Is OPM Wealth A Scam? [OverPriced Digital Franchises That Do Not Pay!]

Welcome to my OPM Wealth review. Is OPM Wealth a scam, or is it the best way to earn money with cryptocurrency?  Building financial stability by earning daily crypto gains certainly sounds attractive. And it's even more tempting when you do not have to do any marketing of your own, website building, or even talking directly to anyone.

Sounds like easy money?


Is it really the best make-money online opportunity? Do you stand more to lose than to gain by joining OPM Wealth? Let me help you to decide if this is the right opportunity for you?


who is the founder of opm wealth

Creator :  Stefan Dessalines

Price to join : From $2000 to $27500

Do I recommend it? NO

The membership levels or packages are extremely expensive for people to get started with.

There are no REAL success stories or proof of the company paying ANYONE.

I have proof of a person who hasn't gotten paid in a year since joining. 

Worst part is that they help you get a credit score to get finance to buy these products, only for you to be in more debt. An MLM-pyramid scheme operation.

Stay away from this one!

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The official OPM wealth website does not offer any info as to what the system is all about.

It's a typical sales page that reminds me of classic Clickbank products such as Cash Sniper and 3-Step Method.

All you hear is how much doom and gloom and how unjust the system is toward the 'middle-class' and 'lower-class' population of the world in terms of earning potential. You don't learn anything about how the OPM wealth system provides a suitable solution.

The main idea of the video is to play on your emotions. To evoke fear within by unveiling a secret that apparently the government keeps hidden from you----A secret that can unlock true financial freedom.

There are no testimonials or success stories, or even product pricing options.

You are introduced to Stefan Dessalines, the man behind OPM Wealth.

Who is the founder of OPM wealth

If like myself you decide to register with the platform in the hopes of learning more, it might turn out to be a dead-end.

To unlock the remainder of the training modules, you would have to schedule a call with one of their advisors.

In my case, no dates were available, and at that point, I decided to leave it like that, and see if they eventually do follow-up(via e-mail) to get my attention.

The OPM Wealth success formula works on the principle of leveraging 'other people's money.' 

They have an actual formula to outline their business model and it goes as follows :

Our formula is GC + OPM + CF = FF/Time

and the formula broken down means,

Great Credit + OPM (other people money) + Cash Flow = Financial Freedom over time

The idea is to use 'good debt'(in this case it would be your credit card) to create wealth. You as an OPM Wealth member get started by purchasing one of their packages. These packages(or as they call it, digital franchises) are extremely expensive from 2 grand upwards!

Then the next step is to get your friends or family to join the company and do the same thing, and in time you should get a roll-up commission from the downline.

As time goes on, the cycle should ideally repeat itself, giving you the opportunity to earn a passive income.


I mentioned a name, Stefan Dessalines. Alvin Scott Agee Jr ( who lives in Alabama) is Stefan's partner.

Unfortunately, there is no further info available on Stefan. Even his LinkedIn profile is empty.

Who is the owner of OPM wealth

The only other information is that he is the owner of Klarissa systems. 

Another name linked to Klarrisa systems is Jeremy Miner. 

He endorses OPM wealth on YouTube

Many complaints of fraud were lodged against Jeremy on (see screenshot below).

Opm Wealth is endorsed by jeremiy miner

Jeremy was also the guy behind the sales team of Digital Altitude and Tecademics. Digital Altitude was instructed by FTC to honor refunds to unhappy customers.

Stefan's company promises you a profit as his agents do deals on your behalf. The company has a similar structure to Mobe that was shut down by FTC. The only difference is that with OPM Wealth you pay using Bitcoin.

Bottom line : shady owners and company operations.


They sell membership packages that range from $2000 to $27.500. You can also purchase marketing campaigns that range from $1,000-$10,000.

They claim you can start for free and pass up sales to become qualified meaning you lose out on the commissions until you qualify. 

They have sales professionals to close for you.

According to one of the members, you do not need any sales or marketing experience to earn money with OPM Wealth.

You simply buy into the company by purchasing one of the membership packages and wait for their sales agents to work on your behalf so that you can collect the profits.


It's actually a lengthy process to get started and it can take up to one to two weeks to get finalized.

You first need to set up a bitcoin account. This account needs to be verified and that's what takes time.

Then once you purchase a membership package you are entitled to earn via their compensation plan.

They have agents who work on your behalf to close potential prospects. But the problem like most of the other members have reported, is that the company does not do a proper job of following up on these prospects. As a result, many members have not received any commissions on their initial investment. 

I have one member who e-mailed me and told me that after being a member for a full year, he is still awaiting his first commission.(you will see proof of this later)


There are no REAL products that the company offers to its members. 

The company claims that if your credit score is not all that great, it can help you to get a good one.

Why get a good credit score? So that you can get finance to ultimately invest in the company!

The membership plans start from $2000 all the way up to $27500.

  • Hermes ($2000)
  • Apollo ($5000)
  • Athena ($8500)
  • Poseidon ($14500)
  • Zeus ($27500)

In addition, there are separate lead packages that cost within the $1,000 -$10,000 range. 

I stand to be corrected but at one point, membership to OPM Wealth was free. 

The ultimate goal of being a member of OPM Wealth is to promote OPM and earn commissions.

If you are a free member, you would have to pass up 5 sales, before you can start earning from the 6th onwards.

As a paid member, you earn on whatever level you purchase. The negative part is that your first sale is passed up to your sponsor and every sale after that comes to you but there is another catch.

You only get 60% of the money if you use their agents to close for you.

All commissions are paid out in cryptocurrency.

OPM Wealth operates on a 2-tier system

  • 1st tier commission is 60%
  • 2nd tier commission is 10%

Each time a referral upgrades from your first level, you get a 60% commission. Each time a referral from level two upgrades you get 10%

Example on Hermes level($2000)

  • Tier 1 commission you get $1200
  • Tier 2 commission you get $200

This will apply to all the other membership levels.

***Note : main focus on recruiting and nothing else!


Free to join option


Very expensive membership packages

No positive testimonials or proof of success.

Their sign-up process takes 2-3 weeks.

There is no money-back guarantee.


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It might not be a scam, but I do not think that OPM Wealth is one of the better money-making opportunities out there.

 The company is not transparent in showing you how they operate. There is no REAL proof of success stories.

This is an e-mail from one of the members who had not earned in a year since having joined the company.

Real e-mail from OPM Wealth member

No much talk is mentioned on the products(if any) they are selling. At the end of the day, the focus is on recruiting members to buy in a high-ticket program and nothing else.

In my opinion, OPM Wealth is a pyramid scheme in which the majority of participants are likely to lose money.

Just like MOBE, it's only a matter of time when OPM wealth will be shut down by the relevant authorities leaving many people who invested huge sums or maxed their credit cards heartbroken.


If working within the MLM-industry does not excite you, or you feel that you might not be ready to take the plunge just yet, it's not the end of the road.

You can still enter a billion-dollar industry, even if you have no clue about earning money online.

I started five years ago with my online journey. I joined a teaching platform that taught me how to build a business based on a passion that I had.It was based on the affiliate marketing business model.

I did not have to do any recruiting or cold-calling. I could work even whilst I was committed to a full-time job. And it is an affordable way to get started.

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Thanks so much for joining me on this OPM Wealth review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Wish you tons of success in your financial future.

See you Soon.



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  1. Hi Roopesh. I was excited about this high ticket online business that pays in… I don’t know what. But I’m glad I didn’t join right away and diced to research a bit. Thank you for your review. I don’t like to join a platform that doesn’t have a product. And although it may not be a scam, I will definitely keep away from these guys. This platform is not for me.

    • Cool, thanks for stopping by. Wish you everything of the best. Let me know if you need help with anything.




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