Is Touchstone Crystal a Scam? Let this Review Makes things Crystal Clear for You.

At first sight, your thoughts are, “It Glitters, and it’s beautiful, and it’s got to be mine.” Backed by the famous Swarovski company, that has its presence for 35 years in the industry, comes Touchstone Crystal.

An MLM business that gives ladies, the opportunity to have their own jewelry selling business. The touchstone crystal catalogs feature products that range from earrings and necklaces to bracelets and rings.

What about the business side of things? Is touchstone crystal a scam? Will it be worth your while signing up for it? Allow me to help make it easier for you to decide.

Let’s get cracking by checking out some of the products.

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The Products of Touchstone Crystal

I must admit that when it comes to jewelry, I know very little. However, having said that, my wife and I have had the privilege of walking into a Swarovski store and making a purchase.

There is no question about it. She loves her Swarovski gift!  She enjoys its sparkling beauty and delights in showing it off when the opportunity arises, like a special occasion, or when she’s simply in the mood to “dress up” and feel good.

I for one admire those crystal figurines that they make. The cartoon ones.Swarovski Figurine I think they are pretty cool. Nice, but a little bit pricey. Perhaps one day I may just buy one of them. What do you think of them?

Anyways I am getting sidetracked here. Coming back to the Touchtone Crystal catalog, I think the range is fairly impressive.

Fancy a Touchstone Crystal necklace? Here are what some of them look like.

Touchstone Crystal necklace

What is interesting is that Touchstone Crystal also caters for products that are within their lower price margins. For instance like Touchstone Crystal earrings for under 50 bucks!

Touchstone Crystal earrings

Now that we’ve met the ‘glittering star products,’ let me show you how the business side of things works.

How Does the Touchstone Crystal Business Work?

To get started with the Touchstone Crystal business, you would have to choose from two starter business kits.

  1. Basic Starter Kit $139– 8 Jewels in your kit
  2. Enhanced Starter Kit $249 – 13 Jewels in your kit

As part of your marketing suite, you would also be given your own personalized website. Having the website would incur an additional charge of $9.95.

As a Touchstone Crystal Consultant, your main source of income would come from ‘holding parties.’ (see the short clip below)

The amount of commission that you would earn would depend on the number of sales that you generate at these parties.

They are between 25-40% and the company states that one can earn up to $200 per party.

Touchstone Crystal Compensation plan

Being a multi-level marketing model, your success can be accelerated if you can personally sponsor more ladies to your team.

You earn up to 9% on every person that you introduce to Touchstone Crystal. Naturally, as you hold more parties and your consultants hold their’s, you would rake in more money.

Let me give you an example.

LEADER RANK– is achieved by having a 3-person team.

If you can grow your downline to include 3 Consultants and 8 Leaders, then you would qualify for their Car Allowance incentive.Touchstone Crystal compensation plan 2

Bottom Line: More Parties-More People Join- More Money

That is how Touchstone Crystal works!


Is Touchstone Crystal a Scam?

This business has got a decent product portfolio, that is backed by a company that has a good standing in the industry. I DO NOT think that touchstone crystal is a scam.

However, I would like to bring your attention to a couple of things, should you consider signing up with them.

  1. Do People buy Jewelry every day?

When it comes to jewelry, I believe that it is not a commodity that people need to have every day. Yes, I understand the fact that there is a market and people are spending money on it, but it is not something that people need to have in order to survive.

These days, with changes in the economy, people watch their wallets(or purse) before going out and spending their money.

They weigh their options and would first spend on something that they need. Things like food, clothing or health items are what they would purchase before purchasing a piece of jewelry that they would NOT wear every day.

This may NOT be the case with everyone that has a Touchstone business, but it can be a reality for some. You get customers who will buy from you on one or two occasions, but it may not be like that at every party.

2. To Succeed you need to Expand and Grow your Business

To get your Touchstone Crystal to gain some good momentum, you need to have a reach that goes further than simply family and friends who come to your ‘parties’.

This would mean that you need to do a great deal of marketing. If you have a huge social media following and have experience with sales and marketing, then I would say give it a go.

As for the personalized website, its success would depend on how effective your marketing strategy is. Remember, in terms of uniqueness, all consultants would be given the same website. It is therefore up to you to stand out amongst them.

3. Online Sales through your site

As for ordering jewelry online, I believe that not every woman would just go ahead and order. Some would prefer to physically see the piece of jewelry and try it on before making a decision. They may be reluctant to order it without that experience.

My wife is one such individual. She loves to see how things feel and look before making up her mind on a piece of jewelry. I think this can be the case with many other women as well. Besides isn’t that the point of holding the Touchstone Crystal parties?

Touchstone Crystal – if it is not for you…..what do you do?

If at this point you feel that Touchstone Crystal is NOT for you, do not feel disheartened.

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Is Touchstone Crystal a scam? You know my answer to this. The big question is, is it something that you are going to try out?

Would you prefer the affiliate marketing model over MLM?

I hope that this review has helped you out.

Whatever decision you make, I wish you tons of success.

Kind Regards and Take Care



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  1. I have some pretty extreme views on MLMs. I don’t like them, and I think that if there’s any hint of MLM or pyramid scheme in a business, then it’s a scam. The guys on the bottom will be working for peanuts, and the guys on the top will be getting rich off anyone else. MLMs are evil.


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