Secret Profit Club Review – 45K In 30 Days! Legit or SCAM?

Hi there and welcome to my Secret Profit Club review. The big bold headlines of the sales page claims that you can make $19,510 in a single day!

I admit it grabbed my attention. My first thoughts were that Secret Profit Club is a downright scam. To satisfy my curiosity I bought the product for $9.When I got into the members area, it was not quite what I had expected to see.


Should you be in a catch 22 on whether or not to purchase the product, fear not. I will show you exactly what Secret Profit Club is all about to help you to make an informed decision.

I am not quite sure how your journey has been thus far in finding the best way to making money online. Perhaps you had the misfortune of been a victim to scammers, or maybe you ended up earning only small change for your precious time and hard earned efforts.

Either way I am here to tell you that there are legit ways to making good money online. 

NAME OF PRODUCT : Secret Profit Club


FOUNDER : Unknown (alias used)

WHAT IS ABOUT : Affiliate marketing training. Mainly focused on using Clickbank and Amazon marketplace. Also training on using various traffic methods, both free and paid.



 Whilst you do get to hear a name Jack Robertson who is supposedly the founder to Secret Profit Club, there is no face to go along with the name.

In other words, they used an alias.Unfortunately there is no real founder to this system.

Would you do business with someone who hides behind the curtains? Are they hiding because perhaps there is no real money making system at all?


The Secret Profit Club is a 'make money opportunity' that is listed with the Clickbetter marketplace. 

The sales video will have you to believe that with the Secret Profit Club System, you can make just over $45 000 in 30 days!

Secret profit Club Review what is the secret profit club all about

That is some serious cash. Apparently this system works on autopilot. 

In an effort to prove to you that their system works, the owners(whoever they are), share with you some testimonials.

You will hear of a college student by the name of Kevin who made $9565, or Julie from the UK who got her first payment of $1,231 and Brian from South Africa who made $15,126.

In all honesty anyone can write these kind of testimonials. There is no way to verify any of these stories.

As for the actual system, they claim that is a 'new and unseen' method and has nothing to do with online surveys,cryptocurrency,or any other black hat strategy.

The video is also filled with emotional triggers. The idea is to have you to believe that they have your best interests at heart and that they want to see you succeed online.

Unfortunately the entire 15 minute video does not reveal to you what the Secret Profit Club is or how it works. They do however offer a hint towards the end of the video that you can earn 0.01% of a trillion dollar market.

My guess is that they might be talking about affiliate marketing.

Bottom Line: If you want to know how the Secret Profit Club works, you have no choice but to pay the $9 membership fee.

Let me take you into the members area and show you what is really going on.


Before we go further, let me show you the proof that I did in fact purchase the Secret Profit Club Profit system.

Secret Profit Club Review proof of purchase


Is Secret Profit Club an automated system?


Is Secret Profit Club a 'new and unseen method'of making money online?

No again.

In fact my initial guess was correct.Secret Profit Club has to do with affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically a business model where you earn commissions by promoting other people's products or services via your website.

Let's say that you build a website on drones or cat's toys. You then would need to partner up with an affiliate merchant like Amazon.

As you start building quality content on your website on a consistent basis, it will start to gain traction with Google and other search engines.

Eventually you start getting visitors to your site.

Once folks find the information on your website useful, they will click on your affiliate link(embedded on your site) to purchase the particular drone or cat toy.

The link will take them directly to Amazon to complete the transaction. Amazon in turn pays you for every sale that you make.

This is the simplified version of what affiliate marketing is. The image that follows outlines the affiliate marketing process.

What is Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a legit way to making money online. It is the main method that I have been using for the past 4 years to earn a passive income online. Let me show how I can help you get started for free, click here.

Coming back to Secret Profit Club,the course consists of video training and some downloadable e-books. This is what the main members area looks like.

Secret Profit Club main members area

There are 5 main training modules. Each of these modules are then broken down in sub sections.

These are the titles of the five main training areas.

  • Secret Profit Club Members Course
  • Secret Profit Club 1.0
  • Secret Profit Club 2.0
  • Secret Profit Club Pro
  • Secret Profit Club Social

Let me show you what the first module, the Secret Profit Members course is all about.

Secret profit club review secret profit club training video series

Basically the main training course talks about using Clickbank and Amazon as marketplaces when you start out on your affiliate marketing business.

Then the Secret Profit Club 1.0 module talks about alternate methods of making money such as CPA or cost per action. This is where you get paid whenever someone completes an offer whether it is a sale or a lead using your referral link. 

Secret Profit Club 2.0 : Talks about using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Secret Profit Club Social : Elaborates more on using Facebook marketing, Snapchat and paid ads with Bing Ads.

The overall quality of the videos are good. I felt that from a newbies perspective that the training can be overwhelming as they tend to jump from one topic onto the next. The training videos are short which does not do justice to covering details of a specific subject.

Most importantly they are telling you rather than showing you what to do.

I felt that the training is not ordered and there is no help or support forums.

Major drawbacks of the training

(1) No detailed SEO TRAINING : When you have an affiliate marketing website, one of the best ways of driving free and high quality organic traffic is by using SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

One of the first and most important SEO technique that I was taught is to use a good keyword for your content. You need to write quality content, but you need to make sure that the keyword you select is 'great.'

What is a keyword?

When I say great, it must have a good search volume, that means lots of people are searching for it and low competition, the less the competition, the better.

Ideally a free keyword tool like Jaaxy can help you with this. Anyway the point is that the training in Secret Profit Club fails to teach the newbie this crucial and important step.

One can end up wasting a great deal of time. The main reason is, that one is not taught properly on how to select the best keywords for their website.

(2) Failure to Disclose the truth about Amazon Affiliate Program: One of the videos talked about becoming an affiliate for Amazon. They failed to mention that one should register an account only after a few months of their website been active.

The reason as to why not immediately, is because of the fact that if you do not make sales after three months they will refuse you affiliate status.

(3)Not user friendly training- one of the videos talked about using plugins whilst another talked about Amazon Native Shopping ads and e-mail marketing.

These kind of topics are not necessary within the beginner stages and can leave the newbie feeling confused and frustrated,


Why would anyone sell you a so called 'proven' system that will earn you14k in one week for just $9?

And to top it, the sales video makes mention that for your $9 investment, they will throw in a free $2000 bonus!

That's crazy!

Anyway it all made more sense to me once I bought the Secret Profit Club. The first thing that I saw is their upsell of $99.

Secret profit club the upsells

What is the Secret Profit Club 2.0 all about?

Its an upsell that can apparently help to skyrocket your earnings up to $6.500 per day.

Needless to say, I skipped this upsell.

Then they threw in another upsell for $79. This one can help you make up to $10.000 per day!

I skipped this one too, only for them to entice me with a third upsell of $49 for a product called Secret Profit Social.

As you can see, the $9 fee can turn out to be ($99+$79+$49) $227


I like the fact there is a money back guarantee.

Training course is based on teaching a legit business model, namely affiliate marketing.


Whilst the entry price is only $9, there are three other upsells.

There are no real owners- they used an alias.There are no real testimonials.

The marketing is misleading. They lead you to believe that you can make 45K in 30 days. Affiliate marketing takes time and effort. It's not an overnight success.

There is no mentorship,support forums or step by step lessons to guide you along the way.


You are still getting a product for your money. The course can provide for a basic introduction into the world of affiliate marketing. From this point, I do not think that Secret Profit Club is a scam.

Is Secret Profit Club for you?

I believe that one of the key components to building a successful online affiliate marketing business is to have people who are already successful to guide you.

To show you what works, and to give you feedback on your progress. I personally do see this kind of support in Secret Profit Club.

Therefore if you are a newbie and decide to sign up with Secret Profit Club, it can be a challenge.


Did you know that you can build an affiliate marketing business based on any niche? Did you know that you can make money based on your hobby or passion? 

Affiliate marketing offers you these awesome benefits :

  • Chose from thousands of affiliate programs(not just Clickbank or Amazon),
  • No need to recruit to earn money
  • Flexibility, to build a business in your free time
  • Build an online asset with passive income potential
  • Eventually you do not have to trade your time for money

The training platform that I use offers top notch tools, support and one on one training to help me earn a passive income from affiliate marketing.

This is how it compares.

Secret profit club review comparison

I would be happy to show you more about the best affiliate marketing training course for beginners,click here to get started.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Secret Profit Club Review

I hope that it has helped you out.

If you have any questions about affiliate marketing, do not hesitate to leave them below. I promise to get back to you.

Wishing you everything of the best.

Regards and Take Care


4 thoughts on “Secret Profit Club Review – 45K In 30 Days! Legit or SCAM?”

  1. Scams are everywhere. I went through a few before joining wealthy affiliate. Anyone can succeed at WA, all that needs to be out in is the work! Here you work for your money, not like a scam where you can make this thousands of dollars or sands in one given day. That is a bunch of bull.

    Making money in your own online business takes time and effort, but the best part is that you work at your own pase. There is no rush in this business. Work from home and take your time.

    Thanks so much for the read and information. All the best to you.


    • Hey Aabidah

      You hit the nail on the head. There is no such thing as getting rich quickly. It takes time and hard work but the rewards are definitely worth it.

      Glad to see that you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate How is your journey going so far? The best part as you said, one can work from home and it offers flexibility.

      All the best to you too. Let me know if you need help with anything.

      Regards and Take Care


  2. Interesting review about the secret profit club and surely a helpful one. I just got very skeptical right from the time my colleague was telling me about this program and it all seemed like just a hype to me. I do not like investing in all these get rich quick scams and I’m very glad I didn’t invest my money into it. The upsells is a great turn off plus the ridiculous claims of big money profits even as a rookie. It’s rather bizarre. Thanks for sharing the overview of this secret profit club, I’ll share this post to most of my social media platforms to create awareness for people. Thanks


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