CashKarma Review. Is This App Really Worth Your Precious Time?

Welcome to my CashKarma review. Earn cash and gift cards by playing games, answering surveys, or downloading apps. Sounds like fun?

Are you thinking of downloading the CashKarma app? Is it really worth your time and energy? I gave it a go and downloaded the app. It's a fairly decent looking app. At the end of the day though, it's not about looks. It about how efficiently it will serve you. And more importantly, can you gain much from doing the various activities?

And I will show you exactly how Cashkarma works, and whether or not it's a good way to making some cash.


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CashKarma is a rewards app that offers you the opportunity to earn cash by performing various tasks.

Some of these tasks are :

  • Playing games,
  • Watching videos,
  • Answering surveys, and
  • Downloading apps.

It's free to download the app, and it's available on both the Google Play Store as well as on iTunes.


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The main idea is to accumulate points. The more offers you complete, the more points you earn.

Once you have accumulated a sufficient amount of points, you can use them to exchange for either cash or for a gift card. 

I found the sign-up process pretty straight-forward. Once you logged into your account, the first thing that you will see are 4 main areas of activities. 

This is a screenshot of the four main area of activities of the cashkarma app

They are as follows :

  • Theorem Reach
  • Tap Research
  • SaySo Rewards, and
  • Daily Rewards

Theorem Reach- This section gives you the opportunity to earn points by completing screener surveys. These are profile surveys. Basically, the more they learn about you, the more surveys you can get that are tailored to your profile.

This is what the theorem reach is all about

Tap Research - This section is very much similar to Theorem Reach. The difference is that these surveys are much longer in duration. They start at 9 minutes whereas, in the previous section you get some which are only a minute long.

SaySo Rewards - allows you the opportunity to earn scratch cards as you complete surveys.

Daily Rewards-With the daily rewards you get scratch cards. It's fairly easy. All you have to do is match three identical images and you win a prize in the form of points.

These are the main ways in which you earn on the CashKarma app. But it does not stop there. 

This is a screenshot of the section on the CashKarma app where you can earn points by playing games

You can also earn by playing games. The longer you play their games, the more points you get. 

And you can also earn points via their affiliate referrer program. Let me show you what that is all about.

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As an affiliate for Cashkarma you can earn points by introducing your family or friends to CashKarma.

You get an affiliate link. It will look something like this,

You can tell them to use the link or you get a referrer code which they can enter in. 

In return, they will get 300 points credited to their new account and you as the affiliate will get 10% of what your friends earn from completing offers.

How do you get the gift cards?

Let me show you that next.


Once you rake up a fair bit of points, you can redeem them for Gift Cards or for a Paypal payment. 

Regarding a Paypal payout, it will only reflect within 24-48 hours.

You can redeem your points for various merchant's gift cards. However, you need to know that these gift cards are country-specific. For instance, as a South African, I can only redeem my points for Paypal.

Whereas if you were an American citizen, you can choose from a range of merchant stores.

You have to accumulate a lot of points in order to qualify for successful redemption. 

For instance :

  • - 11000-50 000 points
  • iTunes - 11 000 - 25 000 points
  • PlayStation Store - 11 000 - 20 000 points
  • Walmart - 11 000 - 50 000 points


It's easy and fun to use.

They accept worldwide registrations.

You earn points for every survey, be it a screener or a qualifying survey.


You have to lots of points in order to claim cash or a gift card.

They have lots of ads that make the user experience frustrating.

Depending on your area, you may have only a select number of merchant gift cards to choose from.

You have to wait for 24hours until a gift card can be issued.

It's NOT a Passive Income Earning opportunity


On the Google play store, there are around 73,773 reviews.

The Cashkarma app scored an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Cashkarma rewards google play store reviews and ratings

There were mixed reviews.

Some of the issues that folks had were :

  • Low points rewards for long surveys
  • Fewer qualifying or 'high-paying' surveys
  • Apps keep on freezing
  • Surveys get cut-off after a while - (all effort and time invested is wasted.)

Some of the positive points were :

  • Easy to use the app
  • Provided a range of options to earn points
  • Games were fun


Not everything is free on CashKarma. And I thought that I give you the heads up on this.

There is another way to earn points with CashKarma. And that is by completing tasks within their "Offers" section.

I discovered that these tasks offers the most amount of points compared to all of the other tasks that were available on the Cashkarma. 

For one task, in particular, I would get a whopping 2310 points. But there is a catch!

Cashkarma has offers that prompt you to spend your money and open a betting account.

The task in question was to register with a particular platform called Roobet.

Upon registering, you would then have to deposit $15 into Roobet's account and from that $15 wager an extra $10.

In other words, Roobet is a betting platform and you need to gamble to earn those points.

Needless to say, I was not too keen about this and did not go any further.

In fact, there are many other offers like these that require you to spend your own money.

At least now you are made aware of it.

Is CashKarma legit or will it be worth your time and effort? It's time for the verdict.


The thing that I found frustrating about the app was the ads. Every time I attempted to do a scratch card, I was confronted with persistent ads of other similar apps.

The ads kept on re-appearing after closing them each time. But I think the more annoying part was that these ads were very misleading.

One such ad was for an app called Puppy Town. All one hard to do on that app was select three of the same puppies and money would be automatically credited into one's Paypal account.

They showed REAL money figures like $300. And I think this is false and misleading marketing.

I found the quizzes and surveys extremely time-consuming. The quizzes especially were tedious and to be honest with you, I left it after wasting a good 20 minutes.

Hence, I have yet to come to a point of actually redeeming my points. I only raked-up 460 points and realize it will take me ages to reach the minimum of 11 000 points.

On the plus side, Cashkarma is an okay side hustle. It's easy to use, and it can be fun. 

Bottom Line : If you are looking at a past time, then CashKarma can do the job. However, it is by no means a way of making a significant income.

That concludes my Cashkarma review.

If you would like to learn how to make the best of your time by earning REAL money online, then check out the proven method that I use to earn a passive income.

It was awesome to speak to you today.

Would you download the Cashkarma app? If you have already used it, what was your experience like?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards


2 thoughts on “CashKarma Review. Is This App Really Worth Your Precious Time?”

  1. Hey,

    Thank you for a very informative review of CashKarma. To be honest, when I saw the name CashKarma, I knew this wasn’t for me. It sounds like a very scammy, negative name.

    After reading your review, it sounds like it’s not a scam but it is not worth it because you cannot really do a lot with it. If you’re looking for long term income, then you need to look elsewhere in my opinion.

    If CashKarma change their name and improve their business so that it inspires people instead of just help a little bit, then maybe it will be worth pursuing.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,



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