Zyia Activewear Review : Is Zyia Active MLM A Pyramid Scheme?

Welcome to this Zyia Activewear review.  Is Zyia Activewear a scam or is it a legit business opportunity? Fitness fashion is trending. These days it's not about wearing your regular tracksuit when hitting the gym.

It's become a fashion. Whether you are looking for leggings, biker shorts, or intense workout gear, there is a custom outfit for it. And Zyia Active is one such company that offers you choices to upgrade up your fitness wardrobe. 

But it also offers you the opportunity to start your very own work-from-home business.

It's an MLM. This review will reveal some interesting things about the Zyia Active company that you need to know to make an informed decision.

Congratulations on taking the time to do your research before you go all in with this particular opportunity. 

My name is Roopesh and I am a pharmacist turned affiliate marketer. Crazy jump, right?

I started my online journey in 2016. Over the time I have reviewed over 400 make-money-online business opportunities.

I discovered that there are tons of scams online. But on the other side of the coin, there are legit ways to make money online as well. 

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Having said that, let's dive into this Zyia Active review and see what the company is all about.


Creator : Erin and Jeremiah Bradley. 

Price to join : $395

Do I recommend it? Not if you are looking to grow a global business. 

Zyia Activewear review picture

 Zyia Active is a network marketing business opportunity. The company is focused on the fitness niche selling various men's and ladies activewear. The compensation represents that of your typical MLM. The main drawback is that you are limited to business operations within the US and Canadian territories.

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What is Zyia Active All About?

Zyia Active is a network marketing company that sells fitness wear. The company is founded by Erin and Jeremiah Bradley. 

Zyia Active Review who are the founders of the company

Their children Brenda and Zach Bradley are the co-founders of the company with Brenda being the designer and Zach being the president. 

The companies headquarters are based in Utah. They officially opened the business in 2018. 

The company focuses on selling a range of activewear from sports bras, to joggers, to leggings, tank tops, and yoga apparel. 

The company prides themselves for selling tops that are infused with copper fibers to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Apparently, they also use plant-based and recycled fibers to make their products more eco-friendly.

They company is a direct selling company and therefore operates on the MLM-type business model to market their products. 

How To Make Money With Zyia- The Zyia Compensation Plan

The two main ways in which you can make money with the Zyia company are via :

  • Selling the Zyia Products, or
  • By recruiting Zyia representatives (and earning via direct/indirect purchases of your downline)

As an independent distributor, you get a replicated website. You will be credited with commissions from anyone who makes a purchase from it.

By selling the products as a rep, you earn a 20% commission on sales. Retail profits are usually paid by the company on a once-a-month basis.

Most of the Zyia product lines are assigned a personal volume.

$1=1 Point Volume(PV)

You can ascend the various ranks of the company by achieving a certain personal volume requirement for that rank. 

For instance, all members are qualified to receive a commission if their total purchasing of products amount to a PV OF 200(or purchase $200 worth of Zyia Products). That's the entry-level called Representative. There are 11 ranking levels, each having its own PV requirement. 

  • Representative - 200 PV
  • Junior Representative - 200 PV 600 GV
  • Senior Representative - 300 PV 2,000
  • Director -  500 PV 10,000 GV
  • Senior Director - 500 PV 20,000 GV
  • Executive - 600 PV 50,000 GV
  • Zyia Executive - 600 PV 100,000 GV
  • Double Zyia Executive - 600 PV 250,000 GV
  • Zyia Elite -  600 PV 500,000 GV
  • Presidential - 600 PV 1,000 000 GV
  • Zyia Presidential - 600 PV 5,000 000GV

The GV or Group Volume is the combined efforts of everyone within your team(or downline).

If you exceed the PV requirements for a specific rank, then you also qualify for a personal commission override of 8%, in addition to the standard retails sales commission of 20%.

As you rank advance, you qualify for additional commissions from indirect sponsors(they are the folks your direct line introduced to the company). 

It goes 10 levels down. 

In addition, as a Zyia member, you also qualify for other incentives such as bonuses and vacation packages.

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How Much Does It Cost to Join The Zyia Active Business?

Since they only operate in the United States and Canada, there are two business kits you can choose from :

How Much does it cost to join Zyia the Zyia compensation plan
  • United States Starter Kit: $395
  • Canadian Starter Kit: $553

UPDATE 12-09-2022

The company has now extended it's business area to Australia as well. 

zyia active now operates in australia as well

What I Like About Zyia Active

1. You do not have to keep inventory on hand - (as a Zyia representative, you can simply direct prospects to your personal Zyia website)

What I Do Not Like About Zyia Active

1. There is no income disclosure (though it's not a legal requirement. It still can give one an idea of a member's earnings)

2. Limited areas of business operation (only open to US and Canadian Citizens)

3.Expensive starter kits.

4. Overall business expenses can add up. In addition to purchasing the starter kits, you might have to invest in 'party prizes,' and buying new Zyia clothing regularly to promote the company. These can all add up!

Is Zyia Active a Scam? My Personal Opinion

Is Zyia Active a pyramid scheme? In my opinion, Zyia Active is not a pyramid scheme.

And let me explain why?

According to Wikipedia, a pyramid scheme is defined as "a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme..."

In other words, the scheme operates by focusing only on recruiting members and pays the early investors from the funds brought in from the newer members. Also, there are no REAL products but the membership packages.

Clearly, Zyia has got a product line that is growing on a regular basis. And it's refreshing to see on YouTube members advertising the clothing line and not just the business opportunity. 

Hence, it's not a pyramid scheme.

However, whilst the company is legit, it does not necessarily mean that it's the right one for you. 

Is Zyia Active the company for you? 

If you are looking at joining Zyia Active as a means to starting your own business, then ask yourself these three questions :

Question One: Do I Want A Global Business Or Not?

Since you can only operate within US and Canadian territories, you will not be able to take your business anywhere else. That's if you are someone who is thinking of moving around.

Question Two: Am I Ready to Get Social?

Zyia representatives are encouraged to have 'party' days to showcase the Zyia clothing line. Others do it using social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and FaceBook. 

These days, social media plays a huge aspect in people's everyday lives. And you can lose out on a huge audience if you do not get involved. 

Are you comfortable with putting yourself out there?

Question Three:  Are You The Recruiting Type?

At the end of the day, it's an MLM or network marketing company. Zyia does not have an income disclosure. However other MLM's that I had the opportunity to review such as It Works and Arbonne, have disclosures for the public to view.

It reveals that people are successful within the MLM industry, however the higher-income earners are not standard or average. There is a higher percentage of those who earned the lower commissions.

 According to the AARP study 

  • 91 % joined an MLM to make money either by selling or recruiting,
  • 43 % joined to get product discounts
  • 9 % was only to get just discounts

As for making a profit or loss :

  • (47%) of MLM participants reported that they lost money.
  •   (27%) MLM participants reported that they broke even (made no money).
  •  (25%) MLM participants reported making a profit.

And finally, the three most common reasons as to why people leave the MLM industry, is (1) they find it awkward to pitch to family and friends, (2)not making as much money as expected, and (3) not liking to sell all the time

By the way, this report was published in 2018. I still think that it holds merit in today's day and age. 

So, what do you think? Is the MLM world for you? Are you ready to become a Zyia representative?

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  1. I have not come across Zyia active wear before, but that could be because they only operate in the USA and Canada. I worked for a MLM company and know how hard it is to make money with the MLM business model. You have to continuously recruit new team members, and need to have minimum sales as well to qualify for override commissions.   Is there a monthly or quarterly minimum purchase required for you to stay active as a distributor with Zyia? 

  2. Hi! Roopesh, I never heard about Zea Activewear, but with your Review, I have known that is by Referrals not Affiliate System of making money, am I right? Do members have the choice to stay as a Shopper only and not consider the money making opportunity? I will check your recommended Online Course in building business online.  Thank you!


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