Is FullStaq Marketer a Scam? [OverPriced Keala Kanae Course?]

Welcome to my FullStaq Marketer review. FullStaq Marketer, a training platform designed to help start your very own online business. It can be a tough choice when it comes to deciding the best platform for helping you to become an online entrepreneur.

Is FullStaq Marketer a scam, or should you make it your go-to teaching platform to starting your online journey? I am going to help you decide.


Investing in an online business course is a big decision. Choosing the wrong teaching platform will not just waste your hard-earned money. If the teaching platform does not do what it says it does, then you might end up losing faith in NOT just that teaching platform, but give-up on the idea of making money online.

And that can be a grave mistake. Because the online world offers you a unique opportunity to build a full-time business. 

And that is why it's important to see the full picture on FullStaq Marketer before you finally commit.

And if you are curious to see how I created a passive income without having any experience, just click on the link that follows.


Keala Kanae is the founder of Fullstaq Marketer. After checking out his LinkedIn resume, I learned that this man has got a fair amount of experience within the sales and marketing environment.

Who is the owner of fullstaq marketer

Back in 2000, he was appointed 'Director of Sales and Marketing' for a company called Smile Entertainment. 

He worked for various companies along the way, until eventually in 2015, he co-founded AWOL Academy. The company existed for 3 years from 2015 to 2018, after which it was re-branded to what we come to now know as FullStaq Marketer.

It's nice to see that FullStaq Marketer is not just a one-man-show. You learn about Keala's team who is running things behind the scenes. He has a director of operations, marketing, and products who each have well rounded experience within their respective fields.

There is a nice photo with his full entourage at the end of the sales page. 

The entire crew of fullstaq marketer

It's good to learn that there is a real owner who stands responsible for this product. Many make-money-online products that I reviewed have no REAL owners. 

Many of them turned out to be downright scams. 

These are some of the one's that I reviewed thus far :


FullStaqMarketer is a re-brand of an online business teaching platform called AWOL Academy.

The purpose of the AWOL Academy is to provide a variety of training courses to help folks become online entrepreneurs. 

Some of the areas that they covered within their training modules included :

  • Funnel building
  • Paid advertising, and 
  • Copywriting

They also provided coaching courses that would guide people along their journey of becoming an internet marketer.

I think that having someone by your side is a huge plus when you are learning the ropes of online entrepreneurship. Especially if you are a newbie, and that guidance can make an enormous impact.

So AWOL academy had a great idea and I think they understood that every member has a different skillset and as such will be at different experience levels.

So, why the name change from AWOL Academy to Fullstaq Marketer?

It's hard to say. You will hear various theories. Some might say that their marketing campaigns were misleading. Folks were lead to believe that it was easy to make money online.(of course, in reality, it's not the case)

The truth is that only the owner will know the real reason for this name change. 

Nevertheless, the first thing that you would notice about the sales page of FullStaq Marketer is that it's free from these 'get-rich' make-money claims.

The fullstaq marketer doe not have overhyped make-money claims

The first training module, the FullStaq Accelerator is geared towards helping you get acquainted with their online community, preparing your mindset, and build funnels.

That's all nice, but what will you be learning should you buy the FullStaq Marketer? 

Great question!

Let me show you in the next section.


The goal of the FullStaq marketer training platform is to teach you Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a commission-based business model. Basically, you get paid for promoting other people's products or services.

Think of it as you being "the middle man." You are the affiliate, and your job is to bring the buyer and seller together. 

In return for every successful sales transaction that takes place, you get a commission from the seller(or affiliate merchant)

This is positive about FullStaq Marketer training. You will be learning a business model that is a thriving industry. Affiliate marketing is a $6.5 billion industry. 

(Stick around till the end of this review, and I will show some more benefits that affiliate marketing offers. You will also learn about the training platform that helped me to build a full-time affiliate marketing business. As a pharmacist,I had zero knowledge back when I started.)

Let's take at how FullStaq Marketer goes about teaching you affiliate marketing.

How does affiliate marketing work

Become a Pro-Affiliate Marketer- Click On The Image to Get Started!


At the time of writing this review, there were two major courses that you can purchase. The FullStaq Accelerator and the Traffic Labs.

The other two courses namely, Conversion Labs and Master Labs are yet to be released to the public.

These are the available courses that you can buy from fullstaq marketer

Here is a breakdown of what is included within the FullStaq Accelerator package:

  • Fullstaq 101
  • Fullstaq Onboarding
  • Fullstaq Edge
  • Funnel Labs

The FullStaq 101 module is an introduction to digital marketing and earning an internet income.

The FullStaq Edge is to help you to develop the right mindset as you set the pace along your online journey.

Honestly speaking this is a good addition. 

On the journey towards helping others start their online businesses I noticed a commonality.

Despite the fact that they might have the best training, the best tools, and even support at their disposal, they still struggle to make money online. 


Because they might have some limiting beliefs that are blocking them from reaching their full potential. And they need the training to shift their mindset.

So, definitely, a thumbs up for this part of the course.

Then with Funnel Labs, you learn how a funnel works, and what it takes to build and launch one.

How much does Full Staq Accelerator cost?

They do not disclose any pricing on their website. With some research, I discovered that FullStaq Accelarator costs $997

Oh yes, they also have an advisor 1-on-1 call. The main purpose is to help you to advance to the next training levels.

You see, FullStaq Accelerator is not enough to help you launch your business, or to get you earning any commissions.

You need to learn how to get traffic to your offers.

Traffic is the heart of any business irrespective of whether your business is a traditional brick and mortar enterprise or it is an online venture.

To learn this you might need to delve further and purchase the next FullStaq course called the Traffic Labs.

The main "traffic method" taught within this section is using paid ads on popular social media platforms like FaceBook.

If you are new to paying for traffic, then you might want to consider taking it slow here. 

Watch your budget closely.

Remember with Pay-Per-Click advertising, you are paying to play. You can easily burn your hard-earned cash in the process if you do not know what you are doing.

But there is a huge plus to it, once you know what is working, then it is simply a matter of scaling your campaigns.

I prefer getting FREE ORGANIC and QUALITY traffic to my online business. This training platform helped me to get started when I was a complete noob to the whole affiliate marketing concept.

The two other courses namely CONVERSION LABS and MASTER LABS will be launched soon.

CONVERSION LABS - this module will show you how to convert your traffic into paying customers.

You will do so by using the right sales techniques, leads tracking, and storytelling.

MASTER LABS - This is a section that will help you to scale your business to new heights.

Here you learn how to create your own courses, and hacks to becoming a successful CEO.

I learned that there is another course as well. It's not advertised on their website as it's only reserved for those who want to "build, grow and scale their online business"

Apparently, you get mentoring as well as access to Kanae himself. I read somewhere that the cost for this course is around $5.800 but you can get it a discount if you have purchased one of the other packages.

So, much do you have to pay again to get started with your affiliate marketing business with FullStaq Marketer?

Let's quickly summarize it.


FULLSTAQ Accelerator- $997

FULLSTAQ Traffic Labs - $1.997

Pricey to join?

Are folks happy with buying these courses?

Let's take a look at some of the reviews


JumpStart Your Online Career


Thinking of Starting An Online Business?

Learn What It Takes To Build a Solid Foundation For Your First Online Venture.

No Credit Card Needed. No Obligation. 

Roopesh is the founder of passive income for all


On the Better Business Bureau website, there were 21 complaints filed against the company. 

One complaint, in particular, was from a lady who claimed that she spent close to $7,200 in purchasing course material and packages.

At first,  it was the standard $1,000 course then as per training she had to go on a business-plan call with one of the team's advisors. Apparently, she was told that the next course upgrade would cost her $10,000.

According to her complaint, this was discounted to $5.800 and later on, she bought other course material to the value of $100 and $300 respectively.

Bottom line: She wanted a refund. Unfortunately, her request came when her 14-day money-back guarantee had already expired. 

In all fairness though, it looked like the company did take steps to come to an amicable solution.

Most of the other complaints had these issues in common :

  • Refund requests
  • Unable to access the member's login area
  • Some customers felt the marketing of the training was misleading
  • Some felt that the advisors were pressurizing them into purchasing the higher-ticket products

But on the flip side, the official website does have a few positive testimonials. 

Is Fullstaq Marketer legit?

Let's take a look at the pros and cons before I give you my verdict.


No hype marketing or get-rich-quick promises. Keala tells it to you like it is. You work hard you get the rewards.

It's based on affiliate marketing. A business model that has tons of success stories.

They have owner transparency.


There is no trial membership.

The course packages are expensive.

14-day refund policy on selected products.You might not be able to take go through the training at your own pace. You only have 2 weeks to review these products.(after that you cannot request a refund)

There are tons of upsells.

They teach you immediately to use paid ads. You need to have surplus cash set aside for this, it can be a very costly game if you do not know what you are doing.


One of the attractive features of this training platform is that they have teaching on mentally preparing you for your online journey. 

Many teaching platforms do not have this. The one other platform that focused heavily on this was the Knowledge Business Blueprint. A course developed by word-famous Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. 

Read my detailed review of the KBB Course here.

The other highlight of this course is that they are teaching you affiliate marketing. A model that can make you REAL MONEY online.

However, affiliate marketing does not have to be done solely using paid ads. You can do it from so many FREE WAYS such as :

  • Getting organic traffic by SEO
  • Using Social media like YouTube,
  • Using Pinterest, and
  • E-mail marketing

I have used all of these methods. 

And I personally believe that getting started with affiliate marketing does not have to make a hole in your pocket.

Bottom line: FullStaq Marketer is a legit training platform. They have owner transparency. 
However, I believe that it's a very expensive way to get started within the online world. They also have a very short window (14 days or 30 days) refund policy.
It's not enough time for a newbie to decide whether they resonate with the training or not. Especially, if one is going to invest huge chunks of cash initially.


You do not have to spend thousands to learn to make money with affiliate marketing. You can start from as little as what a cup of coffee a day would cost you.

You also can start affiliate marketing without needing any previous experience. I joined a teaching platform that showed me how to do it.

Here are additional benefits that this business model can offer you.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing :

  • You DO NOT need any experience to get started
  • You can WORK FROM ANYWHERE in the world
  • You DO NOT have to speak to anyone 
  • You DO NOT have to have your own product
  • You DO NOT have to do any recruiting or cold calling

 I think the most important benefit, is that it allows you the opportunity to build a passive income business. In other words, you can and will get to the point of not having to trade your precious time for money.

By this I mean have your business eventually work for you.

Since you have come this far, I would like to extend an invitation to help you to build your own affiliate marketing business.

Simply click here and let's get you started in the online world.

Thanks for joining me on this FullStaq Marketer review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

I wish you everything of the best.

Regards and Take Care


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7 thoughts on “Is FullStaq Marketer a Scam? [OverPriced Keala Kanae Course?]”

  1. Great article it was a good read but after reading your review I personally will give FullStaq a miss, like you said I think there is a lot better value for money out there and 14days is not long enough to see if it’s for you. It does all seem legit though and the fact they get you mentally prepared for your journey is great but I will find better value for my money, thanks.

  2. Hey there and thanks for the insight into FullStaq. To say I was shocked was an understatement. How can any company that claims to help newbies into affiliate marketing charge that much money to get started? I know how difficult it is to get started and the last thing you need is to be charged $1000’s for your lessons. I have two websites that are slowly earning me money but I am a long way off, as a relative beginner, to having anywhere enough sales to cover their course fees.

    I am carrying out my learning through Wealthy Affiliate and I fully believe their training platform is second to none. You can start for FREE and the lessons are not only interesting but they provide lots of examples you can relate to. The thing I most like about Wealthy Affiliate is the support system they have. Not only can you contact the owners easily but the network of fellow marketers (community) is huge and everyone is so friendly and willing to give advice. Wealthy Affiliate is certainly the way forward.

    • Hey man

      Congrats on building those two websites. You have already started with claiming your piece of the internet pie. It will definitely gain momentum in time and soon you will be having a thriving business on your hand.

      May your business grow from success to suceess.



  3. I fully agree with you that paid ads is not the way to start off when first starting out with your affiliate website, as I believe it takes time for you to establish your website and in order to do so you need to have created a substantial amount of content first before paid traffic will be worth your while.

    The other issue with paid traffic is that it is often only temporary traffic that lasts for as long as you pay. This then becomes very much the same as when sharing your content on social media sites where the traffic generated in that fashion is also very temporary.

    That is why I believe the emphasis on white hat SEO and organic traffic is incredibly important as ranking articles in the top pages of the search engines will ensure for a constant stream of monthly organic traffic coming in as time goes by, which is much different to temporary paid traffic that only lasts as long as you are willing to pay.

    When it comes to paying for traffic you better know what you are doing, as you have the potential to lose a lot more money than you are making, so paid advertising can be very risky, especially for a beginner just starting out. Also if it was that easy then everyone would have just paid for traffic from the very word go.

    I personally believe that paid traffic only becomes worth it once your website is pretty established and populated with a substantial amount of content. That is of course only my opinion.

    Many that start out with affiliate marketing start out with affiliate marketing because they need money, not because they have money to spend. I therefore think this particular business model as described are perhaps for those that already have quite a bit of money behind them and do not mind spending several thousands of dollars with the aim to get their affiliate marketing business off the ground quickly.

    For the majority though getting started in affiliate marketing I will much rather go with WA that teaches you how to generate organic traffic as a first instance and the way I believe a new affiliate marketing business should be approached.

  4. Hey,
    Informative article, it gave a complete insight of FullStaq Marketer course. There is always confusion while choosing the right training platform and begin the online journey. This article will surely clear all confusions as all the pros and cons are clearly provided which will help an individual to learn, grow and explore. It’s truly amazing how this course helps in preparing mindset and build funnels. Though it is expensive but yet it helps to train and explore new concepts online which is a plus point because it isn’t easy to start an online journey unless you learn and understand each concept required to earn money online.
    Thank your great information.


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