How to Get Leads for your Business?It does Not Have to be Tough Anymore!

Isn’t it a frustrating thing when you promote your business all over social media only to find that you get ‘zero’ engagement or interest in what you have to offer?

What about paid campaigns? Do they bring you the business that you want? If you are stuck and wondering, where to go to next, then you have come to the right place.

Today, I am going to show you how to get leads for your business. And, this is not just any leads. I am going to show how to get quality and highly targeted leads who are looking at signing up to ‘make-money’ opportunities.


Cool, then let’s get right into it?

Are Paid Ad’s Really worth your time?

I am not going to ‘gun’ this option down to the ground. I have used PPC(pay per click) campaigns. I can tell you firsthand, that some of them worked really well, whilst others ‘bombed out on me’.

I guess it’s a matter of all the right ingredients coming together and once you get the ‘perfect mix,’ then you can do really well.

In all honesty, if you can hit the nail on the head, of a ‘top working campaign,’ then run with it and let your business get mileage from this source.

But, what if you,

  • are not interested in this sort of marketing, or
  • you find yourself struggling to get a campaign off the ground?

Then it would be a good time to look at an alternate way of getting people to see what you have to offer, and that way is via… The Conversion Pros

The Conversion Pros- Offering you Quality Leads Everytime!

At this point, you may be thinking that I must be smoking something, and talking a whole lot of B.S.not sure if the conversion pros works?

Just stick with me, and I’ll explain to you exactly how this system works and then you can be the judge.

Sounds fair?

What is the Conversion Pros all about?

Basically, they are a marketing platform that helps people to get their business (irrespective of what the nature of it is), to reach its full potential by offering a range of tools and services.

What is the Conversion pros all about

It does not matter what business you are into, whether your business revolves around,

The Conversion Pros, or TCP, will certainly have something that can help you out.They have got an arsenal of tools, that can make your business really stand out and take it to the next level.

Here are just some of the tools that they offer,

  • LandingPage/Capture Page Creator
  • Tiny URL Creator
  • Link Rotators
  • Autoresponder
  • SMS Broadcaster
  • Email Broadcaster,
  • Lead System and
  • a host of other features.

I was so impressed with what these guys offered, that I decided to write a full blog post about them. Check the story out below.


The part that I think you will really be impressed with, is their ‘leads system.”

How does The Conversion Pros Leads System Work?

David Dubbs is one of the co-founders of TCP. I like his attitude and he comes across as a ‘no-nonsense’ type of guy.David Dubbs, the owner of TCP

When it comes to making a success of your business, he tells it to you like it is, without any ‘sugar coating.’ He shows you what works and what does not, and you can a learn a ton of valuable information from his training.

He puts all the cards down on the table when it comes to their leads system. All the leads that are sold from the conversion pros are on a one-time basis to customers like you and me.

That means, that when you buy ‘leads,’  you can be assured of the fact that they are not sold to anyone else.

How much does it actually cost to buy leads from The Conversion Pros?

Here are the various lead packages that are available for purchase within TCP.

What the different packages of leads are within TCP

Note: For every package you buy, you get an extra 10%more.

So, for instance, if you have to buy 50 leads, then you get 55 contacts.

Here is a video of David showing you how to go about ordering your  leads.



What do you do once you have purchased leads?

According to TCP policy, upon successful payment, TCP leads will be delivered to you within 24hours. My first batch got delivered to me within the first 45minutes! So that was pretty cool!

By the way, all your leads get sent straight into your ‘CONTACT MANAGER,’ section within the TCP dashboard.Where does your purchased leads go ?


What does the purchased leads from TCP look like?

You can use this information to promote your business. You can send e-mails or call them up.

If you want to get really good results with these leads, I would suggest you call them up.

These leads that you have just purchased are not just ordinary leads. They are people who are looking for something that will help them to earn money or a way to start a business of their own.

If you have a ‘home based business’ opportunity, they would be highly interested in hearing what you have to say.

That is why calling them up, would add that personal touch and get your contact interested and they then become your ‘warm lead.’

Next, you should use the cool tools and training offered at TCP, to get your offer presented to your contacts. These tools will help to do the telling and selling of your business.

It is at this point, that your warm lead’ would be sold on what he or she has seen, and they become ‘hot leads’

You finally get your sale, conversion or customer.

Rinse and repeat, that’s how it works!

Why Should I buy Leads from the Conversion Pros?

Here are 3 solid reasons.


The contact information for these leads is from people, who have filled in their details in magazines and have expressed a strong interest in wanting to make money.

TCP, have negotiated with these magazine companies for the information and we, in turn, buy them.

As I have mentioned earlier on, these are ‘fresh leads’ and are sold once-off. You can be certain that you are getting good information.


For 50 leads or contacts, you are paying $44, that’s around $1.34per lead.

Remember this is not ‘clicks’ that you are paying for. You are getting someone’s information, and they may be very likely to join your business or offer.

So, instead of posting around social media groups,’hoping for a prospect,’ with TCP, you will have a head start with a ‘real lead.’

Let’s face reality, not all of your 50 contacts, may sign up. If you get 5 or 10, isn’t that better than having nothing at all?



Firstly, there are tons and tons of training at TCP, to show you step by step what to do.


From how to buy leads, right up to closing deals and leaving voice messages, you will know exactly how to follow through with your purchased leads.


As for support, TCP excels this margin by far.

You get to be a part of a really awesome and interactive TCP FaceBook group. People share their ideas, marketing tips, offer feedback on other members sales funnels, etc.

The conversion pros facebook page

David helps folks out with any queries and gives lots of live training and brings new capture pages that people can use in their campaigns.

David puts his money where his mouth is. He is a top recruiter in 8 different companies and he brings you a host of ideas that will help get you the results.

For instance, if you are in an MLM business, he has got awesome share codes for capture pages and landing pages that allow your business to stand out amongst the others.

Check out his 2minute video here,


Ever wondered, how you would get a prospect or lead in front of your offer or opportunity.

Use the amazing TCP tools, of course…

  • You can create professional looking capture and landing pages within minutes (It’s actually fun and easy).
  • You get SMS and e-mail broadcasters, that allows you to send out offers or deals to your clients.
  • You get an autoresponder, that allows you to email campaigns to your contact list,
The landing page creator at the conversion pros
You can Choose from a range of different templates. From video landing pages to plain ones, there are lots to choose from. It’s Up to You!

In a nutshell, at TCP, it is not just about getting leads for your business, and end of story. You will be taught much more on how to make your business marketing more successful and worthwhile.

How Much Will it Cost to Buy Into TCP and get Leads?

The exciting part is that TCP offers all members a FREE 7-DAY TRIAL to test drive their entire system.

Within this time frame, you can learn about their entire marketing suite. You can even buy leads and see how things go without the need of having to pay the full membership price.

It may even be possible for you to generate conversions that would actually end up paying for the TCP membership.

After your trial has expired and if you wish to continue with TCP, then the monthly fee is $50.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

Think you are ready to give this a go?



How do you get leads to your business? Turning to TCP is one of the ways that folks out there are using.

What other sources have you tried to get leads attracted to your business? How has that been working out for you?

Would you give TCP a go?

Would love to hear from you.

Thanks for your time. May you get lots of leads and may your business grow from strength to strength.

Kind Regards and Take Care



10 thoughts on “How to Get Leads for your Business?It does Not Have to be Tough Anymore!”

  1. As I have just started my website I am currently looking for a program that creates a landing page and an auto responder. I like that you don’t have to pay for a monthly subscription but you just pay for how many leads you want. Have you had any experience with this program? If so, how was it?

    • Hello Samantha

      Its a pleasure to meet you. I think that I need to clarify that TCP does have a monthly fee. I meant that should you get leads and make conversions, then it would cover that monthly fee.

      Yes,I have had an experience with TCP leads and it was a fun and learning experience at the same time.



  2. Thank you for this great post, Roopesh.

    You mentioned at the beginning of your post that TCP also works in affiliate marketing. I wish to know whether this works specifically in the make money niche and have my doubts about this working in the fertility niche, for example.

    I am currently using a sign-up form to capture leads, but the conversion rate is so poor that I might as well just remove it from my site. I am therefore interested in finding out more about TCP.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi there

      Thanks so much for your question.

      I would say, that if you are in the business of promoting a ‘money-making’ opportunity or an online business for people to join, then TCP would be the option to go.

      However, if you can tell me what it is that you are interested in promoting, then perhaps I could have a better idea and give you a clearer answer.

      Waiting to hear from you.



  3. Thank you for your prompt response, Roopesh. If I understood you well, TCP could also be beneficial if a marketer had a specific product or opportunity (outside the make money niche) to promote.
    What about a program that helps couples trying to conceive to increase their chances of conception?

    • Hi Princila
      That is a very interesting niche. Thanks for sending me the info. I think that the product is really fascinating and you certainly have a huge market to target.
      I know from first-hand experience that if you going to use the TCP tools, and capture pages, then we need a video to get people interested in the product idea without giving away what the product is actually about.

      Then we can get them to sign up to the landing page, where you will have more info about the product and testimonials.

      If you have this sort of material available, I would say give TCP a go!

      Let me know if I can help with anything

  4. Roopesh, have you ever used TCP to purchase leads? What is your experience so far?
    The reason why I ask all these questions is because in principle I am not keen on spending money to obtain leads. As you mention, there is so much out there which can generate leads for free – namely, social media platforms.
    But if you tell me that you have tried and tested TCP and it has worked for you, then I’d be prepared to give it a go. It doesn’t come cheap, for is affordable enough with the starter package at $44.

    • Hi There 

      Very fair question and I really appreciate it.

      I am sure that many folks out there are asking the same thing. When I first bought the leads, I was nervous and it was an experience in its own right.

      Nevertheless, it was an exciting experience. I certainly will do it again. Its not just about buying leads. You must use the tools, like the landing page creator , autoresponder and so forth.

      I am busy making a video for my online business which I am going to market. Then I will use the tools at TCP and build my funnel and buy leads. 

      Honestly speaking, I think the first time you may get a few sign ups. Not all 50 signed up. This is how it is with business. 

      I hope that this answers your question.



  5. Great site.

    A lot of really good information.

    I really like the conversion pro program.
    You broke it down nicely and explained everything that needed to be explained.

    You said this would work for affiliate marketing as well.
    I’m interested to hear how it would transfer over and help with that too.

    Thanks for the great post.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks so much for the compliment. I really appreciate it.

      That is a great question that you asked me.

      As you will see, one of the ‘vehicles,’ that I recommend quite frequently as a source of passive income is affiliate marketing.

      I used TCP to build a funnel promoting my affiliate marketing business.

      Take a look at the complete funnel below,

      Let me know, if there is anything else, that I can help you with.




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