2017 Xerveo Review : Is This Worth Getting all Excited About?

An Overview of Xerveo 

Xerveo-another MLM Business Opportunity. What is the target industry? -Its main focus is on the health and weight loss market. You may wonder, ‘how exactly is their concept any different in comparison to the other MLM forerunners?

Welcome to my Xerveo review. CEO of Xerveo Argo KeshishyanThe current CEO is MR Argo Keshishyan. After switching hands over the years and with some re-branding having taken place the company received its official launch in Jan 2016.

The main reason behind Xerveo, according to Mr. Argo is to ‘give back to the community.’ On that note, is there a potential of getting back something should you decide to join this company? What about their product lines? Are they really worth it?

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Let me take you deeper into this Xerveo review and reveal the answer to these burning questions.



  • Get a company website upon sign-up


  • The company is focused on a saturated product industry
  • Limited or no marketing training
  • Marketing materials such as apparel and business cards are an additional expense
  • Products are expensive


Are the Training and Tools any Good At Xerveo?

It’s stated within the companies terms and conditions, that you are to use ONLY company branded material to market your business. This includes things like caps, apparel, water bottles, business cards and banners.

Do note that these materials would come at an additional cost to you?

Xerveo Marketing material needs to be purchased

Upon signing up as a distributor, the company does provide you with your own generic marketing website.  While this is all fair and good, there is very little training on how to promote this website to your peers.

It’s basically the same website, that other distributors get and in my opinion can make standing out amongst your competition tough. So, unless you have a fair amount of knowledge in terms of sales and marketing, promoting Xerveo may NOT be a walk in the park for everyone!

Up next, what the products look like.

The Xerveo products – Do they Speak out to me?

Personally, no. Maybe they might grab your attention. Let me give you a rundown of the different categories of products that are available.

  1. Coffees-Xerveo Gano Balance
  2. Xerveo Motion Weight Loss
  3. Body Detoxifiers ( Xerveo Cleanse) and Omega Supplement ( Xerveo Protect)
  4. Energizing Soaps ( Xerveo Artisan Soap)
  5. Protein Shakes ( INDULGE from FitChix by Xerveo)

Are the products by Xerveo FDA approved? NO. Apart from testimonials on Youtube and social media platforms, there is no guarantee that they will work for you.

Xerveo Motion Weight Loss Drink – $100 for 48 Cans

The Xerveo Weight Loss Drinks

Take for instance the Xerveo Motion Weight loss drink. It’s been advertised to help you in two ways. The first is to give you energy and the second is to promote weight loss. While this is all good, one should be made aware that these kinds of products do not WORK on their own.

It’s more a matter of having a holistic approach when it comes to using these products. By this I mean one has to implement lifestyle modifications such as dietary changes, exercising and stress reduction techniques along with using the product to achieve the goal of losing weight.

Xerveo Gano-Balance Coffee- $33.95 for 24 Servings

Xerveo Gano Balance Coffee

This is an organic preparation that is said to help with regulating blood sugar levels, boosting one’s immune system and also helps to reduce inflammation. The product also contains Siberian Ginseng.

Xerveo Artisan Soap -$11

Xerveo Artisan Soap

Would you spend $11 bucks on a soap that is said to ‘revitalize’ you?

The soap is made ‘free’ from palm oil ingredients and no harm was done to animals during the manufacturing process. This soap can also be used by VEGANS. But does that really justify such a high asking price?

Remember these are just the prices of the products. They DO NOT include the shipping and handling fee. As you can imagine, the price then, would be much higher than anticipated.

Now let me show you how the companies compensation plan works.

The Xerveo Compensation Plan

There are two ways that you can join Xerveo, either as a customer or as a distributor.

1.A customer– Opts NOT to partake in the business side of things and is only interested in purchasing the products.

2. A distributor – is entitled to earn commissions and bonuses within the company.

-Firstly, you can earn profits from sales as a distributor.

As you go higher in rank within the company, your earnings would be higher.

Any ideas on how to climb the ‘ranking ladder?’ Yeap, you guessed it,  by recruiting more people into the company.

Here is a breakdown on the different rankings within the company:


The Xerveo Compensation Plan

It’s not simply a matter of recruiting people into the business. The people in your downline would need to maintain ACTIVE status and you also need to have a minimum PV(Personal Volume), and PTV(Personal Team Volume) to earn within your respective ranks.

I like the part of earning a one-time bonus as you achieve a new rank. Naturally, the higher your ranks, the more personal retail volume commissions you will earn as well.

My Personal Opinion of Xerveo

Whilst on paper, things may sound easy, it is quite a different ballgame when it comes to building a MLM business. Not to say that this is not possible. But to make money may not be as easy.

In this Xerveo review, I’ve highlighted to you, some of their major product lines. Apart from the soap, the other products do not really jump out in comparison to what we have already seen with regards to similar products.

This is how I felt. What do you think?

In my opinion, these are simply costly supplements that have no real backing to their effectiveness. In all fairness, if you had to buy equivalents from your local ‘drug-stores’ the same would apply. So what stops people from trying out the cheaper alternative?

My point is, these days, people are wary on what they spend their money on and will think before taking out their credit card. In addition, with these products being in such a saturated market, this can pose challenges to selling the Xerveo products.

This leaves you with one other option to make it within the Xerveo business. And that is through recruiting.

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How good are you in the sales and marketing field? If you enjoy the recruiting aspect and can bring in leads, then I would say go for it!

It’s fine to depend on family and friends to buy products from you and perhaps even getting them to sign up into your downline. What happens when this alternative is exhausted? Can you rely on using the corporate marketing website to build your business?

Just dropping links to your website on social media, will NOT always work. You will have other distributors competing with you by doing the same thing. Added to this, Xerveo offers you very little training in terms of how to market your MLM company.

Don’t worry, it does NOT always have to be doom and gloom.There is always hope.

There is always hope


Affiliate marketing may sound difficult but it’s something that anyone can do, even if you have very little sales and marketing experience. It’s simply a concept where you earn commissions by promoting other people’s products or services via your website.

Building a website is hardly an issue. I can prove to you that you can have your very own website framework in 30 seconds. The exciting part comes when you build your website around your passion. The business is fun and does not feel like than a ‘mundane job.’

This is how affiliate marketing works

As I mentioned earlier, you’re promoting other peoples products, so in actual fact, you have no need to buy or stock any expensive products. Some other amazing benefits to affiliate marketing is that;


Remember, with this sort of business, your site is open to a worldwide audience.3 Billion Searches a day on the internet There are 3Billion people shopping on a daily basis! You certainly will not run out of customers.

If you think that Xerveo may not be for you, then give affiliate marketing a chance.

I recommend you check a site called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s where I have learned about how to build an online business.

There is an awesome interactive community of over 800 000 people, all building their online business. You can check out their platform FOR FREE! Upon your FREE SIGN-UP, you get access to the FIRST 10 LESSONS on the Online Entrepreneurship Course.






Thanks so much for joining me today on this Xerveo Review. I hope that it has helped you out. What you do think of the Xerveo MLM opportunity?

Have you had any previous experience with MLM or affiliate marketing? What was your experience like?

I would like to hear your story.

Kind Regards and Take Care








8 thoughts on “2017 Xerveo Review : Is This Worth Getting all Excited About?”

  1. Hi Roopesh
    In my lifetime i tried Amway 3 times, and vowed never to try another MLM ever again. This opportunity sounds the same.
    To sell their product, you have to buy and wear their clothes, this is a new angle, and will cost you money to get started.
    I like your idea of affiliate marketing, where there is not a lot of money upfront, but thousands of opportunities to promote products. I was never good at selling and face to face marketing, but Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a good start-and its free to join!

    • Hey Greg

      Thanks for sharing with us.I also tried Amway so I know exactly where you are coming from.

      Yes, affiliate marketing is different.I believe that it offers one more flexibility by allowing one to build a business around a passion or hobby.

      As you said, it’s FREE to try out and you really don’t have anything to lose.

      Thanks and wish you lots of success in your online adventures.


  2. Thanks for this, I’m always looking for ways to make money online but it’s so hard to tell the good ones from the bad ones sometimes. I hate the ones that make you sucker your friends and family into doing it too before you can make any money! Thanks again for this honest review!

    • Hi Laura

      I hear you 100%.

      It’s always tricky when it comes to choosing a business online.Every one of them will sound like they are the ‘hidden treasures..’ This is one of the main reasons as to why I hadwritten about the ways in which one can avoid these online scams and well as exposed some of them to help people out.

      Wish you all the best.



  3. Great information! When I run across a product that seems interesting, I like to search for reviews and if I learn that they are MLM I will almost automatically steer clear. I have been burned by a couple MLM schemes. I feel silly trying to sell something with no training to my friends and not only sell but try to get them to sell as well. I know of another MLM on the same subject but have seen more science behind it and some be very successful at it called Usana. Have you heard of them?

    You’re right, affiliate marketing seems to be a much better way to go.

    • Hi Craig

      So sorry to hear about your experience with MLM’s.Yes, I have heard of Usana.I will be doing a review of them in due course.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Hi dear
    I tried MLM multiple times, even actually I’m in one but it’s really tiresome and takes most of your time to get anywhere up the ladder. I like this idea of affiliate marketing because it’s will provide me of some family time as I understand it, right?
    Will definitely try it!

    • Hi there

      Thanks for sharing with us.Give affiliate marketing a go and see how it compares to the MLM that you doing.

      It’s FREE to JOIN.Let me know your thoughts.

      All the best



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