LeapVista Review – Is LeapVista Legit? Be Cautious!

Welcome to my LeapVista review. Is Leapvista a scam, or a legit business training platform? Would you like to start your very own eCommerce business? If your answer is yes, then you might be thinking of joining LeapVista.

Is it a wise decision to join Leapvista? There are some interesting findings about this platform that you might want to see before you make a decision. I will be sharing these findings with you in this review.

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What Is LeapVista?

The official LeapVista website markets its flagship product as one where you can learn “learn the art of eCommerce through a world-class learning experience.”

What they are saying is that they offer programs to help you build an eCommerce business. The eCommerce business model that they are going to be teaching you, is Dropshipping.

The founders of LeapVista believe that the eCommerce industry is here to stay.

LeapVista was developed to be different from other online business courses…

The founders believe there exist unethical course creators with zero experience selling business courses. These so-called “gurus” have a single goal –to make a quick buck online. They have no intention of wanting to help people build online businesses.

That is why LeapVista was founded- “to disrupt the eCommerce education market and weed out those gurus.” Its mission is to empower over 10 000 people to become the next wave of digital entrepreneurs in the next 5 years.

LeapVista review what is leapvista all about

Let’s learn more about who the owners of LeapVista Are.

Who Are The Founders of LeapVista?

Here is where things get a bit strange. The official website does not have many details as to who the founders are. They mention the name, Steve Tan. I assume that he is the founder.

During my research, I read other Leapvista reviews and learned that Steven Tan and his brother Evan Tan are the founders of the platform. They had a team to support the company, but NO such information is available on the website.

Why is this the case?

If you were to check out their Instagram profile, you would see that they also are NOT promoting LeapVista.

Leapvista review no link to their owner. is leapvista legit. It sounds very dicey at the

The same goes for their Youtube channel. They have some subscribers but no owner information.

It is a red flag. Is Leapvista a scam? Let’s see if we can learn more about the product before we talk about the verdict.

What is Inside Leapvista?

They are marketing two programs at the moment. The one is called eCom Domination and the other is AMZ Elite. The latter is coming soon to the platform.

As far as eCom Domination is concerned, it’s very vague as to what the course is all about. They do not provide any details on how many modules it will consist of or in what format it will be in.

They just tell you that the Tan brothers were involved in the structuring of the course. They have carefully selected the trainers who will be teaching you. You will be getting first-hand experience of what it’s like to be an eCommerce business owner with this course.

The main point of their training course is to teach the Dropshipping business model.

What is Dropshipping All About?

Dropshipping is a type of retail arbitrage that allows eCommerce entrepreneurs to buy products in bulk from manufacturers or wholesalers for cheap and then sell them to customers at a higher price.

What does that mean?

Let’s say you find an excellent pair of shoes on Alibaba, but they are way too expensive when compared with the same product sold by Amazon sellers.

What is dropshipping all about

So, instead of buying it yourself (in which case you would have to wait for shipping and pay a high product price), you find someone who is already selling the pair on Amazon (and it’s cheaper than wholesale).

What happens next? You buy that same item from your supplier, ship it directly to the customer, and pocket the profit.

Dropshipping was first introduced in China in the early 2000s, and it’s been growing in popularity ever since.

What Do You Need To Do Dropshipping?

The first thing that you would need is an eCommerce website to showcase your products. I learned that with the Leapvista training, they direct you to sign up with the Shopify platform. This is where you can get your website.

Then you will need to research the products that you want to incorporate on your website. You have to get a drop shipper supplier. Their training will talk about the Aliexpress.com website.

They will talk about using tools to do the actual transfer of the products to your website.

And the last part is the main part and that is to learn how to get traffic to your website. Most dropshipping businesses are more focused on using paid advertising methods.

As I said, the site does not give any details on their course module or even the price of the course.

Pros of LeapVista

  • Nothing that stands out

Cons of LeapVista

  • They are not teaching you a newbie-friendly method to make money online
  • They do not have an active blog on their website
  • Mixed reviews
  • Insufficient information on their training programs

Is Leapvista a Scam? My Personal Opinion

Is Leapvista legit? In my opinion, I would not recommend it. They are not offering transparency on many levels.

No owner information. You have no idea what the cost of their courses is. They are not communicating with anyone on their social media channels. As for their testimonials, I am not sure if they are to be trusted at all.

I would recommend one to stay away from this program.

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Thanks for checking out my LeapVista review.

Hope that it has helped you out.

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