Invincible Marketer Review Aaron Chen’s Affiliate Marketing Course, Scam?

Welcome to my review of Aaron Chen's The Invincible Marketer. According to Aaron, you do not have to be an impressive salesperson to make money online. You also do not need any experience to get started. 

You need the drive and determination to go full steam ahead and push through no matter how many obstacles come your way. And of course, the other main thing that you do need is a comprehensive training course with top-notch tools. So, Is The Invincible Marketer a scam, or is it worthwhile business course for you?

Congratulations on taking the time to do your research before you go all-in with this particular opportunity. 

There are tons of scams online. But on the other side of the coin, there is a legit way to making money online. 

Having said that, let's dive into the Invincible Marketer review and see what the company is all about.



Creator : Aaron Chen

Price to join : $67 per Month

Do I recommend it? Yes

The Invincible Marketer picture

Aaron Chen's Invincible Marketer course is designed to help you to become an affiliate entrepreneur. Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry. It is a legit business model. This is a legit course to learn the business model. The main drawback is that it's expensive and you will only be taught to market digital courses.

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What is The Invincible Marketer All About?

The Invincible Marketer is marketed as a complete 'over the shoulder' program that is designed for even the newbie at heart to build their own fully-fledged affiliate marketing business. 

The course is a daily training program filled with video modules, mindset strategies and action steps, to help one become an affiliate entrepreneur.

What is affiliate marketing all about?

Affiliate marketing is a business model that allows you to earn by promoting other people's products or services.

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What is Affiliate Marketing

Is Affiliate Marketing really worth it?

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry. According to Statista, spending in the U.S. alone is expected to reach over $8 billion by 2022. That means huge potential for you as an affiliate marketer. (I will show you more benefits about affiliate marketing later on)

Why would companies hire affiliate marketers in the first place?

Essentially your job is to bring the buyer and seller together.

As for the vendor or an affiliate merchant, it's a great deal too.

They save on having to splash out on advertising costs, as you, the affiliate marketer will be doing the promoting or marketing. They also would only pay once you make the sale.

So, everybody wins!

What is Affiliate Marketing

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Coming back to The Invincible Marketer, you will be learning the skills to market digital courses and earn commissions. 

The focal point of the course is to equip you with the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. Once you understand the principle of earning commissions from one product, it's simply a matter of scaling.

Let's take a look at who the founder of the course is.

Who Is The Founder of the Invincible Marketer?

Aaron Chen is the creator of The Invincible Marketer. 

The Invincible Marketer review who is the founder

When I first started my own affiliate marketing journey 5 years ago(check out my story here), I was reviewing make-money-online products. And Aaron's videos used to often show up.

I believe Aaron is one of those guys that are legit and honest when it comes to reviewing companies and their products.

Though I never personally spoke to him, I am of the opinion that he does have people's well-being at heart. I feel he is a sincere guy.

According to his channel, he started his affiliate marketing journey in 2009. Back then he was working the normal 9-5 in a corporate environment. 

The active job did not offer him enough family time. He felt overworked, underpaid, and was limited to only one vacation a year.

During 8 years of his online career, from 2009 to 2016, Aaron had spent over $100 000 trying to be a successful online entrepreneur.

Then he discovered the "selling without selling" method which according to Aaron has helped him generate 171 sales within a 21-day period.

And the basics of this method is what forms the core foundation of the Invincible Marketer course. 

The initial sales video is not salesy and the testimonials that Aaron shares, I believe are genuine.

The Invincible Marketer video testimonials are real

How Is Invincible Marketer Different From Other Affiliate Marketing Courses?

According to Aaron, 90% of Gurus are teaching the incorrect method to successfully making money using the affiliate marketing business model.

And this incorrect method is the concept of "direct selling." Where you send leads to the sales pages, and the end result is a poor conversion rate of less than 1%.

With Aaron's method, it's about doing the exact opposite, namely the "indirect selling" concept.

You send leads to your own curated pages or pages that add more value to your audience. 

This according to Aaron creates likeability, trust, and you are then able to influence your leads more easily. In other words, get them to become warm leads. 

When your leads are in this state of mind, they are more likely to buy your offer.

Let's check out the course breakdown.

The Invincible Marketer Course Overview

MODULE ONE : The 6-Figure Affiliate Blueprint

Aaron introduces,

  • his proven formula to capture, communicate, and convert for big profits.
  • You learn how to build the ultimate capture page, and
  • What's needed for the foundation of a 6-figure business.

MODULE TWO : Mass Communication Secrets

  • Effective communication when doing e-mail marketing
  • Building trust with potential customers
  • Building authority as a newbie

MODULE THREE : Indirect Selling Profits

  • The hidden secret to converting better than 90% of affiliate marketers
  • Converting cold leads into buyers
  • Drag and drop method to creating beautiful pages.                                                       

MODULE FOUR : Authority Hub Mastery

  • Building credibility and authority instantly
  • Be ahead of the competition
  • Creating a celebrity site for a fraction of the price

MODULE FIVE : Stay in the Game Mastery

  • Secret sauce to never quitting during tough times
  • Become invincible in the face of adversity
  • Advanced goal setting techniques

As for support -

  • you get access to their Private Members Only FaceBook Group
  • you can ask Aaron and his team questions, and 
  • you receive accountability to keep you on track.

Should you decide to purchase the program before the countdown timer reaches zero, you qualify for the additional bonuses :

  • BONUS 1 : Unlimited Traffic MasterClass
  • BONUS 2 : Product Profit Secrets
  • BONUS 3 : Tribe Building Secrets
  • FAST START BONUS 1 : Success Blueprints and Formulas
  • FAST START BONUS 2 : Bonus Secrets

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How Much Does The Invincible Marketer Costs?

The cost of the program is $67/per month. 

I do believe though that there are additional expenses that you would still have to make provision for.

Such additional expenses are :

  • E-mail autoresponder service for e-mail marketing campaigns (I currently use ConvertKit, and that's around $20 per month)
  • Landing page software (Thrive Themes is my recommendation)
  • Domain purchasing and probably associated hosting fees (learn about the best hosting for WordPress)

What  I Like About Invincible Marketer

1.No 'Get-Rich Quick' Money Promises - Aaron does not sell his program on any guarantees that you will be making quick bucks online. Like building any business, be it online or offline, it would take a fair amount of hard work and time.

Aaron is a genuine marketer

2. A fair 30-day conditional money-back guarantee. Many folks buy a program, do not test it out, then claim it does not work. With Aaron's course, you have to show that you did do some work before your refund request can be approved.

3. They have REAL member testimonials

4. It's based on a legit business model : Affiliate marketing is here to stay, and it's a newbie-friendly way to start an online business.

What I Do Not Like About Invincible Marketer

1. It's expensive. I respect the fact that Aaron charges what  he believes the course and his expertise are worth. If you are on a shoestring budget, then you can still see if affiliate marketing is for you for FREE.

2. Not enough channels of support. The private Facebook community is the main way to get help.

Is Invincible Marketer a Scam? My Personal Opinion

Is Invincible Marketer Legit?

The main positive about this course is that the creator is not just making money solely from marketing it. He offers proof that shows what he teaches actually works, as it has worked for him over the years.

I believe that it's a legitimate business-building course. It ranks along with my other top recommendations such as :

Wealthy Affiliate 

The Knowledge Business Blueprint (by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi)

Food Blogger Pro

The AIM Companies MLM

Is The Invincible Marketer Course for You?

I agree 100% with Aaron when he says that the best way to make money online, is to INVEST IN YOUR YOURSELF.

In fact, that is my personal YouTube

Invincible marketer my youtube channel

Check Out My YouTube Channel 

Learn the skills, equip yourself with the tools, training and get the right support, and you are on the road to success,

No teaching course is 100% perfect. Some of the main drawbacks of this course which I already highlighted above.

The invincible Marketer is a program geared toward teaching one on how to sell digital courses online.

You might not be taught to build an online affiliate marketing business based on your own niche or topic.

Let's say that you would like to have a mental health blog marketing health products, or a fitness wear blog selling fitness gear and accessories, or a football website selling apparel or snack helmets.

All of these are huge markets. And you can see learn more about these 7 ActiveWear affiliate programs, if you want to start a fitness blog. Or you can check out these 6 Medical Supply Affiliate programs if you want to start a health blog.

If you are okay with making money from solely selling digital courses, then give The Invincible Marketer a go.

How I Earn A Passive Income Online

I transitioned from the health field to the online world. As a pharmacist, I enjoyed my profession but my own personal health challenges forced me to look for an alternate source of income. Check out my story here.

I earn a passive income online thanks to my affiliate marketing business.

The good news is that with affiliate marketing, you can build a business without having to purchase stock. You don't have to worry about after-sales customer service..

You can start as a complete newbie. You do not even need any sales experience

You can build a business based on your own passion, hobby, or interest. You can work in your own time. It also offers you the awesome benefit of earning a passive income online

It would be my pleasure to introduce you to this business model. I've been using it for five years. This training platform has the support, mentorship, and interactive community to help you every step of the way.  Let me help you to get started. Simply click on the link below to learn more

Thanks so much for joining me on the Invincible Marketer review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Wish you everything of the best in your online success,

Kind Regards and Take Care



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