Internet Domain Name Services Scam or Domain Related E-mails, Watch OUT!

Have you ever received an e-mail asking you to pay an exorbitant fee to renew your domain name? If you don’t follow through on what they ask, they then threaten you.

Did this put you in a state of panic?

Relax and take a deep breath you are not in any sort of trouble. This is one of those internet domains name service scams or some other domain registrations scams that has been doing the rounds lately.

At the end of the day its all about trying to extort money out from you. So, exactly how do these type of scams operate?

How does the internet domain services scam operate?

There are a couple of scenarios as to how these service scams operate. I will highlight some of the common ones for you and what action to take to prevent yourself from becoming a victim to them.

1. Offer to Renew your Domain Name at a Higher Price 

iDNS or Internet Domain Name Services is a company that is based in Canada. They try to get you to renew your domain name at a premium price.Picture of internet domain name service letter scam

Remember your domain name, will be renewed automatically with your registrar. This is just an attempt to get you to pay a higher amount.


Simply wait for your domain renewal notice from the registrar that you initially bought the domain name from and act accordingly.

2. Offering you Other Domain Extensions

Let’s say you own a .org domain name. Companies will e-mail you offers to buy up the other extensions available. For instance, the .com may still be available. Whilst this may sound like fair business practice, the story gets a little ‘juicier’ later on.

Their asking price for the .com is a sum of $99,95. Let’s say you don’t have that kind of cash handy, the company then decides to discount the fee.

The price is now dropped to $49.95. Wow, what a saving!

At this point, you may think that you’re getting a bargain and end up buying the domain name.

Here is the kicker to the story. If you had to just do some research of your own, you would have discovered that the .com was actually available for $12.99 at reputable registrars.


The truth is that there really is no need for you to buy another domain. Don’t waste your money on this sort of thing.

3. Rankings and Ownership- They get you to Panic

Whether it’s within the online or the offline world, scammers get it right when they hit you where it hurts the most. Your emotions.

Within the online world, they’ve tried it in Common Facebooks Scams, Online Dating Scams and Fake Tech Support scams. Now, they bring their skills to the domain names sector.

The one aspect that they often exploit, is knowing that not all victims are aware of the distinction between search engine ranking(this is your rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing) and website ownership(your domain name).

Scammers use this knowledge to make the person believe that if they don’t renew their domain name, they will lose their rankings in search engines.

Internet Domain Name Services Scam- Installing fear inyou

This is absolute hogwash. Your domain name does not determine whether you get good rankings.

The Fix

Your rankings are determined by following good SEO techniques. Things like keyword selection, offering engaging and quality content, maintaining a good user experience, mobile responsiveness etc.

Don’t fall into this trap and let them take you for a ride.

IDNS- Putting fear in you

Here is a story of a friend that fell prey to these scams, A WOLF named SCAM

Have you ever wondered how these scammers get a hold of your e-mail address in the first place?

Your Private Information is not Protected…..NO WHOIS Protection

When you buy a domain name, it’s all exciting as you are on your way to owning a piece of the internet.

What people do not realize is that if they don’t buy their domain name with the necessary WHOIS(“who is”) data protection, then your personal details such as your e-mail is not kept private, thereby exposing it to solicitors and scammers.

This is why you get those offers that try to trick you into buying offers or domains that you really do not need.

Additional Tips to Prevent falling for these Domain Name Registration scams

Don’t buy it because it’s cheaper

A domain name at a steal of price may not always be a good thing. Look at things like the ‘WHOIS’ protection. Furthermore, you may pay less now, but when it comes to renewal later on, you might be forced to pay a higher price.

Rather buy from a registrar that offer data protection and keeps your domain price locked.

Free Domain Name with Hosting- It’s a Trap

Always check with reputable registrars whether that domain name is already owned. You don’t want to end up putting all your hard work and time into building an online business, only to find out later on that you are not the actual owner of it.

Or an even worse case scenario, you would end up paying a ridiculous fee, sometimes up to $200 just to renew the hosting and domain name.

Don’t Toss this e-mail into the thrash.

If you receive an e-mail from ICANN, you can consider it safe. They are the governing entity of all domains. So when they send you an e-mail, to verify a link, it’s to verify whether or not the owners of the domains are in fact REAL.

IDNS- verification with ICANN

Once you have verified it, you won’t have to do it each and every time.

Buying your domain name should be smooth sailing

Starting an online business can be challenging. Buying a domain name and having peace of mind should not be one of those challenges.

I buy my domain names from SiteDomains. They are a part of Wealthy Affiliate. This is where I’ve learned to build my online business, from scratch. You can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here.

You get:

  • WordPress optimized servers
  • Full redundancy
  • Daily backups
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • The most secure hosting
  • Top notch support
  • Web site auto login
  • WHOIS Guard

And your domain price is locked, with NO INCREASES when it comes to renewals.

Try out their system below


Have you been a victim of an internet domain name services scam? Did you end paying the higher price?

Share your experiences here and please share this post with anyone whom you think it will be of benefit to.

Looking forward to hearing from you.





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  1. Hi Roopesh. Great info on these despicable scams!

    My domain is due to be renewed in a couple of months, so this information is truly valuable, in case some sneaky people try to duped me into paying them monies they don’t deserve.

    And your tips on WHOIS protection is gold. I actually don’t know about this when i bought my website last year. But moving forward, i’ll definitely keep this in mind for my future websites. Thanks for this great info!


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