Is Zija A Scam?Let Me Help You Decide

An Overview of the Zija Business

Ken Brailsford is the founder of the Zija Business opportunity. One of Zija’s frontline product, is the Core Moringa, Supermix. A formulation that contains Moringa.

The company also boasts other products such as essential oils and beauty products. With this diversity, it certainly may seem like this is a company to sign up with.

You are here because you need to know whether it is the right decision or not?

Is Zija a scam or not? Will it be worth your while signing up?

Before you do make it your business of choice, let me show you a few important things that are worth the while considering.

Let me first start with chatting about the Zija product lines.

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Zija Business Opportunity – At a Glance



PRICE: from $115 upwards(to purchase Starter Kits)+ yearly membership fee of $20

OWNER: Ken Brailsford





  • Long-standing within the industry
  • BBB accredited
  • Diverse product portfolio


  • Competitive Market
  • Products are expensive
  • Need to maintain autoship to qualify for commissions


ZIJA PRODUCTS- My Personal Perspective…..

I have noticed that the main website, (Zija International) stocks the entire portfolio of Zija products, whilst in my country the range is limited.

The products are all said to contain natural ingredients. The Moringa supplements contain famous Moringa Oleifera.

Then there are two other product ranges, namely the Ameo Essential Oils and the Genm Personal Beauty care products.

They also have products within the fitness supplement department, but unfortunately, this is the one that is unavailable in my country.

What is so special about the Zija Moringa Supplements?- Are they Really Unique?

Apparently, the company claims that stricter measures are placed during the ‘harvesting’ of these preparations and unlike other products(on the market) they utilize all parts, (the seeds, leaves, and fruit) during the manufacturing process.

The plant protein preparation comes in two flavors, Dutch Chocolate and Vanilla bean.

They are packed in 28, ready to drink sachets.

Zija Product Plant protein

They are priced at R1512.50, per box.(Approx $108) This excludes shipping fees.

In terms of price, I personally believe that these products are more expensive in comparison to the alternative powders, capsule or leave preparation that is available in my country.

Just to give you an idea,

We have,

  • Moringa Capsules (90 Capsules- 1 Month Supply) – R149.95 or $10
  • Moringa Leaf Powder 100grams – R25.95 OR $3.00

What is Moringa used for?

It is a plant that has been used in Eastern countries for many years, to treat ailments such as diabetes, respiratory disorders, heart diseases, anemia and so forth.

The moringa plant

Apparently, this plant boasts a range of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and tissue-protective properties that has caused it to gain a lot of popularity within the last few years.

Do Zija products really work?

That is not an easy question to answer. Some folks claim that it works, whilst others feel that it is utter nonsense,

There is no conclusive or scientific data to back-up the effectiveness of Moringa preparations.

These products have NOT been evaluated by our Local Medicinal Control Council.The Zija Moringa Protein has not been evaluated or endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration as well.

The truth of the matter is, is that you will only know until you have tried it for yourself.

And the bigger question is, are you willing to pay a huge price just to see if the product works or not. Or would you rather try a cheaper alternative first?


I must admit that I was pretty impressed when watching the introductory video of how these oils are manufactured.

Once again, at the end of the day, to me, it is a question about the price.

The price of the Zija Essential Oils

Ameo Frankincense Oil, Price: R1026 OR $73

I mean, if you do research, you will find other companies that employ just as many strict measures in the manufacturing of its oils and still offer it at a cheaper price than what is on offer at Ameo.


Furthermore, there is the personal skin care product line, as shown below.

The Genm Personal Skin Care Products


Let us take a look at the business plan and see how you can make money with Zija.


The Zija Compensation plan is typical of your traditional MLM-Model. There are 4 major ways of earning and there are some incentive offerings as well.


This is profit that you would make by buying the products at wholesale and selling at the retail price.


You earn 15% or 25% of the first order volume of your new distributors that join into your downline.


Team commissions are paid depending on how active your ‘genealogy’ is or in other words, how your downline is growing. You would get paid on the lesser leg of your downline and need 500TCV to qualify for a payment.How does the Team Commissions Compensation Plan work

To qualify for payments or commissions, a distributor must maintain ACTIVE  AND QUALIFIED status. To do this, he or she must have a Points Volume(PV) of 75 EVERY 4 WEEKS!

To be QUALIFIED, they would also need to have TWO DISTRIBUTORS on each of their ‘legs’ with an active status. Meaning that these two distributors have a 75PV as well.

Each Zija product has assigned a respective PV to it. So as you buy products, you will know how much you will need to spend in order to reach the minimum PV target. Naturally, the higher the cost or dollar amount of product, the higher will be the PV.


This is where you would earn a percentage of team commissions based upon eight generations of your downline members.

leadership check match pool of Zija


If you qualify for the diamond ranks, then you stand in line to earn a percentage of the companies TCV(Total Commissionable Volume).


On reaching various ‘diamond’ ranks, Zija will pay you a one-time bonus based on which rank you achieved.

One time bonus of the Zija Compensation Plan

There are  other bonuses such as,

  • Special initiatives, like incentive trips and the Zija’s Rewards Program.

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Is Zija a Scam? – This is What I Think…

If you had to take a look at the Better Business Bureau rating, you would find that there are more positive reviews in favor of the company.Zija and the Better Business Bureau

So is Zija a Scam or not?

I am of the opinion that Zija is not a scam. The company has a decent portfolio of products and it has a long-standing history in the market.

However, here are some concerns that you might be interested in taking a look at.

  1. The products are Expensive

As I had pointed out earlier on, with respect to the oils and the Moringa Supplements, these products can be sourced at cheaper prices.

The reason as to why you need to consider this point is that, the ‘reality’ in today’s age, is that people are looking to save money.

Sure you might find the Zija products to be ‘personally’ amazing, but you cannot expect everyone you meet to just pull out their wallet or purse and make a purchase.

You do not want to end up in a position where you have stocked up on products and do not have anyone who wants to buy it.

Not saying that this is what will happen to you. Just making you aware of the possibility.

2. Are the Tools and Training Enough?

So, you signed up as a Zija Distributor-what’s next?

You have a generic marketing website that tons of other Zija Distributors have as well.

Are you planning on posting these website links all over social media, in the hope of getting sign ups? This is easier said than done.

You need a way to stand out from the crowd. You need to be different.

This is why many folks who join MLM-Businesses fail. They need to be taught of other ways of getting quality and interested leads to their offers.

This is something you need to consider before even signing up.


3. Recruiting is The Key

As I had shown you, looking at the TEAM COMMISSIONS pay plan, it is all about the numbers. By that, I mean how much people you can get to join your downline.

If you are someone, who is experienced with the sales and marketing side of things, then by all means, give the Zija business a shot.

If you do not like the thought of recruiting and speaking to people, then perhaps Zija may not be the best opportunity for you.



I have tried the MLM Model. Initially, it’s all exciting and going to those seminar’s really makes you feel that you have finally found the business of your dreams.

Then reality kicked in, and I found out that recruiting was tough and the products of the respective MLM’s was expensive to sell. That was my experience, and it does not have to necessarily be yours.

Working at ANY business takes hard work and dedication. There is no ‘get rich quick,‘ path. The difference is that I am now building an online business that does not require,

  • Any Cold calling,
  • Any Recruiting,
  • Or me to spend continuously on stock.

As I’ve said, it still requires of me to do some hard work, but it’s a business that I am building in my own time and based on my own passion.

If you would like to know more, then check out




Thanks so much for joining me today on this Zija review. Whatever your decision is, I would like to wish you the very best of success and good fortune.

Kind Regards and Take Care


9 thoughts on “Is Zija A Scam?Let Me Help You Decide”

  1. HI there, very insightful post on this business opportunity. I agree with you that MLM business model is very tough especially for beginners. I guess you can make any business model work as long as you have hard work, patience and are learning constantly.

    I am currently in the affiliate marketing business, as it’s an easy place to start with. What are your thoughts about this?

    • Agree with you 100% that if you give it some hard work and patience, and the willingness to learn, one can be successful in a business model.

      Take for instance, your affiliate marketing business, that is something that I think you will do amazing job on. Yes, it will take time and you will come across hurdles, but I think its a good place to start.

      For one, you do need to do any recruiting, or outlaying capital for stock. It’s perfect for beginners and one can build an affiliate marketing business from one’s own passion.

      The great part, is that one can start their very own affiliate marketing business right here for free!

      I wish you everything of the best in your business.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

      Kind Regards and Take Care


  2. Hi, Roopesh.

    Being familiar myself with Zija International after putting in some research on this organization myself, first of all I can tell you that this company is just like so many dozens of others that all promote health and wellness products. Each claims to be better than the other, although to be honest none of what they say is true. If you’ve seen one opportunity in this market, you’ve seen them all.

    What I do not like about Zija, (along with so many of these other similar health MLM programs) is that before joining, a prospective member truly does not know exactly WHAT he/she would be getting into – looking at it simply through the amount of training one would perceive while pursuing it as an online business. It is because very little info can be found on the entire website. Practically going in blind, an individual would be forced to make a decision and not only that, fork over the monetary join fee.

    Educational training is absolutely paramount in allowing a person, (especially a newbie) to create a profitable online business, and especially in this case an MLM structured opportunity at that. Would one be provided his/her own website, training materials in promoting the product, mentor help from other members, an ability to contact veteran members? Nothing is revealed, yet they expect a person to join anyway. You in fact pointed this out Roopesh. It’s more like join at your own peril. For that reason alone, I definitely would not!

    Furthermore with this company’s MLM business structure, (not considered to be an illegal pyramid scheme by law as the company does sell physical products) when joining a new member would always be placed on the bottom rung of someone’s down-line. A percentage of money gained by successfully recruiting other members, or sales made from products would go to the people in an up-line – perhaps going up 4 or more levels. I’ve always wondered exactly how fair are these type of business models called MLM’s truly are.

    Honestly, I could look at other MLM health/wellness programs and come to the exact conclusion. The odds of a person, especially one coming in with no experience, attaining wealth in this type of venture would be virtually nil.

    The opportunity at WA, which you hinted at, would present a much better option for anyone. WA is transparent in revealing, right on their home page not only what the company is about. But, also HOW a person would go about creating an eventually successful online business.


    • Hi Jeff

      Thank you so much for taking the time for providing an insightful and valuable perspective of MLM’s and the Zija Business.

      You have certainly highlighted some important stuff, that I think one should consider before signing up.

      Transparency, I believe is important when it comes to deciding which business opportunity one wants to join, be it an MLM or online business.

      As you had pointed out, the Zija business model falls short in this department. 

      Wealthy Affiliate(WA) does give people the full perspective of what their business model is all about. In fact. it also allows people to test drive their entire platform, for FREE. That way, one would know whether or note they want to join.

      I feel people should be able to make confident and informed decisions,especially when it comes to something as serious as building a business. Those kind of decisions can only be made, if one has all the information at hand.

      Thanks once again for your time



  3. Zija International sound interesting, but from your review, I would have to agree that the products are quite expensive. Not having any scientific evidence backing up the claims that the products make just adds to it being undesirable to be involved with them.

    Then when you add to the above that Zija business model is an MLM. I would not be interested in this company.
    Is there any information on training, websites, support?

    Doesn’t sound like there are any benefits for working with Zija. Other than making money if you can recruit dozens of people.


    • Hi Frank

      Thanks so much for your comment.

      Yes you are right about the recruiting part. I think getting people to join your downline is just the first part. Remember, for you to make money, you would still for them to be ‘ACTIVE’ members. This would mean that you need to motivate them. This is the second hurdle to getting a successful business off the ground.



  4. Multi level marketing schemes are built on a business model that is doomed to fail. Your “down line” is always finite and limited, and when that runs out, what are you going to do? Travel to a new community and burn your market out again? Is there a better way to make money online? Do you have any great recommendations?

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