Is Multiple Income Funnel A Scam? [Ponzi Scheme Or Legit Biz?]

Welcome to my Multiple Income Funnel review. Is Multiple Income Funnel a scam? Can you really make easy money online with MIF? Will it only take 15 minutes of your time, to make commissions? That's what the owner of Multiple Income Funnel says...

According to the founder, with Multiple Income Funnel, you can build yourself a source of automated income- an income that comes in whilst you are playing, or even on vacation. 

At I uncover the opportunities that claim will help you to make a passive income. Many of them promise a lot and often do not deliver much.

In order to make money online, you have to the make right choice, and that choice comes from doing the proper research.

I am glad that you are here doing your due diligence. This review will help you to make a sound decision on whether you should join the Multiple Income Funnel system or not.


Multiple income funnel picture

Creator : Mack Mills

Price to join : $49 + Upsells

Do I recommend it? No

With Multiple Income Funnel, there are 4 funnels or income streams that you can buy into.

As an affiliate, you earn a commission for promoting these funnels. 

For instance with the first income stream, you are to drive traffic to the MIF sales page and if they sign up, you earn a $20 commission. 

There are no REAL products beside the system itself. You are promoting the MIF and some mediocre products only.

You will not be learning any skills to building your own online business. It's not newbie friendly.

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Mack Mills is the founder of Multiple Income Funnel. According to the sales video, he has made millions of dollars online and was featured on the cover of prominent magazines.

Who is the founder of Multiple Income Funnel?


Let's start this review by chatting about the main sales page.

The Multiple Income Funnel sales page is loaded with hype and is emotionally driven.

You will see Mack on his yacht, in his home-cinema, or on holiday driving his luxury cars. 

And whilst there is nothing wrong with him glamorizing his success, the sales page is somewhat misleading.

They will have you believe that you can acquire the same successful result using an 'automated system," that requires little or a no-hands approach.

Multiple Income Funnel is all about having an automated internet business

You will hear words such as  : 

  • Waking up to receiving $500 per day,
  • the system that works 24/7 on autopilot, and 
  • automated profits.

According to Mack, you only have to work 1-2 hours per day(from Monday to Thursday), and take the rest of the week off.

Multiple Income Funnel is misleading

I have reviewed so many of these sorts of sales pages that sing the same song and make the product sound like it's the best way to making money online for newbies. Such products  I reviewed are :

And the sales video was very similar to Mack's previous product called The Fearless Momma. 

What was the Fearless Momma all about?

With the Fearless Momma Mack hints that one can make multiple commissions of $250. And that just like with Multiple Income Funnel, it can all be done on "autopilot." Check out my Fearless Momma Review.


When you join the Multiple Income Funnel, you basically become an affiliate for the program. 

Affiliate marketing is a legit way to making money online. With this business model, you earn a commission for promoting other people's products or services. In essence, you are bringing the seller and buyer together, and should that transaction prove successful you get paid.

What is Affiliate Marketing

I am going to chat about more benefits of affiliate marketing later on. It's a model that helped me to build a passive income online, thanks to this cool business training platform.

With Multiple Income Funnel, you will be promoting 4 programs. Mack calls them 4 different income streams.

What is Multiple Income Funnel all about

They are :

  • Easy 1 Up
  • Traffic Authority
  • Envy TV, and
  • Multiple Income Funnel

The idea behind MIF is firstly for you to go through these 4 funnels yourself and decide whether or not to you want to purchase them. The first product which is actually the MIF Funnel will cost you $49.

They provide you with your own customized affiliate link which would direct folks to the same replicated website that you originally signed up with.

If they buy any of the funnels, you in turn will earn a commission. With the case of the 1st Income stream, the MIF Funnel, you can earn a $20 commission from promoting a $49 product.

The most common denominator with all of these funnels is that none of the programs contain REAL products.

You drive traffic to this funnel and the owners will pay you a commission. The folks you introduce will do the same and so the cycle goes on and on.

That is how MIF works. 


You can get started for just $49 per month. That is just the start. The other tools and packages can go all the way up to $10 000.


One of the products is called the Traffic Authority Overview.

You get done-for-you stuff in your back office. You get landing pages, to captivate your potential clients or have them opt-in to build your email list.

This concept of e-mail marketing I definitely agree with. You are building trust with your following or tribe. It's a common notion that people will not buy from you on their first interaction. 

It's about establishing a relationship and delivering value first. That is how e-mail marketing works.

You also get e-mail swipes which you can use when doing Solo Ad's invitations.

You get banners, and it will help you if you already have an existing website. And lastly, you have social media images, to use when promoting via your favorite social media platform.

Easy 1 Up is another funnel that you can promote it. A product that works hard on convincing people to spend $2 000.

I also noticed a bonus 5th Income stream. It goes by the name of OPM Wealth. A product I recommend you stay away from. They have some really pricey packages and people who invested were left high and dry. You can check out my detailed review of OPM wealth here.


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Roopesh is the founder of passive income for all


There is a REAL owner to stand responsible for his product.

It is based on a legit business model called affiliate marketing.


It's not newbie-friendly

Overhyped claims and misleading marketing

No REAL product to promote

You are not learning skills towards the building of your own online business.

You can only make money if people sign-up and buy through your affiliate link(in other words you have to recruit to earn money)


You can certainly make money using the Multiple Income Funnel system. 

As an affiliate, your job is to get people to the sales page, and it does the job of convincing people to join. If they do buy-in, you have money in the bag.

And some affiliate marketers are cool with making money this way, but here is the problem......

You are promoting a program without any REAL product. People are buying into the system.  

On the surface, it even might look like there is nothing wrong with this sort of system, right?

Promoting a product with little or no value can have some major drawbacks. 

Drawback NR.1: The owners have the power to pull the plug at ANY TIME. If they feel like they have enough money or the heat from the relevant authorities.

And where would that leave you?

Back to square one, as there was nothing you can take away and start your own business.

Drawback NR.2: Your online reputation gets tarnished.

How difficult you reckon it would be to promote again to the people who have trusted YOU?

And that my friend, is the most common after-effect of a Ponzi scheme.

Lately, I have across many of these systems that operate with high-ticket programs that offer commissions but no REAL value on the back-end.

Such programs include OPM Wealth, Mining City, and Crowd1.


Mack Mills is a smart guy. His sales pages are top-notch and have an attractive appeal. The one thing that I agree with, is the fact that Mack uses the affiliate marketing business model to make money online.

However, I certainly do NOT agree with the fact that one has to pay so much to promote products(or funnels) with no value except to the owner. 

At the end of the day, none of the tools that you invest in can help you build your own online business.

Multiple Income Funnel is not newbie-friendly. You might need some sales and marketing experience to get eyeballs on your sales page. For instance, you might have to use paid advertising methods such as Solo ads .

Even using FaceBook advertising of the newbie is not going to be a walk in the park. FaceBook is very strict when it comes to promoting make money online products. 

They will not approve ads that promise huge fortunes within a short time frame of 15 minutes per day!

Multiple Income Funnel is overhyped and misleading
Bottom Line : Mack uses a legit business model. But people are simply promoting the system and no REAL product. It's not newbie friendly and it can get pricey.

I started five years ago with my online journey. I joined a teaching platform that taught me how to build a business based on a passion that I had.It's based on the affiliate marketing business model.

I did not have to do any recruiting or cold-calling. I could work even whilst I was committed to a full-time job. And it is an affordable way to get started.

This teaching platform teaches you the skills to build an online business for any niche. Once you got the skills, and tools, you can repeat the formula and build multiple sites if you wish.

If you would like to learn more about this teaching platform and see the proof that it works and how it can benefit you, then just click here and I will be happy to show you more.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Multiple Income Funnel review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Wish you tons of success in your financial future.

See you Soon.




4 thoughts on “Is Multiple Income Funnel A Scam? [Ponzi Scheme Or Legit Biz?]”

  1. I have not come across Multiple Income Funnel before, so found this review to be very interesting. I certainly do not like the fact that there is no real product that one gets. That, together with the fact that one can only earn money by recruiting others, points to a pyramid scheme. 

    With upsells of up to $10,000, I will not be buying into this program. Thank you for the warning.

  2. Glad to see your post about the Multiple Income Funnel review!

    Is Multiple Income Funnel a scam? Personally, it seems to be like this. Because the system does not sell practical goods or services, people make money by attracting more newcomers to pay to join the program. If one day can not attract new people to join, then the whole system will collapse.

    Relatively speaking, I prefer affiliate marketing. This logic is to provide the audience with high-quality content, introduce the seller’s products to the buyer, and it is up to the buyer to decide whether to buy or not.

    All in all, this is a great analytical article, thank you!


    • Hey Harry, 

      Hope that you are well?

      Thanks, man for the comment. Really appreciate it.

      How is your affiliate marketing business going?

      Let me know if you need help with anything at all.




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