iRazoo Review- Is This ‘Get Paid To’ Biz Worth Your Precious Time?

Welcome to my iRazoo review. What is iRazoo all about? In a nutshell it's a 'Get Paid To' platform that rewards you for completing offers, taking surveys, playing games and watching videos.

Sounds cool to be compensated for doing some of these fun stuff, doesn't it?

Is iRazoo a scam or is it worth your while? I joined up and tested their platform. Are people actually making money here? Let me share my findings with you.


Ready? Great! Let's get started.



FOUNDER : Unknown

WHAT IS ABOUT: Doing various activities to earn points. Points can be exchanged for PayPal.



Complete various tasks and in turn you will earn points. You can redeem these points for gift cards which you can use at official merchant partners.

Alternatively, you can accumulate sufficient points and exchange it for cash. The cash will be paid out via PayPal.

There are many ways to earn points. I will start off with talking about the first way, namely taking surveys.


iRazoo partners with third party survey companies. To start off with, they give you a 100 Points to complete a profile survey.

I admit that I am not a fan of completing surveys. My experience was not really good with it. Many times I find myself wasting precious time completing the 'screening surveys' only to be told that I am not qualified enough to take the main survey.

Is that the same case with iRazoo? Let me share my experience with you.

Below is a list of some of the exclusive iRazoo surveys, that according to them, is tailored to my profile.

Irazoo Review How does the surveys at Irazoo work

I decided to try out the second one from the list, namely the 20 Minute Survey for 269 points.

Clicking on that option opens up another screen which is , 'low and behold' another screening survey for a company called YourSurveys.

Irazoo Review The Irazoo Exclusive surveys  forces you to take a screening survey

Nevertheless, I gave them the benefit of doubt. Guess what happened?

Yeap, you guessed right!

Ten minutes later, I was told that the survey already had met their quota requirements. In other words, I just wasted my damn time.

Is iRazoo a Scam Irazoo surveys do not play fair

Now do you see why I do not like doing survey jobs. There are scam survey companies like Take Surveys for Cash which I highly recommend that you stay away from. If you are looking to get into the survey game, then check out PaidViewpoint.

Getting back to iRazoo, what are the other ways in which you can earn points?


It seems that my luck keeps running out here. They have an option called TASKS. In this section you are awarded points for completing simple jobs, such as showing proof of your workplace, etc. 

Irazoo Review how to earn points with Irazoo

Sadly there were no tasks available for me to do. 

The same can be said with regards to watching videos. Zip was available for me.

Is iRazoo a Scam? I could not watch videos to earn points. There are  no tasks in which you can earn from watching the videos

The exact same story with the playing games section. At the time of writing this post, there were no 'playing games' gigs for me.


You can sign up for some of their third party offers. For instance one them involves registering for a 30-Day Trial to ABC.mouse com. It's an online course for the little ones.

iRazoo Review How to  earn points by completing offers

Just make sure that when you're completing these offers, that you pull out before the trial period expires (unless off course you are enjoying it), or else you will end up paying for something that you do not want.

They have their in-house search engine which you set up as your default browser. You naturally will earn points for using it for searches.

iRazoo In-house browser


In exchange for sharing the iRazoo opportunity on FaceBook and Twitter, you can earn a certain amount of points as well.

You can also earn by e-mailing your fellow friends and family.

iRazoo Review How To Earn iRazoo points by sharing on social media

Cool, now that you've got a basic picture of how to earn points at iRazoo, let's talk money.

Points are nice and all, but I am sure you would agree me when I say that, money is better!

How much can you really earn with iRazoo?

Let me show you.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner


If you reside within America or Canada, you have more options in terms of redeeming your points with famous brands.

Some of these brands include, 

  • iTunes,
  • StarBucks,
  • Barnes and Noble, etc
How to redeem your iRazoo Points

The pay plan is actually pretty simple. Earn 12 000 points and you qualify for a $20 PayPal payout or make 30 000 points and you can claim $50.

How much can you earn with Irazoo


If one were to take a quick look at their top users, one would see that none of these 'frequent flyers' have broke the 12 000 points gap in order to earn the $20 PayPal threshold.

iRAZOO Review Can you really earn money with them

Take a look at the user that I've highlighted on the image above. This member has been with iRazoo since 2016! 

What about the testimonials on the main page?

Here is one, of a certain Erin, who apparently is a member since 2009.

Irazoo is a scam as they have fake testimonials

The problem is that its a fake testimonial. The picture has been used in various other places. Most of the time, it's a stock photo image that anyone can purchase from StockImage websites.

iRazoo is a scam with fake testimonials

Let's take a look at another one. That of a Crystal, who made $10 a week from having used iRazoo.

Is iRazoo a Scam ? Irazoo is a scam with fake testimonials

Once again, the image can be found on various other websites.

iRazoo is a scam as they use stock images as testimonials

Does this mean that Irazoo is a scam?

It's time for the verdict.


A quick visit to the Better Business Bureau website shows that iRazoo is not accredited with them, as yet. Furthermore, there is no proof to show that people are earning with iRazoo, unlike with other similar platforms such as Treasure Trooper and ZAI Rewards

Is iRazoo a scam?

The fact is that the membership is free. Upon sign-up, they give you a couple of 'starter points'.

I think that if you are keen then you can try to reach the minimum threshold of 3000 points and see if they do actually honor it when it's redemption time.

Will I continue with iRazoo? I think that if you are in America or Canada, you stand a better chance of getting more tasks and offers. In my case, since I am in a different country, it will take longer.

Even if I was in either of those two countries, I would still NOT continue. The reason is that I believe that with these 'Get Paid to' websites, the pay potential is small compared to amount of time that you invest.

TIME for me is precious and I'd rather spend it building my own online business. At least over time, I got something to show for my efforts.

That's just me.

What is important to you? Would you join iRazoo or not?

Thanks so much for joining me on this iRazoo review. I hope that it has helped you out.

If you are looking to start your own online business from scratch, check out my review of the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course for Beginners.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care



7 thoughts on “iRazoo Review- Is This ‘Get Paid To’ Biz Worth Your Precious Time?”

  1. I wanted to know about iRazoo because my friend referred me but before signing up I decided to check the reviews to see if it was really worth my time. This article had everything I needed to know about iRazoo. Thank god that I found such an insightful review. From the review it looks like it is not a scam and at the same time there are less opportunity to earn money and really not worth the time. And I am also really mad about the fake testimonials.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

  2. Yea this program is definitely not worth the time compared to something like PaidViewPoint and Swagbucks. I’ve been looking into Survey Junkie recently as well. It seems like I’m getting surveys more often on that website and actually being able to fill them out. I haven’t cashed out yet but any review would be great.

    • Hey Kevin

      Let me know if the cash-out process with Survey Junkie goes well. Would love to get some feedback on that site.



  3. I must say that you have done a great job by reviewing this site. Honestly, this is a pure loss of time. In the past, I was trying to earn money with this method but it was impossible. People should invest their time and energy into making their own online business if they want to make money on the Internet.

  4. Hi Roopesh

    I had not heard about Irazoo before reading your article. I have to admit it’s not for me for the same conclusion you reached. It requires so much time and effort to do what’s required and for so little reward that it’s simply not a good investment of one’s time.

    Time is the most precious resource we have. We can never get it back again so making a smart decision about how to use our time is very important.

    I think you are far better off putting in the time and effort to work on a real business that has the potential to make money for you passively down the line.

    Thank you for sharing your review about this opportunity. It’s on I would definitely give a miss.



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