The Ecomm Clubhouse Review – Should You Join This ClubHouse?

Welcome to this Ecomm Clubhouse Review. The global eCommerce market was valued at 9 Trillion Dollars in 2019. It's expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14.7% from 2020 to 2027. Are you ready to start your own e-commerce business?

The eComm Clubhouse can help you to get started. Is eComm Clubhouse a scam or is it a legit business opportunity?

Congratulations on taking the time to do your research before you go all-in with this particular opportunity. By the way, I am not affiliated with the creators of this particular course. So, I do not earn any commission should you buy this course.

There are tons of scams online. But on the other side of the coin, there is a legit way to making money online. 

I am here to help you make an informed decision on whether or not it's the right business fit for you. So, let's get started and see what the Ecomm Clubhouse is all about.



Creator : Sarah Chrisp

Price to join : $67

Do I recommend it? Yes, if you want to learn about e-Commerce

the ecomm clubhouse picture

There are many courses that reach one about dropshipping and how to go about starting one's own Print-on-Demand business. This one is affordable. However, the major drawback is that it lacks that all important mentorship and support along your journey of building a business.

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Who is the Founder of The Ecomm Clubhouse Course?

Sarah Chrisp is the creator of the eComm Clubhouse. Her YouTube channel goes by the name of Wholesale Ted. She is from New Zealand and starting pursuing the world of eCommerce at a young age. 

But why the name "Wholesale Ted"?

The Ecomm Clubhouse review what is wholesale ted all about

I learned that it's a collaboration she did with a guy by the name of Ted. He parted ways from the channel, and now you see her featuring in the videos. The channel now has close to 810 000 subscribers.

The purpose of the channel is to teach "actionable content for people who either have businesses (especially e-commerce businesses), or are building them, and want to follow channels with tactical advice to help them along the way."

The channel features a load of free and valuable content. The content is not only related to the eCommerce business, but has motivational videos, sales psychology videos, legal aspects, case studies, and product sourcing strategies.

Check out this video of 10 Mistakes that new Entrepreneurs Make.

The Ecomm Clubhouse Sales Video

The ecomm clubhouse review sales video

The main sales video of The Ecomm Clubhouse is different from other make-money-online business opportunities. It's not salesy. It's actually educational. Sarah has a unique way of teaching the two core models for the newbie at heart.

She first starts off by telling the story of how her job as a 'checkout chick' at the supermarket sucked. She knew that there was to more to life than a mundane 9-5.

Her journey to the world of e-commerce started when she learned how to source Nintendo video games cheaper and sell for a profit. However, the task of having to physically courier it, to the customer become too cumbersome. That lead her to search for a way, that was less hands on and could earn a passive income at the same time. 

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The Two Ecommerce Business Models

The first one that Sarah talks about is Print-On-Demand. This is basically where you the seller, earns from marketing your unique customized items. 

Let's say that you are selling T-shirts. You customize blank T-shirt inventory with your unique artwork(Sarah will show you a wholesaler where you can source these items).

You then go ahead and list it on your e-commerce site. Then once a customer places an order, you hire a printing company to manufacture the item, and they fulfill the order and ship it to your customer.

All that is left, is for you to follow up with top-notch after-sales customer service.

The other business model that Sarah talks about is called dropshipping.

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What is dropshipping all about

The difference is that you would be selling products that customers love at a cheaper price.

The key benefit of the dropshipping business model is that you do not have the hassle of having to keep stock on hand.

In this case Sarah, would introduce you to Aliexpress(a dropshipper), who would fulfill the order.

The Ecomm clubhouse review how does dropshipping work

taken from the Ecomm Clubhouse Sales video

Once you discover the products that your customer loves, you can buy in bulk at lower prices and make better profit margins. 

What is Ecomm Clubhouse All About

It's a video training course to help you get started with your very own e-commerce business. 

The ecomm clubhourse course breakdown

The course is broken down into 6 modules. The modules have set tasks, to make sure that you learn by doing and not just by reading(or listening).

You start off by learning what the niche or main idea of your business is going to be. Then you would learn how to go about choosing the correct products to sell. Eventually, you get to point of creating an online store, upgrading to bigger orders, getting that all-important traffic, and finally having your business run on 'autopilot.'

Here is the complete breakdown of the eComm Clubhouse course :

MODULE ONE : Selecting a Niche

  • Introduction & Business Gameplan! 
  • UPDATE: How Ecommerce Is Making Lots Of $$$ During Coronavirus
  • Phase 1 Of Niche Selection: Research 20 Niche Ideas
  • Phase 2 Of Niche Selection: Narrow 20 Ideas Down To 5
  • Phase 3 Of Niche Selection: Use Data To Pick Your Winning Niche!
  • Choose A Niche-Friendly Store Name.

MODULE TWO : Source and Choose Products to Sell

  • How to Find Hyper-Viral Products on Aliexpress to Dropship.
  • How to Select the Right Aliexpress Supplier.
  • How to Research & SPY On Winning Print On Demand Designs
  • How to Get Custom Designs Created With Designers.
  • How to Get Instant Designs To Legally Sell Right NOW.
  • How to Create FREE Print On Demand Designs. 
  • How to Price Products To Maximize Profits.
  • BONUS, LIMITED-TIME VIDEO: Million-Dollar Print On Demand Secrets & Methods

MODULE THREE : Create a Store By Yourself

  • How to Create a Shopify Account.
  • Which Theme To Use & How To Install It.
  • How to Install Oberlo & Update It’s Settings.
  • How to Install the Chrome Extension.
  • How to Add Products with Oberlo.
  • How to Create a Printify Account.
  • How to Create Products with Printify.
  • How to Add a Products with Printify to Shopify.
  • How to Create a Printful Account.
  • How to Create Products with Printful.
  • How to Update Product Pages & Use Sales Techniques In Your Product Copy.
  • How to Add Collections.
  • How to Create an About Us Page.
  • How to Create a Refund Policy Page.
  • How to Create Legal Pages.
  • How to Set Up Payments.
  • How to Set Up Checkout.
  • How to Add Shipping.
  • How to Edit the Confirmation Email.
  • How to Create A Logo.
  • How to Customize Theme & Homepage.
  • How to Add Live Chat.
  • How to Add a Favicon.
  • How to Buy a Domain Name
  • How to Remove Store Password

MODULE FOUR : Upselling to Big Order

  • How to Add A Product Countdown Timer & Sales Notifications for Scarcity.
  • How to Add Trust Icons.
  • How to Add Discounted Pricing to Increase The Average Order Value.
  • How To Add Smar7 To Upsell Customers To BIG Orders.
  • How to Add Spin-A-Wheel App To Trigger The Law Of Reciprocation. 
  • How to Add After-Sale Coupons To Create Action From Scarcity. 

MODULE FIVE : How to get Traffic and Buyers to Your Store

  • Introduction To Facebook Ads
  • How to Create a Facebook Business Account
  • How to Create a Facebook Fanpage
  • How to Install the Facebook Pixel
  • The Low-Cost Method To Create Lifestyle Images & Videos For Print On Demand Product Ads. 
  • How to Create a Showcase Facebook Video Ad (With Just A Smartphone!) 
  • How to Edit a Showcase Video Ad
  • How to Create an Example Facebook Video Ad
  • How to Create a Low-Budget Facebook Ad Campaign
  • How to Create a 3-Creative Facebook Ad Campaign
  • How to Scale Facebook Ads
  • How To Get FREE SEO Traffic From Google
  • How to Find Low Competition Keywords
  • How to Optimize Product Pages
  • How to Optimize Product Category Pages
  • How to Optimize Your Homepage
  • How to Optimize Your About Us Page
  • How to Add & Optimize Blog Posts
  • How to Build Backlinks With Instagram Pages

MODULE SIX: How to Manage and Run Your Store

  • How to Fulfill Orders with Oberlo
  • How to Fulfill Orders with Printify.
  • The Daily Store Management & Growth Plan! 
  • BONUS, LIMITED-TIME VIDEO: How To Scale By Hiring Virtual Assistants

How Much Does Ecomm Clubhouse Cost?

The cost to purchase the course is a once-off $67. According to Sarah there are no further upsells. The price you see is for all the course material. 

However, whilst that is true, there are still additional expenses that you need to account for in order to have a successful e-commerce store.

Here are some of the other overheads that you would need to consider :

Is the Ecomm Clubhouse overpriced and is it really value for money?

Ecomm Clubhouse Course - OverPriced? Little Value for Money?

We know that $67 is just for getting started. And looking at the course outlay, there are some topics that can be sourced for free by doing a regular Google search. 

Is it really worth your time and money?

Let me quickly address these two concerns.

Why Do You Have to Pay Extra To Start An Online Business?

The truth is that if you go with having someone build a professionally designed e-commerce site, it can cost you anywhere between $5,000- $10,000. And you still have to choose a quality hosting service.

Here is how you can choose the best hosting package for your WordPress website.

At the end of the day, there is no way around it. You still have to fork out for your online business. That's the reality of becoming an online entrepreneur.

However, I do believe that it's way cheaper than starting a traditional brick- and-mortar enterprise. And it will be less than $1,000 as you will be learning to build your own site.

The fact is - you are investing in an asset. It will have value in time to come.

Why Register For The Course When I Can Source the Information for Free?

Another fair question.

Here is the thing. Sarah has taken the time to make everything available in one place. It saves you the hassle of hopping from one place to another and getting overwhelmed in the process. 

She also does offer exclusive content like YouTube videos which do not form part of the content on her free channel.

You also have the option of going through her course material for 7-days and getting your money back, if you are not happy with what's on offer.

What I Like About Ecomm Clubhouse

1. No 'get-rich-quick' promises - Sarah tells you to like it is. If you want to build a solid e-commerce business, then you need to make the sacrifice. Even in her sales video, she mocks cheesy videos that that has those flashy cars and  exquisite mansions (it was actually kind of fun to watch it).

2. They are teaching legit way business models

3.It's an affordable course with no extra upsells.

4. 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

What I Do Not Like About Ecomm Clubhouse

1. Additional expenses you have to spend on, like creating a Shopify account, website hosting, buying unbranded stock for POD business, etc.

2. There is no mentoring or 1-on-1 support. Sarah offers monthly training calls only to help students with their problems.

3.No live chat/membership forums - limited access to online support.

Is Ecomm Clubhouse a scam? My Personal Opinion

If I were just starting out with venturing into the online world, I would certainly give The Ecomm Clubhouse a go.

One of the main reasons being is that she is transparent and offers valuable free content and is a dropshipper herself.

However, I ended up venturing into the world of affiliate marketing. Check out my story here.

Is Ecomm Clubhouse Legit?

Yes, it is a legit course. Sarah is not someone who makes money from just her YouTube channel or from selling the course. She offers proof that what she teaches works!

The one major drawback of this course is that they are not offering that 1-on-1 support, mentorship, or membership forum support. You can have the best tools, the best training, but having someone by your side every step of the way can make a better difference.

I think that Sarah hit the nail on the head when she said that "it's not the ability to buy luxury things that count..."

Whilst having the opportunity to purchase the finest things in life is awesome, it's more the freedom of having Time at your side.

Money comes and goes. But TIME once gone, cannot come again. And that's what Sarah means, the ability to spend your Time your way, doing what you want. 

Like the Ancient Greek philosopher, Theophrastus once said, "Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend."

Man's(or a women's) best gift to anyone is their time. And working for a job, half your life, especially if no one values your time, is a precious asset that is wasted.

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Having that said, if e-commerce is something you would like to try, then 7-days is a short investment of your time to if its the right business  fit for you.

I always believe that you will never know until you try.

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I earn a passive income online thanks to my affiliate marketing business.

The good news is that with affiliate marketing, you can build a business without having to purchase stock. You don't have to worry about after-sales customer service..

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Thanks so much for joining me on the eComm Clubhouse review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Wish you everything of the best in your online success,

Kind Regards and Take Care



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