How To Make More Money as a Nurse


Are you finding yourself limited in terms of your earning potential as a nurse? Would you like more flexibility instead of that demanding 24hour work schedule?

Think that you cannot use your nursing knowledge and convert it into a part-time or full-time online income?This post will show you a way on how to make more money as a nurse. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Working with Nurses is Such a Pleasure

As a pharmacist, I have had the pleasure of working with two excellent nurses.

On occasion, I hear customers tell me that the only thing that nurses can do is simply administer vaccines. I often get taken aback by these kind of statements. I think to myself that these folks are hugely mistaken in their perception of what a nurse does.

I often try to make them aware by telling them some facts.

A nurse's job is very important

Facts such as, nurses have to study just as hard as pharmacists and doctors do. To become a registered nurse, a four-year study needs to be completed.

Some of the most common areas of work that a registered nurse can work in are:  the hospital environment, outpatient settings, travel clinics and community pharmacy.

Their duties include communicating with doctors and providing ‘hands-on’ care to patients whilst maintaining intravenous lines and administering medications.

They also have to follow-up and monitor patient’s conditions and if things are not going well, to take action where necessary.

Let’s not forget the important task of educating and keeping the general public aware of various diseases and health concerns.

I end off my conversation by telling them that these are just some of the important things that nurses are responsible for. Hopefully the message hits home and they see things in a different light.

For what it is worth, I have great respect for all the work that you do as a nurse.

Now, let me show you a way on how to make some extra money from your profession without having to leave your chair.

How to Make More Money as a Nurse

As a Registered Nurse, there is such a vast amount of information that you are knowledgeable about.

Let me highlight a couple of these areas of expertise. Later on,  I am going to show you how you can use these areas and convert them into money-making ideas!

  • Family Planning
  • Travel Advice
  • Emotional Support to patients and patient’s families
  • Medical Conditions
  • Special Diet Plans
  • Information on home care after discharge


How to Make Extra money as a Nurse in the online world

Though you may see your profession as a ‘hands-on’ one, there is still so much that you can do without having the need to be face to face with a patient.

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply the concept whereby you earn commissions by recommending products or services of other companies.(For affiliate marketing to work you would need a website. I will tell you more about this later on)

This is a quick model of how affiliate marketing works.

How Affiliate Marketing works


How can a nurse earn from affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is huge and a lot of folks are making full-time incomes from it. Affiliate marketing is showing no signs of stopping as well. (If you’d like to learn more, check this article out, Affiliate Marketing in 2017, More Exponential Growth).

To be more specific in answering your question, let me illustrate using your nursing profession as an example.

This is the exciting part.

Let’s take one of the aspects that you are knowledgeable about as a nurse.

I have chosen the Family Planning topic.

  1. Ovulation Test Kits

As a pharmacist, I often get questions on how these test kits work. Many couples need education on how to properly use them. Furthermore, they’re also looking for advice as to which one is the best to buy.

This is where you come in…

You can write out a blog post (on your website) giving them all the necessary information and help that they need.

Here is a screenshot from the Amazon store.

How to sell Ovulation kits using affiliate marketing


 As for which of these ovulation kits to buy, you simply write out a helpful product review of one of them. 

Once people are satisfied, they will then click on your affiliate link. This link will then direct them to Amazon (or any other vendor you’re affiliated with) to complete the purchase.

Upon completion of that transaction, you earn a commission.The cycle then repeats itself. That’s it. That’s how affiliate marketing works.


Though most contraceptive medication requires a doctor’s prescription, this does not mean that you can’t make money within this sector.

Using contraception in affiliate marketing


How to use contraception in affiliate marketing


In this case, you have the option of reviewing books, gels or certain contraceptive devices that people would like to learn more about.

 Can you now see that it is indeed very possible to earn online using your knowledge as a nurse?

This is just one area. You can apply it to medical conditions, travel advice, home care guidelines. The list goes on.

It’s just a matter of having to learn some technical skills like website building and combine that with what you know as a nurse and you will have a sustainable online business


How do I learn about affiliate marketing?

The first thing that you would need to do is get a website.learn how to get a website here

Earning money as nurse in the traditional manner may be rewarding but it can also be limited. It may not always be possible to physically go out there and open your own practice.

Going online can change things and bring in more excitement.The immediate advantage is that it offers you flexibility and allows you to work whenever you want.

It also opens your business to a worldwide audience.This gives you an opportunity of earning a nice secondary income or it may even allow you to quit your day job. So, in essence, you can build a nice passive income for yourself.How to earn passive income for nurses

Affiliate marketing is the way that I chose to make money online. Even if you wish not to pursue your nursing profession via affiliate marketing, you can still build a business around your passion or hobby with it.

Affiliate marketing may sound hard or complicated, but it’s actually far from that. If you are a beginner, you can learn all the skills and techniques, with some basic training.

To get that training I would recommend you visit a site called Wealthy Affiliate. Everything you need to get started is at WA.This is where I’ve learnt how to build websites and have built two so far. That too from knowing nothing at all to where I am now. I have been here for close to 2years and have enjoyed making money online.

Who knows, it may just be the start of an exciting online career for you?

How to earn money while studying in college

Would you take your nursing profession online?

Would love to hear your comments. Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. Hi Roopesh,
    My wife is a nurse so this is a great article. I will show here all these tips on how to make more money as a nurse. Right now most are under paid and overworked.
    I also love affiliate marketing and promoting products that I use and have some expertise. My wife as a nurse could also speak to a lot of products.
    Thanks for providing this for nurses. Really well done.

    • Hi Peter

      It’s awesome to learn that your wife is a nurse.I hope that she finds this article helpful.

      If there is anything that she needs to know, please let her Contact



  2. I think that one of the most common search inquires people do online is health related. Most people will Google their symptoms before heading off to the doctor to get checked out. I think that nurses would have a plethora of topics that they would write about and monetize their websites on. I have a lot of friends who are nurses and they definitely don’t get the credit that they deserve. Perhaps online writing blogs and helping people with their issues, they could finally get that well deserved respect!! 🙂

    • Absolutely Nicki.

      Nurses have a wealth of information and can use the internet to help folks all over the world.

      I have another website whereby I help people with tinnitus.

      As a pharmacist its truly rewarding to use my knowledge to help people and as you said its enriching as well to the profession.

      You can check out that website here,

      All the best to you




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