Private Label Masters Course Review(2022) – Is 5K Worth It?

Welcome to this Private Label Masters course review. Want to partner up with Amazon? You can do it via their flagship program called the Amazon FBA or fulfillment by amazon. And Private Label Masters is marketed as a course that will guide you step-by-step to get your Amazon FBA business off the ground.

Is Private Label Masters a scam, or is it a legit course? But more importantly, is Amazon FBA the right business model for you? That is what I will be covering as well in this Private Label Masters review.

My name is Roopesh and I have been in the online business game since 2015. I have learned a lot about the various business models. I also have reviewed and tried some online business programs. Not all of them deliver on what they promise. But some are legit and helped me to get to my first $1000 and beyond.

Of course, it all depends on the amount of effort and time that you put in. Your results may vary from mine.

But if you have the drive and perseverance to start, then all you need is, to have a solid business teaching platform to help you to reach your goal.

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Who Is Tim Sanders?

How hard is it to make a $3000 to $4000 profit with Amazon FBA?

According to Tim, it is not hard. “Just takes around 3-4 different products to turn that sort of profit”

Sounds easy, right? But there is a lot involved here to finally get to that point, and I will show you what I mean shortly, but who exactly is Tim Sanders?

Tim is the founder of Private Label Masters. He has been a successful seller with Amazon for over 3 years. The main idea behind his course is to teach anyone the steps and strategies needed to grow and scale their very own Amazon FBA business.

Can you trust him, or is Tim Sanders a scammer?

Should you learn Amazon FBA from a guy like Tim?

Well, one of his recent videos shows that he has been approached by a company interested in buying out one of his Amazon FBA businesses for a cool $30,000 000!

Check it out!

It’s safe to say that Tim is a legit guy. And he got results with Amazon FBA.

What about his actual course, what is that all about?

Let’s take a look in the next section.

How Does Private Label Masters Work?

What is Amazon FBA all about?

FBA means fulfillment by Amazon. Amazon provides a service to small and medium-sized businesses to use their platform to sell products. So, if you have a product that you want to sell, then Amazon will receive and store your products at their warehouse. They will also pick, pack and ship your order to the customer on your behalf.

Before joining Tim’s course, there is a 30-minute masterclass where he introduces himself and talks about the FBA business model.

As for the course itself, it’s broken down into 8 modules covering different aspects from mindset to product research to finding suppliers and so forth.

Let’s take a look at what is covered in the Private Label Master’s course.

Module One: Mindset

This is a 25-minute-long video.

It’s important to get it out of the way and Tim makes it very clear that following this business model is NOT a way to “get-rich-quickly.”

He makes it known that it’s going to take hard work, effort, and time to make it a success. And along that road, you need to make sure that you cover important aspects of the business building process.

These are :

  • Mindset: make sure that you have clearly defined goals
  • License: your option to license your business and the importance of an LLC
  • Taxes: making sure that you have a company CPA
  • Liability insurance: staying away from selling “high liability products”
  • Amazon charges: be aware of what Amazon’s expenses are in your business

At the end of the day, you need capital to launch your Amazon FBA business. One must be made very clear of this before going further on.

If you are okay with the financial implications, then your next step is to do the research and that’s what module two is all about.

Module Two: Product Research

The basic idea of this module is to teach you to choose the right products for your business. The strategy is to have several products that make you consistent sales rather than just one product that make you 100% of the profits.

In this module, you will also learn which products to avoid, and check for patents and trademarks on products. You will learn strategies for tapping into low-competition but profitable niches.

Module Three: Sourcing Out Your Products

Ever heard of they are 3rd party supplier. And you learn how Tim finds the products to market in his business.

Your relationship with your suppliers is crucial to your success. You need to negotiate good deals and build lasting relationships, and this module will help you to do just that.

Module Four: Shipping

Here you will be familiarized with the various shipping routes for your products, e.g. air or sea. You will learn the importance of inspection programs that sift out faulty products.

This will minimize having product returns on processed orders.

Module Five: Branding and Listing

There are 10 videos in the module.

You decided on your product. It’s time to brand it and list it on the Amazon marketplace. There are other intricate steps involved.

In this module, Tim teaches you how to:

  • carefully select the brand name for your product,
  • go about the process of labeling your product lines,
  • do effective keyword research for your product,
  • use Amazon tools to find effective keywords to use in your marketing.

Tim also allowed his copywriter to share the SEO techniques they use when listing the products on the marketplace

Module Six: Launching Your Product

In this section, you will learn how to launch your product using an Amazon Launch Service called “ZonJump”

The second way, according to Tim is using FaceBook and launching your paid ads. Tim will show you how he uses Microsoft Paint to create the ads.

Tim also makes you aware of the fact, that launching is not going to be a one-day affair. It will take time and that’s why he gives it a 90-day time frame for you to see any results.

Module Seven: Using PPC

This is a 9-part video series conducted by Tim’s assistant, Aaron Eaton.

He walks through the process of creating effective pay-per-click campaigns.

Module Eight: Scaling Your Business

Once you reach that point of knowing what is working, it’s simply a matter of investing more time and resources and earning more!

Here you will learn how to get verified testimonials. What to do when your products are out of stock. How to outsource aspects of your business to quality VAs. Split-testing your business and spot bargains.

It’s all about becoming more efficient and profitable.

As you can see the course is pretty much in detail and covers the main areas. Does this mean that Private Label Masters is not a scam?

Let’s take a look at some other aspects of the course before I give you my verdict.

How Much Does Private Label Masters Cost?

The cost is $5,000. At the time of writing this review, there was an offer discount. But generally, you looking at spending this sort of money for course material ALONE.

There are additional expenses that you need to take into account.

You got to :

  • spend money on inventory,
  • spend money on storage fees and transporting them,
  • spend on possible returns on items,
  • spend on Facebook advertising and other advertising costs

Does the Private Label Masters Course Deliver On It’s Promise?

No doubt that the training on offer is detailed. As for whether or not the course is well received, let’s take a look at the customer feedback.

On a third-party review site called Trustpilot, Private Label masters scored an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. This was the average out of 155 reviews.

Private Label Masters course review is private label masters course a scam. No there are testimonials

What is Tim Sanders Net worth?

To be honest with you, it does not matter what his net worth is.

The fact is that he has proved his success in his own FBA business. Above is proof that people are happy with his teachings and the course.

However, there are some flaws with Private Label Masters.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Pros of Private Label Masters

  • You are learning from a successful entrepreneur (he is not just a course creator like other marketers out there)
  • You will be learning a legit business model – Amazon FBA is a profitable business model

Cons of Private Label Masters

  • It’s an expensive course
  • There are additional expenses that you need to consider
  • It’s not a newbie-friendly business model
  • It involves paid advertising

Is Private Label Masters a Scam? My Personal Opinion

No Private Label Masters is not a scam. It is a legitimate course. Tim offers you a comprehensive course that reveals the strategies used to build himself a 6-figure business.

Everybody works at their own pace, and your results will differ.

Can you be successful? With any legit business model, be it Amazon FBA, or affiliate marketing, my answer is—-it depends on you.

But what I can say, is that AMAZON FBA is not for everybody.

Private Label Masters is for someone who has the finances to start. And we are not just talking 5K. That is the minimum.

So if you have the finances, then you still need to ask yourself, “do I like the Amazon FBA business model?”

In other words, do you see yourself doing eCommerce for the next couple of years? And whilst the money might be there, are you someone who :

  • will enjoy dealing with suppliers?
  • can handle dealing with customer returns?
  • will be able to constantly look out for product trends?
  • will be able to manage people once your business takes off?

And it all boils down to your personality.

If the above does not matter to you, then perhaps Private Label Masters is the program for you.

If on the other hand,

——-you are NOT ready to invest heavy capital,

——-you do not want to deal with customers or suppliers,

——–you do not want to manage staff, and you do not have to do any recruiting,

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Thanks for checking out my Private Label Masters review.

Hope that it has helped you out.

Regards and Take Care


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