Is Online Team Builders A Scam?[MLM Helper or Waste of Time?]

Hi there and welcome to my Online Team Builders review. It's always great to have a professional team to help you get started with your business venture. Especially if it is your first time chartering into these 'unknown territories.'

Can Online Team Builders help you to become a success? Or, is Online Team Builders a scam? My research uncovered some interesting findings that I think will help you to make an informed decision...


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NAME OF COMPANY : Online Team Builders(OBT)


OWNERS : Not clear

WHAT IS ABOUT : OBT is a platform that apparently provides you with marketing tools such as landing pages, business cards, and a mobile app to help you grow your Essante Organics MLM  business.



If you were to type 'online team builders,' into the Google search bar, one of the first results that you would get is a link to their log-in page.

It will look something like this ;

Online Team Builder review how does the login page look

There is not much information here. However, if you were to click on their terms and conditions, you can get a slightly better idea of how Online Team Builders work.

The very first line of the Online Team Builders(OTB) agreement reads as such, it is "an optional tool to help you to help you build your Essanté Organics business."

So, what is Essanté Organics?

Essante Organics products catalog

The Essante Organics Products 

Essante Organics is a multi-level marketing business. Their product portfolio includes body and spa products like shampoos and gels, to home-care products like dish soaps and laundry liquids to essential oils. They have baby care products as well.

The products are marketed as being " earth-friendly, pH balanced products made with premium organic and ToxicFree® ingredients."

In fact, I wrote a review of  Essanté Organics awhile back. You can learn more about Essanté here.

When you join an MLM business like Essante, you will discover that one of their main ways to earn the 'bigger' commissions is via recruiting.

For instance, Essante has a 6 paycheck system. The first method pays you on retail commissions. As you sell their products, you can make a profit of up to 30%.

The remaining 5 methods concentrate on the building of your downline or recruiting people to join the Essante network. You can check out a summary of the Essante Organics compensation plan in the video below.

This is where Online Team Builders come into the picture. They offer you the solution by helping you to get more leads or recruits to join your business. In other words, show you ways on how you can build your MLM business easier.

What services do they offer you, and is it really worth your while?

Let's take a look in the next section.


Online Team Builders states on their website that they offer a "complete tool-set," that helps you to manage all your business contacts. In addition, they claim that the tools can help you follow up with your existing leads and convert them into new members.

What are some of the Online Team Builder's tools? 

They offer ;

  • Powerful prospecting tools - to monitor your referrals activities and see at what point they are in your marketing campaigns,
  • E-mail marketing tools - such autoresponders 
  • Products and business designed landing pages,
  • Business cards and a,
  • Mobile app to engage with customers on the go.

The official Online Team Builders website, states that you can get started with this training for free.

Online Team Builders review the main page

The only problem is that you need a sponsor's details to gain access. I could not get this info, therefore I was unable to check out the member's area.

How much do you have to pay to get all of these tools?


The 'terms and conditions' page states that to use the services of OTB, it would be around $29.95 per month.

Online team builders review how much does it costs to join them

Apparently, by paying this fee, you get access to pre-built or custom text messages or e-mails, landing pages, interactive data charts, scripts, and training modules.

The agreement goes on to state that the fee is their basic monthly subscription. "All OTB BUSINESS METHODS ARE OPTIONAL TO PURCHASE."

Unfortunately, there is no price breakdown of these products or services. From my experience as an affiliate marketer, one of your ongoing fees will be your e-mail marketing service. To use an autoresponder, if would be around $29 per month, depending on which vendor you go.

I am with Convertkit.Thus far I found their services outstanding. You can visit the official Convertkit site to learn more.


The main website only has a telephone number and a contact email address. It interesting to note the e-mail is directed to a company called Responsive Data.

Online team builders review who are the owners of online team builders

The website does not reveal much about who the owners are. They too have an address registered in Arizona and the same telephone number as listed on the OBT website.

Online team builders review responsive data and OBT

However, one can find further details of the members on the LinkedIn network.

So, is Online Business Team a scam? 

Before I give you my verdict let's take a look at the pros and cons of this business opportunity.


They are addressing a legitimate problem. Folks who join Essante may not know what the best step forward is when it comes to following up with a lead. The tools could help them out.


You are restricted to only promoting building Essante Organics. According to the Online Team Builders company policy, the tools and services are tailored to only one MLM. You cannot use these tools if you were a member of Hempworx or Arbonne, or any other MLM.

They do not have any testimonials on their website.

In keeping with the previous point, there is no proof that there training, tools or services work.

The site does not give one a clear indication as to who the founders/owners are.

Numerous complaints laid against the company. and have received a number of complaints on their site. Some folks have reported to have received more than one phone call to set up an interview to join OBT.

Online team builders scam customer complaints


They were lead to believe that the interview is for a limited position. Furthermore, the name of the company was not mentioned to them.

Does this mean that there is an Online Team Builders scam going on?

It's time for the verdict.


In all fairness, I did not get into the member's area.Therefore I cannot say for certain whether their tools or products are worth it.

For this reason,I am not going to label Online Builders Team as a scam.

However, I am not going to give a thumbs up either. There is little transparency from the others, the presence of complaints and no proof that their system actually works.

Should you sign up with OBT?

If you like what Essante Organic offers and enjoy the recruiting side of the business, then maybe you can give OBT a try.

If on the other hand, you do not fancy this type of business model, then it's not the end of the world. 

There is still lots of hope and many other ways of making money online.


Yes you can.

I earn a passive income online without having to purchase products or have my own product.More importantly, I do not have to recruit a single person to make a commission. 

The model that I use allows me to operate a business from anywhere in the world. It's called affiliate marketing. You can check out my post on the difference between affiliate marketing and MLM's here.

With affiliate marketing, you can build an online business based on your hobby or passion. You can start without any experience and you can work on your business in your free time(flexibility).

Most importantly, this business model, offers you the real possibility of earning a passive income online. I have proof that it works. So in time, you do not have to trade your precious time for money.

It would be my pleasure to show you how to get started,just click on this link and I will tell you more.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Online Builders Team review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

If you have any questions or have had an experience with OBT, then share it with us below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


9 thoughts on “Is Online Team Builders A Scam?[MLM Helper or Waste of Time?]”

  1. Very interesting review you have written up here on online team builders and I can only say that I am not too convinced that this platform is meant for people like me. Though I got my hopes up when I heard they offer something more special in their products but then, the fact that even the owners are unknown individuals yet, I dont think I would be too thrilled to join coupled with the bad name that mlm has made for itself as not breeding a good income. Thank you but I will pass on this

  2. Online team builders is an admixture of the good and the bad and as such, makes it rather difficult to take a decision on. Though my instincts are against joining it due to the various cons you pointed out. However, I’m getting convinced by the prospects of having such valuable products to sell. How I wished they offer an affiliate program. Well! I will still keep my fingers crossed for now on this. Thanks

  3. Thanks for this wonderful article about online team builders, according to me when I read this article, I have noticed that this platform is some how helpful since it provides its tools of management to its recruitments though what I didn’t like about it is that you can’t use its tools if you not a member and the other thing is that the owners of the platform are not clear so i conclude saying if someone is interested, he or she can join if not try some other platforms thanks admin in advance 

  4. I think for you to get the free training through a sponsor is just another way of making sure that you are a potential down line for a sponsor. Online Business Team might have good intentions for their members but it would be more advantageous if they offered their services to other programs other than Essante Organics alone. A few testimonials would go a long way in building trust. I do not think I’ll be comfortable investing in a program that no one is saying anything positive about it. Thank you for this in depth review.

    • You are most welcome. I did not think of it that way. That is an interesting point that you brought up about signing up through a sponsor.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.



  5. Oline Team Builders is a legit platform/business. I used it 4 yrs ago. I didnt have the time I needed to be successful back then and Im ready now to rejoin! As far as essante organics they are the BEST OF THE BEST, all their products are amazing! REAL organic products, “certified” organic! U CAN have an essante organics bus. w/out joining OTB, however it will be a lot harder prospecting w/out the otb platform to work with! Cant wait to jump back in!


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