Is Trunited a Scam?[Can You Make $500 per Month?]

Hi and welcome to my Trunited review. Would you like to get paid for doing your online shopping? How cool would it be to get cashback when you spend on the brands that you love?

Trunited is one such platform that does exactly that! They pay you for shopping from their marketplace. Is Trunited a scam or a legit business opportunity?

If you are in two minds on whether you should join Trunited, it's perfectly fine. My review will show you what this business is all about, how you can make money leveraging their 'unique' pay plan and most importantly help you decide if it's the right 'business vehicle' for you.

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OWNER : DR. Nicolas Porter



Trunited is an e-commerce platform that gives you the opportunity to earn cash for purchasing products, gift cards and travel packages from their marketplace.

They have a pay plan that allows you to earn in an additional way. By earning on the spending done by family and friends whom you introduce to the business.



Trunited is an earnings platform that gives you, the customer, an opportunity to earn cash for purchasing products from their site. 

The main idea behind Trunited, is to get you connected with the loyal brands that you trust or are already familiar with. Once you sign up with the Trunited e-commerce platform, you are eligible to buy their product lines.

By purchasing from their website, you stand to gain cash incentives. This is the biggest advantage about joining them. If you were to look at, you would not get cashback, if you were to buy via the 'traditional method.' So, why not buy from them and score some extra money?

Apart from physical products, they have a range of gift cards that you can choose from as well.

 It’s free to join Trunited. As a member, you can earn in an additional way. That is through their Pay Plan 360. Your job is simply to invite friends and family to the Trunited website. You earn on every purchase that they make. (I will go into more detail on their compensation plan later).

The brainchild behind the Trunited business is Dr. Nicolas Porter. His story on how he founded Trunited is actually quite interesting. Let me give you a quick summary.


The reason why I say that it's an unlikely match is because of the fact that Dr.Nicolas is a dentist. And here you have him with his own e-commerce platform.

It just shows that you do not have to stick to the norm to become a success. It's when we get out of our comfort zone, that the best opportunities come your way.

I for one am a pharmacist by profession. I would have never guessed that my life's journey would take me into the world of online business. But here I am today, talking to you. You can read my full story here.

Coming back to Dr. Nicolas's story...

Trunited Review who is the founder of Trunited

One of the turning points as to why Dr. Nicolas chose to get into the dentistry profession, is because as a child, he recalls how "his dental needs exceeded what his family could afford."

From that point on, he made a vow to provide quality dental practices accessible and affordable to everyone. He gained enormous success with his first dental branch launch called Risas in 2011. 

It went against the norm and made it affordable for the average family. With the Risa’s model, he was able to empower dentists and make patients happy with lower charges without having to sacrifice quality dental care.

A win-win for everyone.

This motivated him to cause a stir in a totally different field, namely the 'direct sales and network marketing,' arena.

He was not happy with the way that traditional network marketing worked. Having large sign-up fees, overpriced items and minimums were some of the aspects that he believed would burden a member who joins a networking marketing company.

He wanted to change this and came up with the Trunited business. He combines the principles that made his dentistry business flourish with the e-commerce world.

He realized that these days people are turning to online shopping and the number of online users is growing day by day.

So, he filled in a gap...through Trunited he gives people an incentive for doing their online shopping.

"Order anything you want online and get paid to do it..."

 As Dr. Nicolas puts it "shop, earn and share."

How exactly does Trunited work?

Let me show you.


Before we get into the 'nitty=gritty' of how you make money with Trunited, you need to understand how their points system works.

Every product that you purchase from the Trunited website carries either a 'point value.'  or a 'percentage of profit points.'

For instance, if you were to purchase their Ciela daily moisturizer, that would carry 35 points.

Trunited review ciela daily moisturizer

Then if you were to a make purchase on one of their gift cards, like the Amazon gift card, that would carry a 2%  profit point.

Trunited review the amazon gift cards carry a percentage profit point

The value of the points fluctuates and are calculated based on a number of factors such as :

  • The amount of cash you spend on products,
  • The amount spent by other members, and
  • The operating costs for Trunited for that said month.

You see, it is only after the company has calculated their total operating costs, then they can determine the profit which will be distributed amongst the members.

Here is an example :

Let's say that the company made $200 000 in profit for the month of September.

If all the members collectively earned a total of 800 000 points, then the value of a point is 0.25 cents (200 000/800 000).

Let's say that you shopped and earned 30 points, then your earnings are $7.50 (30 *0.25).

I mentioned earlier on, that you can earn in an additional way, by recruiting others to the business.

Let me show you how that works.


According to Dr. Nicolas, the main point of the Pay Plan 360 is to create "the most fair performance-driven compensation plan in the world.”

He believes that with other similar networking marketing compensation plans, not only it is complicated, but to some extent is created with very little interests of the user in mind.

Whilst these plans are built with the end-user receiving benefits in only a downward direction, the Pay Plan 360 gives them the benefits from all directions.

The main benefits of the Pay Plan 360 is to :

  • "reward and promote ownership-minded behavior and does so because of its open and social system, "
  • not only generate an income, but rewards the user to perform cost-saving actions, and
  • promote social interaction from one member to another,

The other notable difference is that this plan does not focus heavily on 'minimum volumes' to climb their ranking ladder, as seen with other multi-level marketing schemes. 

So how exactly does the Pay Plan 360 plan work?

Trunited review how does the trunited pay plan 360 work

Its totally free to join Trunited. However to participate in their Pay Plan 360, you have to pay.

Once you are making some income, you can pay the $99 annual fee to access the Trunited system.

As you grow your team, both you and your downline earn money.The video gives you a better idea as to how their compensation plan works.


Two things that I need to highlight here.

The first thing is that you are not in full control as to how much you can earn.

The only thing that you are in control over, is on how on much products you can buy. However, the profit payouts are determined by external factors such as the operating costs of the company, and the amount of products that folks within your downline have purchased.

The second thing, I did not see a really large selection of products. At the time of writing this review, there were only 60 products

trunited review how many products do they have

Maybe if you join them, then more products would be accessible within the member’s area.

Unfortunately, I am not based in the US, so I cannot tell you for sure.

If this is their final selection, then it might not appeal to everyone. People love variety, and I personally find that their selection does not cater to everyone.

Ultimately this means, that it can be a challenge to recruit members unless these very same products appeal to them. Then only can you make some decent money.

Is Trunited a scam?

Before I give you my verdict, lets take a look at the pros and cons of this business.


Membership is free. You do not need to pay fees to access to the program.

They have genuine testimonials or success stories.

You do not need to maintain minimum volumes as seen with traditional multi-level marketing structures in order to earn commissions.


This is not a global business opportunity. You can only join if you are a US citizen.

Your commissions or profits will vary from month to month as they are determined by the Trunited algorithm.

They have a limited product range(my opinion). It may not appeal to everyone. 

To earn more money, you need to recruit more members into the company. As they purchase products, you, in turn, will earn more.


I do not think that Trunited is a scam.The company has a good history. Folks are earning. The fact that you can earn without having to pay anything is a 'two thumbs up,' in my books.

Is Trunited for you?

If you are currently using any of the products that they list, then it makes perfect sense to purchase from the Trunited marketplace. You would want to get the cash back for your spendings.

Is the Trunited business for you?

If you enjoy recruiting, then joining Trunited may be the right move.If on the other hand, you do not like the recruiting aspect then it's not the end of the world...

There are various ways in which you can earn money without having to recruit.

You can join 'get paid to' websites. These sites pay you for doing tasks. Most of them are free to join. The downside is that you will not make megabucks with them. You can check the following sites that I have reviewed :

Then you have the option starting your own Mastermind group. With your mastermind group, you can share 'what you already know' and impact other people's lives. Who better to coach you than Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi? Check out my review of their awesome course called the Knowledge Business Blueprint.

Finally, you can build your own online passive income business by starting an affiliate marketing business. This is my NR.1 recommendation and you can learn more on how to create a passive income online here.

So, there are other options apart from recruiting. At the end of the day, the choice is up to you.

Thanks for joining me on this Trunited Review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about affiliate marketing, just leave a comment below. I will get back to you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


7 thoughts on “Is Trunited a Scam?[Can You Make $500 per Month?]”

  1. Great, very thorough and honest sounding review of Trunited I would say! Trunited sounds basically pretty good but the lack of larger variety of products sounds pretty concerning to me. I was about to give it a try but thanks to your article I found remotewheel, it looks much more promising, I will take it a try. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I would love to get paid for online shopping! Who wouldn’t, right? Trunited sounds interesting, and I think it could be profitable if you do a lot of online shopping. So, is Trunited linked to Amazon? Can I purchase products from Amazon on Trunited?

    60 products though doesn’t seem a lot, so selection is limited. It makes me wonder if it’s worth singing up for … Maybe I should check what products they offer and if I am interested in them.  I read that some memberships require a membership fee, but as a mere shopper you can remain a free member, isn’t it?

    • I do not think that Trunited is linked directly to Amazon. If you were to purchase their Amazon gift card, then you can buy products from Amazon.

      Yes,check out their products, Maybe they appeal to you.

      Correct, it’s free to join the platform.

      Take Care


  3. Hi Roopesh,

    Thanks for providing this review, based on it I wouldn’t say Trunited is a scam. It sounds like a good option to make some cash back from others purchases, I wouldn’t say that it is an outright way to make money online or a full time business opportunity. That being said, I like the system itself and will be signing up!

  4. Hi Roopesh,

    We do most of our shopping online anyway, so this could be a bonus if they have what we need. 

    A friend mentioned Ebates (which may also be a get paid to shop site) but they changed their name before I could research the company and that made me uneasy so I didn’t research any further. This is an interesting business model since you can get paid to sign people up.  As you said, a dentist to an online business owner, life’s path can take you to many places.

    While it is interesting, I agree, affiliate marketing is the way to go!

    Thanks for the education!


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