Is Enersource International a Scam? [MLM Time Waster or Legit Opportunity?

Hi there and welcome to my Enersource International review. The great part about joining a network marketing company in the 'earlier stages,' is that you can grow your business as the company grows.The key is finding the right company to join....

Is Enersource International a scam? Will it be the right choice for You? The review is going to help you to decide on what to do.


Should you sign up or not? There are some key things that I am going to share with you concerning the Enersource business opportunity. 

It is my hope that it will help you to make an informed decision. 

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NAME OF PRODUCT : Enersource International


WHAT IS ABOUT : An MLM(multi-level-marketing) business that focuses on the health and wellness industry.

Their product line consists of meal replacement shakes, super food formulas, and vitamin supplementation.

PRICE TO JOIN : There are two starter options. $49 and $249 respectively.



Enersource International is a network marketing company founded by Linden Wood. The company aims to serve the 'health and wellness,' industry.

According to the official Enersource website, Linden started at a young age of 27 on a quest to make networking marketing a success. 

He went on to research as much information as he could find on the topic, by immersing himself in "books and audios authored by highly successful network marketers and self-help experts, such as Tony Robbins."

(a little side-note, if you like Tony Robbins, you may want to check out his brand new course that he developed along with Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson, I bought it.It's a gamechanger. You can read my detailed review of The Knowledge Business Blueprint Course here.)

Coming back to Linden, after having enjoyed amazing success with a previous company called Excel, he went on to launch his own company namely Enersource.

Linden's main purpose of building this company, is to provide a support system,along with a highly lucrative compensation plan, and give people a ground floor opportunity to starting their own business.

Let's take a closer at the products and see if they are any good.


At the time of writing this review, the official website was down. I could not get any further details on their products.

Enersource international review the enersource website was down

However, I did manage to found out what their main products lines were. Take a look at the following list :

  • EnerGreens - A superfood formula. 
  • EnerGreens Plus - a probiotic to help maintain normal gut flora.
  • EnergFX B-12 - a vitamin B-12 supplement.
  • EnergFX Energy Booster Energy Drink- a caffeine-free energy booster
  • KetoSource- helps with ketosis.
  • Meal Replacement Shakes - weight loss shakes

Are these products really that different?

I for one, am a firm believer in taking superfoods. The product that I enjoy taking is made by the Aim Companies called Barley Life.

In fact, the Aim Companies are also an MLM company. I joined them mainly to purchase their amazing product lines.

Many folks out there are already in know on energy drinks, vitamin supplementation, and meal replacement shakes.As for 'keto-diet' products that too is taking the world by storm.

In other words, I do not think that these products are really that unique from what we have already seen thus far.

The point is that with so much of competition going on in this industry, it can be a challenge trying to sell some of these product lines. Not impossible, simply challenging.

To get some member feedback or any Enersource Product reviews I visited YouTube. Unfortunately, I could not find any.

Now that we know a bit on these products, let's see how one can go about making money by joining Enersource International.


You can choose from one of two starter options. 

The first option is $49, which entitles you to earn via their matrix compensation plan. 

The second option is $249 and this allows you to be earn via their up-front sales commission plan as well as the forced matrix.

Speaking of getting paid, how exactly do you earn money as an Enersource representative?

Let me show you.


Unfortunately, the site does not give one a detailed explanation of their compensation plan. When I checked out YouTube, I discovered that they did not have a dedicated channel as well.

Nevertheless, I will try to explain their compensation plan to the best of my ability.

As I said earlier on, there are two parts to their comp.plan.

The first part is the Forced Matrix option.

It is a "2 by 12" matrix structure.

Basically what this means, is that as new members join, they fill the positions up to twelve levels down in a binary fashion. 

In the first level, you get a member allocated on both the left leg and right leg of your team(2 members). As you progress onto the second level you get two members on the left and two members on the right hand side of your team(4 members) respectively.

It doubles as the levels goes deeper.

The important thing to remember, is you earn commissions based on the sales volume generated by your team. 

It's not very clear as to how much they pay out, but other Enersource International reviews have mentioned that its around 30%.

By the way with their matrix plan :

  • You do not have to balance the legs,
  • You can get spillovers from your upline.

The second part of their compensation plan is "Up Front Sales Commissions."

If you personally sponsor members, they get placed directly under you(LEVEL ONE). Should these recruits sponsor their own members, they get place within (LEVEL TWO), and so forth.

The key thing to remember, is that you can earn on an infinite amount of levels. 

Once again the site is pretty vague as to how much you can earn.They claim that "you can get up to 100% of each new representative."

Is Enersource international a scam? enersource international compensation plan

You also earn when someone purchases $150 worth of products, but it's not certain as to how much these 'up front commissions' are.

As for the residual income from the infinite levels, it's based on 10% of the business volume.

Bottom Line: You have to build your downline and buy products, get your team to build their downline and buy products, and then you make money.

Sounds easy, right?

Is Enersource International a scam?

Before I reveal my verdict, let's take a look at the  pros and cons of this business opportunity.


Their FaceBook page is pretty active.  They post product information,smoothie and food recipes and even motivational posts and videos. They have a small following though, around 900 people. The official Enersource International Business page was created back in 2011.

They have a dedicated support and training team. On the official Enersource website, it's mentioned that they have basic training taking place every Tuesdays at 7pm and an all-reps conference on Wednesday nights.


This is not a global business opportunity. One of the requirements to sign up as an Enersource International associate, is that you have to have a social security number. That means that they only accept US Citizens and therefore you are restricted to only one market.

They do have an income disclosure report.It's hard to track any previous progress of success.

You have to make regular product purchases, in order to main active status and earn commissions.

To earn the bigger paychecks, you have to concentrate your efforts on recruiting members into the business.


I do not think that Enersource International is a scam? The fact is, they have a decent product portfolio, and they have a fairly good standing within the industry.

Should you join Enersource International?

If you are looking at joining the company with the intention of making money, then there are a couple of things that you need to be made aware of.

Apart from the one testimonial on their website, there are no other success stories elsewhere.

 Not to say that Enersource does not work, but if one hears more success stories, then they would be more inclined to join. I know I would.

On that note, they are not transparent as far as their compensation plan is concerned. They have not shown any income disclosure report, so it's hard to tell what your chances of success are should you sign up with them.

Then with most multi-level marketing companies, the higher paychecks comes from recruiting. If you are one who does not like recruiting, then this may not be the right opportunity for you.

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Not all multi-level marketing companies are scams. Folks have made some serious money from networking marketing companies.

Usually these are the ones that have been established for a long time and have built a solid reputation. These are also the ones that are tough to make money from.

The main reason for this,is that these brands are well known and the marketed is already saturated.

So, it makes sense to join an MLM when they are still in their 'infancy' stage. The problem with this,is that you are NOT certain on how it will take off. In essence, it can be a gamble,you can either lose out or win big.

I for one have am a member of a multi-level marketing company called The Aim Companies.I enjoy using their products, but do not focus on the business side of things.

I prefer making money through a business model called affiliate marketing.

How does affiliate marketing work

The benefit to starting an affiliate marketing business, is that you do not need any experience to start, and you do not need to recruit anyone to earn money.

Take a look at the other benefits you can enjoy from starting your own affiliate marketing business.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing :

  • You DO NOT need any experience to get started
  • You can WORK FROM ANYWHERE in the world
  • You DO NOT have to speak to anyone 
  • You DO NOT have to have your own product
  • You DO NOT have to do any recruiting or cold calling

 I think the most important benefit, is that it allows you the opportunity to build a passive income business. In other words, you can and will get to the point of not having to trade your precious time for money.

By this I mean have your business to eventually work for you.

Thanks for joining me on this Enersource International review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

If you have any questions or comments, just leave them below. i promise to get back to you.

Regards and Take Care


5 thoughts on “Is Enersource International a Scam? [MLM Time Waster or Legit Opportunity?”

  1. I think their website is they that very well it appears to function properly and fortunately I am not willing to pay to make moneyit was a different situation with wealthy affiliate because I was able to test it for free before purchasing my monthly subscription and I knew the support and dedication I was getting from my other teammates I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and I’m lots of success thank you for sharing your website p

  2. Hello Roopesh, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. It is great you did this review as there are still those people who would “throw” their money on this. I think that MLM is something that anyone should not bother with as there is much better opportunities online where we can make real money.

  3. Thank you, Roopesh,

    I like your honest review. It might have been more effective if you could have waited until their main site came up, but then you would have to wait to do a review. Still if you had many other things to work on, I guess that would have slowed down your scheduled work.

    There seemed to be a couple of words left out, or at least a space or two in the formatting. The content, however, is great.

    I agree with you that not all MLM products are scams. Many of them do make people a lot of money, and as you seemed to indicate, the money is made mainly through developing a downline team. So, you would have to be aware that recruiting is a major activity if you want to go this direction.

    I liked the links to a very good product for making passive income, and the link to the Tony Robbins/Dean Graziosi opportunity too.

    I wish you well in your journey.


  4. Nice and very thorough review of Enersource international I would say. I have been working on the fitness and health industry for a pretty long time and in my opinion, these products of Enersource international doesnt sound anything magical good and its super high competitive industry. Reading your review didn’t made me trust Enersource any more, almost opposite. But it’s nice to have people like you and sites like yours, not only to help people to make money but also to avoid expensive, bad or scammy scheme programs. Thanks for sharing, I will take a further look at your website and other articles out there.

    • Thanks very much for your comment.

      I appreciate and value your opinion. 

      And please do feel free to have a look around my site.Let me know if there is anything that I could help you with.

      Regards and Take Care



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