It Works MLM Review- Will this Really Work for You?

An Overview of the It Works MLM

The It Works company started back in 2001. Mark and Cindy Pentecost gained success with their first product-‘Ultimate Body Applicator.’

Ever since, the It Works MLM company grew to include body contouring, skin care and supplements.

Is this a business that is worthwhile signing up to? Let me help you decide as I talk about the products, the business and certain complaints of It Works.

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The It Works Products

The company boasts an extensive range in terms of their product portfolio.

The products are focused on the beauty, health and weight loss sector. I think this can make marketing the items a bit of a challenge, as there are tons of competitors out there and the products may not always be cheaper at It Works.

Nevertheless, here is a short discussion on the It Works product review.


The It Works Advanced Fat Fighter

The product is said to help prevent the absorption of fats and carbs from your meals. The website claims that the main ingredient in this product is derived from the prickly pear cactus which has fat-binding properties.


It Works Confianza product

This is their anti-stress formula that is said to help with:

  • improving one’s focus and concentration
  • coping with physical stress
  • restoring the body balance.

3. Ultimate Body Applicator

It Works ultimate body applicator

This is the It Works flagship product. It’s one of the products that distributors will use to introduce people to the It Works products and business.

It is a non-woven cloth that is wrapped around the body. It claims to help with,

  • tightening, toning and firming of the skin,
  • improving the skin texture and tightness
  • redefining the appearance of the body’s contours

They advertise that after just 45 minutes of application, one would see results!

As you can see, the regular retail price for these products is pretty high. The only way that you can get it cheaper, is if you choose the auto ship (regular purchasing), option.

The products are not approved by the FDA and the website does have disclaimers on all their products.

The big question is, ‘Do It Works Products really work?’ When it comes to natural products, it is always a tough one to answer.

For one reason, there are no conclusive and definitive trials or studies to back the majority of the It Works products.

If you search the internet, you will find Youtube videos as well as articles that are both, ‘for’ as well as ‘against’ using the It Works products.

How can you get into the It Works business?

Have a Wrap Party!

You simply invite interested parties to check out how the body wrap and other It Works products work.

First things first, you would need to purchase the It Works business builder kit. The cost of the kit is $99.

The It Works Business Builder Kit

In your business builder kit, you get the following:

  • Half size Fab Wrap (1)
  • Defining Gel Sample (4 pack)
  • Ultimate Body Applicator (4 pack )
  • 1st Month eSuite and replicated website.

Purchasing this kit within the first month that you enroll, would qualify you for commissions.

If you did not purchase this kit within the month that you’ve enrolled, or if you purchased it after the month that you’ve enrolled, then you would need to fulfill certain steps to qualify for commissions.

You need to get a Minium BV i.e. business volume, of 80.

It Works advise you to take up a purchase of at least TWO wrap applicators at $59 each. This would get you to meet the required TBV (TOTAL BUSINESS VOLUME).

So, if you take two body wraps at $59 each and your Business builder kit of $99, this is what your first card payment would look like.

how much it cost to start at it works?

Now let me talk to you about their business structure.

The IT WORKS Compensation Plan- Does it Work for YOU?

Unlocking the 😯 BV by ordering on AUTOSHIP is one way to get started to qualify for commissions. There is another way.

That is by getting a PBV(Personal Business Volume) of 150. This means that your total team needs to sell products that would sum up to this value.

Either of the ways as indicated above, needs to be done within the first 30 days of Signing up to It Works.

The Various Ways that you Earn at It Works

(Take note, I have highlighted some of the words in pink for a reason. I will explain the reason at the end of this section)

  1. Earn Wrap Rewards– As you get loyal customers to your team, you earn a wrap reward. For every 2 loyal customers, you get one wrap reward. These rewards allow you buy to the wraps and facial product at a discount so that you can sell for a profit.
  2. Earn Fast Start Bonus– you earn $100 for each new Distributor that meets the fast start criteria within the first 30days. That means that you need to help your two new loyal customers find their two loyal customers within 30days. In addition, your loyal customers must also have met their requirement for BV or PBV.

Management Levels

Once your downline starts gaining traction, you can start to climb the various ranks within the company. Each rank is dependent on the number of qualified legs that you build.

A qualified leg is defined as a leg that achieves 400 Group Volume. If one of your distributors builds his or her downline to a point of 400GV, then you have a qualified leg.

For example, to achieve the Executive rank, you would need two qualified legs.

How the it works compensation ranks works

RUBY3 Qualified Legs with one of them being an Executive Leg

EMERALD 4 Qualified Legs with two of them being a Ruby Leg

Each rank has their own number of tiers. You would be paid out a percentage on each tier depending on which rank you are on. The pay is residual.


There are then leadership level bonuses that you earn. I will let this video explain this one to you.

Bottom line –  if you want to make it big with this business, you need to get more people to join you.This is why I highlighted those words in pink. It shows that at each step, it is necessary to recruit people to go further.

Is recruiting your style of business?

There are some folks who enjoy recruiting and there are some who do not like it.

Which one are you?

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It Works Customer Complaints

There are a number of complaints that circulate the internet in terms of the It Works products and business.

At the time of writing this article, It Works does NOT have any accreditation from the BBB(BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU).

It Works BBB rating

Some of the complaints were in respect to the customer services.

It Works customer complaints

It Works customer complaints 2

It Works customer complaints 3

I’ve read up complaints about the Body Wraps not working and some people experiencing side effects from the It Works facial applicator.

Equally, there are also positive reviews from customers.

It Works positive review

The point of this section is to tell it like it is. The main reason being, that you are made aware of what is going on.

Perhaps if you sign up with them, you may not experience any of the above.

I would advise one thing though-

Read everything properly. Know what you’re getting yourself into. Understand exactly how the autoship works. Ask questions about the business model if you are not sure.

Make sure that you are happy with everything before you sign.

My Personal Opinion of the It Works MLM

I think that there can be a lot of pressure placed on one’s shoulders, within the first 30 days, especially if you are looking at getting involved with the business side of things.

Things like getting your 80BV do take a substantial financial commitment and I would advise one to think it through before just going all in.

Remember, that this is not once off, as there is an AUTOSHIP that you would need to take into account.

As can be seen from the compensation plan above, your success within this company is highly dependent on recruiting and building your downline.

Whilst this is normal to the MLM structure, the big question is, “Are you game for recruiting?” or “Is IT WORKS for you?”

Only you can answer this question.

I have tried the MLM route and it did not work out for me.

I felt the pressure when it came to going out and to get people to sign. Personally, I did not enjoy it and the products were expensive. Having said that, I would NOT sign up with IT WORKS.

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Building a residual income business will take time and hard work. In the MLM world, it requires reaching out, to further than your circle of family and friends, to obtain success.

I am not saying that it is impossible. It will not be a walk in the park.


True. But not all businesses require you to recruit, to be successful.

There is such a business model and it’s called affiliate marketing. It is simply a concept where you earn money from recommending other people’s products and services through your own website.

This is how affiliate marketing works

Anyone can learn this business, and it is easy and free to get a website. You can get your own website framework in 30 seconds .

I learnt about this business from a company called Wealthy Affiliate.The advantage of affiliate marketing over Multi-level marketing is that:

  • Does not require any RECRUITING
  • Does not need you to BUY STOCK ALL THE TIME

It’s FREE to Join Wealthy Affiliate and you get TWO FREE WEBSITES, that is yours for life!

If you’re interested in learning more, check out my review below





Thanks for joining me today on this It Works MLM review. I hope that it has helped you out.

Do you prefer MLM or Affiliate Marketing?

Looking forward to hearing your response.

All the best in your online success.



9 thoughts on “It Works MLM Review- Will this Really Work for You?”

  1. Thank you for this post.

    I have been looking for a decent review about It Works.
    Finally found your post. I have been in couple of MLMs before but not with a great success.

    The products are great which is a must have for a good MLM company.

    I have tried one before and it is awesome.

    So looking forward to get in to the business side of it.

  2. Roopesh,

    I find it quite interesting your comparison between Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) – with the business “It Works” and Affiliate Marketing.

    You’re right about MLMs. Their products are expensive and it’s a tough go to try and build a business by hassling people you know.

    I agree with you about Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a much better way to build a business for yourself, as you are NOT limited by where you live and the people you know. The internet market is so vast and limitless!

    Thanks for the comparison.

    • Hi Carole

      This is simply my opinion on MLM. I do believe that people are making money using this model.

      I think it is a question or preference. Some folks will prefer MLM over Affiliate Marketing and vice versa.

      Glad you enjoyed the read.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  3. I for one get tired of seeing so many people that suckered into MLM’s. For me this is never gonna lead to a decent income.

    IT Works is no different the the countless others, that are already out there. Make you do all the grunt work and still only pays you a small amount.

    It Works will should be left to the creators and not to the beginners. I do appreciate you sharing the information.

  4. Mlms work best for the people who has started the company. They, more than others will profit from the earnings of all people recruited.
    In my opinion a simpler compensation plan like in Affiliate marketing will be far easier to make money with.
    Despite the “health industry” are full of scams. They are just everywhere and the claims they make for their products are often way exagerated. It is much better to sell things that has already been proven to work.
    Thank you for informing people of how mlm works.

    P.S I agree with your nr 1 recommendation WA rocks.

  5. The It Works MLM program seems like a watered down version of SFI.

    It has products that have never been heard of or seen on reputable online stores like Amazon and instead of getting straight cash commissions you have to go through a rank system where you get paid based on how high you rank is.

    I don’t think people should try to invest into programs like thse when they could use their money for much more profitable programs like Wealthy Affiliate.


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