Is HempWorx a Scam? Is This Hemp-Based MLM Worth Your While?


Did you know that the Cannabis industry is a multi-million dollar business? They say that by 2020, it will reach the $700 million mark! That is some serious money, wouldn't you say?

As a result, you will get 'CBD manufacturing' companies springing up like mushrooms all over the place. HempWorx is one such company. HempWorx adds a twist by offering you, the consumer, a chance to make money. Is Hempworx a scam or should you consider joining this business?


NAME: HempWorx


WHAT IS IT ABOUT: A MLM(Multi-Level Marketing) opportunity that has CBD containing products as their flagship lines. 

WHO IS IT FOR: People who enjoy recruiting. Those with good sales and marketing experience.





With the legalization of cannabis in various parts of the world, many companies are taking to producing CBD products. Hempworx is one of them.

What exactly is it that they are really selling? Is it hemp oil or CBD oil? And more importantly, do Hempworx products really work?

First things first, let me try to give you my understanding of the differences between the two products.


Hemp oil is fabricated from the plant called hemp. It is primarily extracted from the seeds of the plant.

Hemp oil contains a very low concentration of CBD, typically less than 25 parts per million. CBD oil is short for, cannabiodiol. That is the active compound within the product.

The hemp oil is produced industrially and the effects that it has on the brain is minimal(due to its very low concentration of CBD).

 It used more so for the following purposes;

  • Cooking oil
  • Bio-diesel fuels
  • Manufacturing of lotions, soaps, superfood powders
  • and Moisturizers.


 Unlike hemp oil that is made from the seeds, CBD oil is made from the flowers, leaves and stalks of the hemp plant.

You probably may have seen or heard a lot about it on social media, with folks advertising its 'amazing' benefits.

Since it contains a higher amount of active ingredient, it has more so-called 'medicinal' properties than the hemp oil. In comparison to hemp oil, it contains around 150 parts per million of CBD.

Yet, it is not as strong as traditional marijuana and does not have intoxicating side effects. 

Hempworx review What is cbd oil?

Check the video out below, if you would like to learn more about the differences.


Okay, so now that we have an idea of what CBD oil is, let me show you what the HempWorx products are all about. 

HempWorx contain the latter version which means that they have got more CBD within them than your traditional hemp oil that you buy at your local supermarkets.

They have manufactured a host of different products that consists of, 

  • CBD Oils
  • Anti-aging creams
  • Pain rub, and
  • Pet products

Hempworx review The entire hempworx product range


As expected you naturally going to get a lot of competition. Hempworx products are slightly higher priced than their competitors.

One of the main reasons, in my opinion is, that it's because Hempworx is an MLM business.I believe that in general, products within most MLM businesses are higher.

Take a look at the chart below(taken from CBD oil users), to see where the Hempworx products fit in. 

Hempworx review are hempworx products expensive

One might argue that Hempworx products are domestically grown, organic and non-GMO, which justifies their prices. The truth though, is that there are other companies who also follow this protocol yet they still come out cheaper!

Bottom line: If you simply want to try CBD oil out, then you can source it from the alternative suppliers as indicated above. 

If on the other hand, you want to get into the Hempworx business, then it would be a good idea to buy from them. 


Are HempWorx products legal

According to their official website,Hempworx states that their product only contain 0.3 % of THC(tetrahydrocannabinol) or active compound.

The FDA(Food and Drug Administration), does NOT endorse these products.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you as a distributor cannot market the products with various claims, such as, they 'help to cure, or heal medical conditions.'

If a distributor had come up to you with these sort of claims, in an effort to get you to buy from them or even join the business, it would set off a 'warning bell'.

Even the official website does not make any medicinal claims. This is why there is a stigma attached to MLM companies and how they operate, as some distributors 'misrepresent' the products to friends and family members.

I understand that you are all excited and want to make some sales, but in my opinion the best way to do it, is to try the products out. In that way, you can always speak from your experience of having used the products yourself, which holds more credibility.

That is how you get people to buy from you. For instance, I can confidently recommend this one particular online business opportunity, because I joined it,tried it out and have proof that it works. Check it out here.

Bottom Line: The proof is in the pudding.

Now speaking of making money, let me talk to you about the HempWorx Compensation Plan.

Can You Earn Passive Income Online?

YES, You Can, I Have Proof!


In my opinion the HempWorx compensation plan is very similar to those of traditional MLM structures.

As expected, it's a bit complicated and there may be some variations in terms of how many BV(Business Volume) points one needs to attain, to qualify for a rank or payment.

They have modified the binary pay plan. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the same thing. And that is, recruiting.

Whilst you can make money through the sales of the products via your 'generic' website, the focus of the compensation plan is placed on the recruiting of members into the business.

The more people you get to join your downline, the more greater would be the incentives or rewards. This is the norm with MLM's.

You start off as an affiliate by paying the entry price of $20.Then you will have to decide which business 'pack' to purchase. There is the basic, builder, director and executive pack options that you can choose from.

hempworx review The hempworx compensation plan

One way of earning, is through 'JUMP START BONUSES.'

It works like this.

You get a potential payout of 85% of business volume that your team generates.

Business volume points can be attained through product sales(as they each have their own business volume), or by getting new members to purchase their own business packs.

However, you have to buy the BUILDER PACK(Cost $69),or have a minimum of 40 BV for the Jump Start Bonuses.

The other ways of earning are through,

  • Binary Commissions
  • Leadership Check Matching
  • Global Bonus Pool
  • VIP Auto Club

If you would like to know more about their compensation plan, then this video, from the CEO, Josh Zwagil, gives you a rundown of everything in 15 minutes.


You probably may have heard the line, "95% of people fail with MLM."

Why is this so?

Well, for one reason multi-level marketing(MLM) may not be suited for everyone. It requires of you to market in two ways.The first way is to sell the products to earn money.

As I had mentioned earlier on, if you tested out the products and find that they work for you, then the results will speak for itself.

The second way is to focus on the building of your down-line. This is the part that poses a challenge for many members.

Majority of people that enter the MLM-game do so without having a sales or marketing background. To make matters worse, the MLM company do not​​​​ offer much training on how to properly market yourself. 

They tell you to 'build a list of ten people' you think would be interested. Then they tell you, that you should get these people to come to a seminar, or watch a video, or visit your website.

I remember when I first started out with MLM, I would use lines like 'its the best thing since sliced bread' to get folks to join.I had no experience whatsoever in marketing and the company did not me train me up. I sucked at recruiting and eventually left the MLM world.

There is another business model I use from which I now earn a passive income online from, and it does not require any recruiting. It's called affiliate marketing. You can read the difference between affiliate marketing vs network marketing here.

Coming back to Hempworx, you can make money, if you have the marketing experience and enjoy the recruiting aspect.




1. Entry Price is Affordable

To get started, unlike with other MLM's that are concentrated within the health 'niche', this one is not going to break the bank. 

2. Fairly Decent Product Portfolio

I like the fact that Hempworx has got a good range of products that one can choose from. From the traditional hemp oils, to the anti-aging creams and their unique addition, which is the pet focused products.

is hempworx a scam The entire hempworx product range

At the end of the day, its not just about focusing on one product category and I think that this diversity is a good plus for Hempworx.

3. Transparency of the Products

The products are certified organic, and GMO free. They have various independent test results on their website to verify the integrity of their products.



One of the tools that you are supplied with as a 'HempWorx distributor', is that you get your very own generic website.

By generic website, I mean, that the templates or landing pages are same for each member. The only difference here is that that your name will be displayed on the site, to make a distinction from other distributors.

Take a look below to see what I mean. 

Hempworx review the original website

A screenshot of a distributors website.

is hempworx a scam Hempworx distributor website

This can make the 'marketing of your business' a challenge.

I mean let's say that for instance you choose to advertise Hempworx on social media. Tons of other distributors, may have the same intention.

So, how do you market yourself differently? How do you stand out amongst the crowd? Especially if you have the same website as everyone else. Your prospects may run to a competitor's website, or worse they may even end up searching Google and decide to sign up under the official website.

That mean's that all your efforts were in vain.

I am not saying that you should not do this business or that you should start worrying. It may pose a 'challenge' in terms of marketing.

2. Competition is Rife

They are tons of CBD oil companies that have sprouted in this short period. Many of them also follow the strict practices as Hempworx. 

The difference is that some DO NOT require of you to become a preferred customer or to be obligated to monthly purchases. 

3. Need to Register For Autoship

To qualify for ongoing commissions, one of the requirments is that you need to register for the autoship program. This means that you agree to make regular purchases.

One needs to account for this in their budget before getting into the HempWorx business.

There are business models that allow you to make money without having to make any payments. Like this awesome online business opportunity.

4.Recruiting is Key to Your Success

If you want to build a profitable Hempworx business, then you need to focus on building your downline. 


They have a decent product range. Whilst their prices are slightly higher, they do offer an individual some value. I do not think that HempWorx is a scam.

However, should you sign up with them, then you need to take into consideration the additional expenses within your budget.

As far as making money with HempWorx is concerned, if you have strong marketing skills and a good sales background, then this may be an opportunity for you.

Different strokes for different folks. Do not stress if you feel that HempWorx is not your cup of 'CBD oil' (LOL).

I started making money online without having any prior sales experience or knowledge on how to build a website. The best part is, that I did not have to recruit a single person to do it. This online platform taught me how

As I had mentioned earlier on, I make money from affiliate marketing. These are some other awesome benefits that affiliate marketing offers.

Affiliate Marketing gives you;

  • Flexibility, so you can work at it anytime, from anywhere
  • The ability to make profits without having your own product
  • The ability to operate a world wide business
  • The ability to start a business with low overheads
  • The ability to sell without cold calling
  • The freedom to make money without recruiting
  • The chance to learn and earn, even if you are a complete newbie.

The good news is that if you would like to learn how to get started with your own online business, I can help you get started right away. Simply click on the link that follows.

Thanks so much for joining me on this HempWorx Review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Are you a fan of the recruiting business?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care



6 thoughts on “Is HempWorx a Scam? Is This Hemp-Based MLM Worth Your While?”

  1. Yes, 95% of people fall for MLM – that is very true. I am glad that I am among the other 5%. Ever since I grew up, even my parents had a problem with MLM businesses.

    And I have stayed like that for many years. I think I have avoided many unnecessary costs. I don’t think they are all bad, but very often you get into their programs in the bottom of the pyramid scheme. That is the problem.

    One thing I see it that Hempworx is not a scam, but I think that if they are not FDA approved, I would stay away from it until that has been done. Although I don’t think that the FDA is the king of everything, there are good things about them.

    Also, I believe MLM is not for people that have a 9-5 job. MLM requires lots of time and it has to be done during that time. So, definitely not for me.

    Thanks for sharing your review,

    • I agree with you totally, not all MLM businesses are bad.

      I think that it is up to the individual themselves. If they enjoy that business model, then they should give it a shot.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

      KInd Regards and Take Care


  2. Hi Roopesh,
    First of all, thanks for the awesome review.
    After reading your review I think HempWorx is not a scam but it may not be so suitable for me because I’m a total beginner in online marketing.
    I was planning to try HempWorx but after reading your review I decided to check out your recommendation.

    • You are most welcome.

      If you need help with anything, just give me a shout. I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

      Kind Regards and Take Care


  3. Hello there.

    Enjoyed reading your article about Hempworx.
    I saw that you mentioned in your review that this company runs classic MLM system.

    To be fair with you – not the biggest fan of those companies. You have to put a lot of work and a can wait a reward for a long time – if there is any at the end.

    As for the product itself, I got hyped where there was a word about cannabis oil untill i saw the percentage of THC.

    So this can not be used as a cure, as you said.

    Btw i love your logo and your website design.


    • Hi Strahinja

      In all fairness, I do think that some MLM’s do work.However, I believe that this model is not for everyone. In the same breath my NR.1 Recommendation may not be everyone. It’s simply a case of what works for you.

      Oh. and thanks a mill for the compliment on my site. I really appreciate it.Glad that you like it

      Take care and let me know if you need help with anything

      Kind Regards and Take Care



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