Prosperity People Systems Review – Cash Gifting Scam Or Legit Biz Opp?

Welcome to my Prosperity People Systems review. A business opportunity where you literally do not have to market anything or build any website to make BIG Money. According to the founders, it's a way to "receive thousand of dollars a week!"

Is Prosperity People Systems a scam, or should you invest your money into this business opportunity? I am going to show you exactly what it's all about so that you can make an easier decision.

Before we dive into the review, I want to congratulate you. You are doing your research before going all in and spending your hard-earned money.

That is a good thing. Many folks would let their emotions get the better of them which prevents them from fully understanding what they are getting themselves into. In the end, they find themselves filled with heartache and disappointment upon learning that they have been scammed.


So you doing your research is a step in the right direction. And please feel free to contact me, if you still need to ask something.

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Prosperity People Systems(PPS) is marketed as a business opportunity that is literally, "easy and simple."

You can start receiving payments as soon as you sign-up. Apparently, with PPS, you can make money online without using traditional methods such as affiliate marketing, drop shipping, or joining MLM(multi-level-marketing) companies.

You also do not have to learn any sophisticated skills like website building. Mind you these days it's actually really quick and easy to get your first website framework built. Learn how to get your website framework in under 30 seconds.

I discovered that Prosperity People Systems does not have the complicated compensation plans that involve ranks, or points volume as normally associated with MLM's but you still have to focus on recruiting to earn your first dime.

Let me show you exactly how PPS works.


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The sales video starts off by showing you a guy flashing a bunch of cash to the exact value of $72.300.

This guy made it in less than 30 days.

The narrator, who is also the creator of PPS was "not born with a silver spoon in his mouth," or is "not a 2nd generation rich kid."

Apparently, he is simply an "ordinary" person just like you and me but unlike us, he has one good thing going for him, which is making him extraordinary cash- namely the Prosperity People System.

You will hear words such as :

  • $27, 500 in two weeks
  • $40,000 in 18-days!
  • $81,000 in 29-days
  • $56,000 in 31-days
Prosperity people systems marketing is misleading

Making it a whopping $204,500 in less than 4 months!

In all honesty, the sales video is not a complete waste of your time.

Unlike other sales videos where the speaker goes on and on, and talks in riddles, and ducks away from showing you how to make money, this video actually shows you the system in operation.

Let's talk about the companies comp.plan.

Firstly, joining PPS is by invitation only.

Then from the member's website, you will have to purchase one of their product packages to become an active member.

Let's take a look at what the product packages look like.


There are five levels of participation or product packages from which you can choose.

The Prosperity People systems compensation plan

The packages are as follows :

  • $500
  • $1500
  • $3500
  • $7500
  • $11000

The level you select or package you buy gets passed up to the member who introduced you to the business.

Once your payment is approved, you then become eligible to receive similar payments from folks whom you introduce to the PPS system.

Apparently, they pay you within 24 hours.

Very Important: The higher the product package you choose, the more money you can earn.

Note : You will only be able to receive the amount that is equivalent to the package that you initially enrolled with. 

Let me illustrate with an example.

If one of your referrals were to join on the $1500 package, and you only bought the $500 package, then you would only qualify for a $500 check. The rest $1000 is advanced to the next person above you that is a $1500 package holder or higher!

Prosperity People Systems is a scam asking you to invest $11 000

Hence, they recommend you get in on the higher package(like $11 grand) to ensure that all earnings come to you! 

(The same principle would apply should one of your referrals decide to upgrade their membership. The difference between their current membership package and the new upgraded package would also roll-up to you.)

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There are no REAL products when you join this business. Once you pay for a package, you get your own personal link to the sales page.

They do not offer any marketing on how to promote this sales page(or they call it their version of a website)

Once prospects watch the sales presentation they can request a ''call-back' where they will have sales representatives to close the deal on your behalf.


This is the first red flag. I could not find any REAL owner of the PPS program. 

And I have seen many other products such as WriteAppReviews or Bulletproof Profits where there is no owner transparency, even though they insist that everything is real!

Prosperity People systems is a scam, as there is no real owner

The funny thing about the Prosperity People systems business opportunity is that even though there are no real owners, they still manage to get real testimonials.

Check it out in the next section.


It was refreshing to see that the testimonials section featured real people.

I recognized some of the faces. And if you a regular Youtuber like myself, you would be able to recognize some of them too.

Many scams such as Cash Sniper and Insider Profit Groups use stock photo images to convince people that their product actually works.

So if they have real testimonials, does this mean that Prosperity People Systems is not a scam?

I will share my verdict with you in a moment. Let's take a quick look at the pros and cons of this business opportunity.


The sales video at least shows you what the money-making opportunity is all about. You do not have to guess what is going on. Or worse, sign-up and realize that you just wasted your money.


No real owner.

Expensive product packages.

They do not teach you any marketing.

No money-back guarantee.

No REAL product or service that one is purchasing.

Have to recruit to earn money.


Is Prosperity People Systems really worth your time or is it a scam?

I believe that Prosperity People Systems is a pyramid scheme. Your success is based purely on how well you can recruit people to the business.

Since there is no real product without any real benefit, you have no choice but to recruit people. If you do not recruit anyone then you stand a very good chance of losing your investment.

Yes probably can make money with Prosperity People Systems. They showed you some testimonials to prove that.

But in my opinion, I think these success stories will not last long.

There is no real owner. Would you trust $11 grand to someone whom you never met?

What happens when members stop investing in the scheme? Or what happens should these 'hidden' owners decide to pull the website down.

Everything collapses, and you are back to square one.

You are not in control here. You are not calling the shots. It's similar to gambling- You might have your wins, but in the end, the house always has the bigger wins.

Don't you think it's better you invest in yourself and have a business that you can control?


The cool part about the internet is that it opens up doors of opportunities for one to make money online. Some of the opportunities are mediocre, such as 'get paid to' websites or online surveys where you earn small compared to the time and effort you put.

Others are downright scams, and then you get those that teach you how to build yourself a business with a solid online foundation. 

I started five years ago with my online journey. I joined a teaching platform that taught me how to build a business based on my interest. 

You do not have to do any recruiting or cold-calling. You can work even whilst you are committed to a full-time job. And it is an affordable way to get started.

If you would like to learn more about this teaching platform and see the proof that it works and how it can benefit you, then just click here and I will be happy to show you more.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Prosperity People Systems review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Wish you tons of success in your financial future.

See you Soon.



7 thoughts on “Prosperity People Systems Review – Cash Gifting Scam Or Legit Biz Opp?”

  1. From the moment you hear the name, “Prosperity People Systems” sounds like it’s is overhyped. They make a lot of fantastic claims, but it’s hard to find real answers to the questions of how this would play out in the real world. Shoot, it’s hard to find out who even owns the business. I haven’t seen enough to convince me that this would be a legit opportunity, so I thank you for sharing the insight into things and helping others to avoid a costly mistake!

  2. Hey Roopesh, thank you for this Prosperity People System review. Firstly, the term cash gifting is new to me. What exactly does that mean? Are they giving me free cash? or What?

    I recently came across this opportunity and I was wondering if it was a scam or not. The reason I thought it might be a scam is because, I haven’t seen too many people talking about this Prosperity people program. The product also mention that it’s an easy opportunity where I can earn thousands. I mean who wouldn’t want to earn thousands easily.

    But, then I knew it was to good to be true…So, after reading your review I can’t say it’s a scam but, I can say that it doesn’t sound like anything I would want to risk my hard earned money on. Those membership levels are pretty high especially, for something that I don’t understand how it works. 

    Either way, thanks a bunch for saving me from going into more debt with this system. 


  3. It looks like this works and makes money for members, but I find it a bit weird that it doesn’t offer any products and that your only way of making money is by recruiting. So, is it a pyramid scheme? Members do seem to make money with it, though, but not being able to see who the founder is of this program is a bit suspicious …
    I’m not sure about this program. It may work, but the packages are expensive, and paying $500 or $1500 for a program that doesn’t offer me anything real at all seems too big of a risk …

  4. Hi ,thank you for this review .There are many ads everywhere now on the web .It is almost impossible to know who is telling the truth from and who is lying .Reviews like this are the ones which help people ,in taking the right decisions .This prosperity people system may look great at the surface ,however ,we all have to be careful nowadays because all the ads are so tempting ,it is like ,i want to join right now …The majority of courses and programs out there look too good to be true and that sometimes a red flag to consider .Thank you very much for this review

    • Not a problem at all. You are right one needs to do the research before going all in. Thanks for stopping by. Do take care,




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