BossGram Academy Review Best Coaching Business Course for You?

Welcome to my Bossgram Academy review. If you are looking to build a profitable and sustainable coaching or consulting business, then you might be drawn to the Bossgram Academy program. A course that can help you get your first client in 90-days!

Is BossGram Academy a scam, or is it worth your money? Is this the right course for you? 

These days there are so many make-money-online courses that it makes it hard to choose the right one. You first have to sift through the mediocre ones to get to the true gems. 


As for the various legit-online-opportunities, there is something for everyone. You have coaching, e-commerce, drop-shipping, affiliate marketing, and masterminds to name a few.

Any one of these will get you there. The important thing is to go with the one that resonates with you and see it through till the end.

And today, I will show you what Bossgram Academy is all about, to help you to decide if it's the right fit for you.


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Creator : Vanessa Lau

Price to join : $997

Do I recommend it? Yes and No.

Yes, if you have a solid idea on your coaching idea and you have some experience with coaching within your area of expertise.

No, if you are looking at learning how to coach. This is a platform that will take you through the technical aspects of launching a coaching or consulting business. 

Vanessa Lau is a successful entrepreneur and she has the results to prove it.

There are lots of positive reviews and success stories from the Bossgram  Academy Private FaceBook group as well as on her website.

The course is suited for anyone who has the desire to take their coaching or consulting business to new heights.

It's not a business platform for anyone.Especially if you are one who does not have an idea on what niche or topic to begin. If you are one who wants to start an online business but have no coaching experience, then I would not recommend this teaching platform.

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Bossgram Academy 3.0 is a training course that is designed for folks who want to take their Coaching or Consulting business to new heights. 

It's for new and aspiring coaches, but at the same time, the course offers its members the opportunity to learn how to get leads while mastering Instagram.

The first Bossgram Academy course was launched in April 2019, and registration is now open for Bossgram Academy 3.0.

The course consists of video modules, scripts, download templates, and comes with a host of other bonuses, should you decide to take their special launch promotion.

Once you register for the course, you have 12 months to go through the material and complete the course. According to the course founder, most of the people who registered needed only around 6 months or so to complete it.

Speaking of the founder, let's learn more about her in the next section.


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Vanessa Lau is the founder of Bossgram Academy. According to the official Bossgram website, Vanessa is an online marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and content marketing expert.

Bossgram Review who is the founder of Bossgram

Vanessa's main goal is to teach new and aspiring coaches how to build their influence and scale their businesses by leveraging the power of social media, without any cheap tricks or gimmicks.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she has got the results to show that whatever she teaches, works. On her own within a single year of quitting her 9-5, she built a huge following across her social media channels. 

She hit over 100k + subscribers on YouTube, 50K + followers on Instagram, and Facebook by 10k+

I actually enjoyed watching and learning from some of her YouTube  videos. If you are interested in building your following on Instagram, then check out this video of hers.

As a result of her social media success, Vanessa has pushed her business into multiple 6-figures and making half a million dollars in her first year.


To learn more about the Bossgram Academy and to find out if this course is the right fit for you, Vanessa recommends that you check out her free introductory class.

This webinar is over 90-minutes long, and after having watched it, I must say that it's informative and provides value.

As an affiliate marketer, I learned some things from this training, that I will be implementing into my business as well.

The key point about Bossgram Academy, is that it's not a course on how to launch your coaching business, or how to get prospects from Instagram, or how to convert these leads via an effective sales funnel, it's actually all three concepts to help you to build a sustainable business.

The three criteria around which the main course are built are :


Clarity is to know whether your business idea is marketable. You need to know your offer inside out.

Attract is the social media aspect. They will teach you how to create content that gets the attention.  In other words, have a killer Instagram profile.

The final part is to have an effective sales funnel and lead conversion system that will close the deals for you.

One of the core principles that she mentioned, that I fully agree with is that when you are just starting out your business is not to go straight for the kill and charge your premium prices right away.

It's about testing the waters, as you are still in the experimental stage. Some online courses when they first launch will have a Beta launch phase. And in this phase, they will offer their product at a really low price or for nothing at all.

And this is the strategy that Vanessa recommends.

After that one can then venture into one-on-one coaching, then to try group course scaling, then to launching with support and frequently-asked-questions, along with loads of free and valuable content(like how she does with her free webinar), and then finally launching the polished evergreen course.

During the video, Vanessa shared three of the main objections that folks bring up prior to purchase. I think this information one can implement when starting an online business or promoting an affiliate offer.

She was also kind enough to share one of the successful funnels that Bossgram members use in their businesses.

From my understanding, there are more of these funnels bundled in the main course as well as ready-to-use social media templates that you get as a premium Bossgram member.

However, like Vanessa pointed out, registering for the course does not buy everything. You would still need to invest in an autoresponder service. This is a tool that you will need to manage your e-mail campaigns.

You might have to look around for services that will help you build the landing pages funnel. I use thrive themes to build my funnels.

Finally, you will have to buy your own domain name for your website. And there are several reasons why you need a domain name for your business.

Think of it as investing in your business rather than as an expense as one day your website will have value - your own online asset.

You can actually get your very own website framework in under 30 seconds(see video below)

Of course, buying a domain name would mean having top-notch hosting. This teaching platform offers you training, hosting, and a one-of-a kind community to help you start your own online business.

Coming back to Vanessa Lau's course, how much does it cost to buy the Bossgram academy course?


After working with 1300 students, Vanessa introduces the Bossgram Academy 3.0 version.

The four main modules are :

  • Module One : Your Business Foundation
  • Module Two :  Clarify and Validate Your Offer
  • Module Three : Your Content Strategy
  • Module Four : Instagram Traffic Explosion
  • Module Five : Launching Your Program(MasterClass Strategy)
  • Module Six : Sales Mastery

According to Vanessa in your first 30 days, you will have an offer and clients to validate your offer.

Then in the next 30 days, using their content conversion system and Instagram strategies, you will be able to attract people for your program launch.

In your last 30-days, you should be able to taking paying clients after your business is launched.

As a Bossgram Academy member, you get access to their Private Facebook Community. You also get other tools as bonuses and meet other successful BGA members who will motivate and help you along your journey.

Such as :

  • Laura- the mindset coach
  • IG Carousel Templates ( done-for-you Canva carousel templates)
  • Lead Magnet to Strategy Call Funnel(create lead magnets with high-opt-in rates)
  • Streamline Your Biz with ClickUp(how to use Clickup to better manage your time)
  • Visual Branding for Entrepreneurs
  • Overcome Sales Objections(with Shawn Tiberio- a 7-Figure Sales Mentor)
  • 50 Things In Your First Year of Business(48-page playbook)
  • BGA Cliffs notes (proof of completing the BGA course)


BossGram Academy can be bought at a once-off premium price of $997. You can opt for their payment plan option which is broken down into 4 monthly installments of $297. In this case, you going to spend 200 bucks more.

Vanessa's team is also willing to look at other payment plan options on a case-by-case basis. Just e-mail their support and tell them your situation and see what happens.

BossGram 3.0 Academy is also covered by a 60-day be a boss money-back-guarantee. It's an action-based guarantee. 

That means that you must go through all the course material within the 60-days and show that you have implemented the teachings and that you have not landed a single client within this time-frame to qualify for the refund.


The free masterclass offers value.

60-day action-based money guarantee.

Lots of testimonials.


Tailored for consultants and coaches only.

Membership fee is pricey.

You still have other additional expenses to take into account.


Is Bossgram legit? I don't think that Bossgram Academy is a scam. There are a number of positive reviews and success stories from members within the Bossgram Private FaceBook group.

Should you decide to buy the course, you will be learning from someone who already is a success.

Like Tony Robbins says "success leaves clues." Follow people who are already successful and model what they do, to get the results that you want.

The other plus is that having an online coaching business is part of a billion- dollar industry. People these days want specialized knowledge and they want it fast, and they are willing to pay for it. Coaching is one way to deliver it.

Apart from coaching, the billion-dollar online education industry comprises selling digital products, affiliate marketing, and masterminds.

If you want to learn more about Masterminds then check out my comprehensive review of Knowledge Business Blueprint(KBB), by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

If you want to learn about affiliate marketing then check out my article on the Best Affiliate Marketing training course for Beginners.

Whilst Bossgram Academy is not a scam, it also might not be for everyone. It's for people who are in the line of coaching or consulting and want to scale their business and reach new customers.

Having said that you need to have a fair knowledge of what it is you are going to help people with. The Academy might have the tools, and show you the technical aspects, but you need to be familiar with your niche.

Then the other issue is the price tag of Bossgram Academy. If you are still unsure whether the course is for you or not, then there is a way around it. You could first try implementing all of Vanessa's free strategies by checking out the tons of YouTube content that she has produced.

If you find that your Instagram account grows as a result, then you can decide to buy the course.

Bottom Line: If you have a coaching business, or you want to get into coaching with a topic that you are well versed with and ready to use Instagram to market it, then Bossgram Academy might be for you.


If coaching does not excite you, or you feel that you might not be ready to take the plunge just yet, it's not the end of the road.

You take still enter the billion-dollar industry, even if you feel that you might be not knowledgeable about a specific topic.

I started five years ago with my online journey. I joined a teaching platform that taught me how to build a business based on a passion that I had.It was based on the affiliate marketing business model.

I did not have to do any recruiting or cold-calling. I could work even whilst I was committed to a full-time job. And it is an affordable way to get started.

If you would like to learn more about this teaching platform and see the proof that it works and how it can benefit you, then just click here and I will be happy to show you more.

Thanks so much for joining me on this BossGram Academy review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Wish you tons of success in your financial future.

See you Soon.



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