If you to want to hook up with your buddies, you got social media. If you want to play video games you got multiplayer co-op capabilities. You want to watch the best TV shows you got Netflix streaming.

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Thanks for joining me on this TeenEyes review.

Would you like to make money online, or would you like to have your own physical business?

Would love to hear from you.

Take Care


4 thoughts on “Is TeensEyes Legit? [Looking To Make Money With Surveys?]”

  1. I love that you are reviewing programs for teens.  As a teen it is tough to find direction, especially when it comes to making your own money.  Online is a great way to do that, especially now during Covid lockdown times.  I have tried multiple survey sites to no avail and it sounds like this one is one in the same. I never qualify for their surveys and it is so hard to trust a company with false testimonials, let alone NO TESTIMONIALS like TeensEyes.  What a joke.  Plus, one survey a month topping 20$ max, that’s not much.  Definitely not going to be a reliable way to make income to support yourself. Thanks for opening my eyes to teen eyes! 

    • Hey there.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

      Just one small thing that I need to correct about your comment—((I did not mention that there were false testimonials). There were complaints, but no testimonials rather.

  2. It’s really disappointing to see how a lot of survey sites like this one is only available for people who live in the United States. It’s not the first site I come across that has the same restrictions, but as a teen, they want something that actually works and that they can profit from. Most survey sites are a waste of time. I’m in my mid-twenties and so far, affiliate marketing has been my only way of profiting by working online. The best recommendation I would give anyone is to get started with Wealthy Affiliates to find your path towards online income. 

    • Hey that is awesome. Glad to hear that you are on your way to profits with your affiliate marketing business.

      May your business grow from strength to strength.




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