Coffee Shop Millionaire Review, is it worth your time and money?

What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire(CSM)?

NAME : Coffee Shop MillionaireCoffee Shop Millionaire Review

Website :

Price : $37 + Upsells

Owner : Anthony Trister

Overall Rank : 32 out of 100

Coffee Shop Millionaire, is a teaching platform, created by Anthony Trister, the main purpose of which is to teach one how to get into the world of internet marketing.

Can this course really make you a millionaire? I know that a lot of you guys are familiar by now with the way people market their products and services.

Having said that, some of you may have mastered the art of being able to distinguish whether a product or service is the real deal or not.

Nevertheless, after spending 6 minutes with me today, you will know for sure whether CSM is a legit opportunity. More importantly, you will know whether it’s for you or not…………

Lets get cracking with this Coffee Shop Millionaire review by checking out the pros and cons….


The “PROS” and “CONS” of Coffee Shop Millionaire

  • Attractive Entry Level Price
  • No promise of “getting rich quickly.”

  • No Free Trial period given
  • Misleading Marketing by providing “unrealistic ” claims to people
  • Lack of or very little support
  • Mediocre community interactiveness and forum engagement
  • Upsells without prior awareness

The Tools and Training That Is Included Within The Coffee Shop Millionaire

The training that is included is not all that bad, with a few aspects that are a bit decent.

The “heart” of the program, are the various sections that delivers the different aspects that one gets to learn, around internet marketing. This is called the Cash Machine Section , which is broken down into the following,

  1. Local Cash Machine

This teaches one about the basics of online marketing and depending on one’s efforts he or she is able to earn accordingly.

2. Newsletter Cash Machine and Article Cash MachineCoffee Shop Millionaire review

This is all about getting “your paws wet” by diving into e-mail marketing and building up contact lists, and then to follow through with catchy sales pages.

3.Video Cash Machine

Think you cut out to making your own You Tube video? You can learn what the professionals are doing to make serious money, just by making a short clip!

Then there is also the Million Dollar Launch Street Section. This is a section, for you to do on your OWN. You can read, and read some more, about starting a business, and see the process all the way through. Truly exciting wouldn’t you say?

Lastly, if you are tired of all this theory, then you can give your head a break and do some video lessons and tutorials.

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Is the Coffee Shop Millionaire for Everyone?

Well Mr Anthony Trister states this is for anyone and Coffe Shop Millionaire Reviewthat you do not need any ” specialized knowledge to do this.”

Let me just take the video tutorials as an example. Firstly they are short and don’t really cover the topic in full details. On top of that the material is way out dated and does not even take into account the latest developments that has taken place within the industry.

For example, with the recent changes on Google’s algorithm , SEO’s stragedies have changed when it comes to working for the top spot on Page ONE. Things like focusing on backlinks to get rankings, and keyword density do not have major significance in the online industry. These changes are not mentioned anywhere in the program!!

Read this article and you will know exactly what I am talking about!!, “ Are Backlinks good for rankings? Nope

So, not only are some of the teaching materials hard for the beginner to grasp, but a lot of what the person is going to learn is not even the latest and up to date stuff.

It would help that if you were starting an online business, to have a platform that has up to date training, tools and technology to see it through.

What about the Support at Coffee Shop Millionaire

It’s absolutely frustrating when someone like yourself, who may be new to the internet world, cames across a stumbling block and searches for an answer within the CSM community, only to find your question hanging on for days.

It actually demotivates one to continue with the training. This folks, is what the support network is like within the Coffee Shop Environment.

There are no live chats to speak to community members. You feel all alone and the email and telephone support leaves little to be desired. This does not say much about a company that “wants to see you succeed.” does it?

If you really want to feel a part of an awesome community, then check out this …. ” Its an awesome Community.”

The Price

As mentioned above, one of the PROS, is that there is an “attractive entry price” of $37.

This is just the start. From there you will be bombarded with “offers” or “products” from these guys with the premise that they are crucial to the success of your campaign.

For instance, don’t be surprised to be reeled in to fork out your Credit Card for the “Six Figure Success club ” ” Only for the UNBEATABLE PRICE of $297″Coffee Shop Millionaire Review


It’s sad but this is how these “gurus” operate, by offering you a low entry price as bait. They later use it to “upsell” one load after another. This is unethical practice as all the amounts are not disclosed before the reader takes a  plunge into what is supposed to be a “lucrative ” deal.

Sadly though, it does not end there. If you serious about making it online, you going to need a web presence, so this means you have to purchase a domain name. Futhermore, you will need to source effective and top notch website hosting. Can you see how much more than just $37, you will be paying here?

Your initial investment of $37 grew to an astounding $400+ figure.

My Verdict of Coffee shop Millionaire

Two things stand out here.

  1. I love the fact that he makes mention of the fact that it is not a get rich scheme and its going to take some hard work and effort from you, to see any significant results. This is true of any honest business model.
  2. Some training and tutorials are relevant and gives one a perspective of what is required to achieve success within the online world.

Sadly though, this is where it stops and the “foulplay ” starts.

Red Flag nr 1 : Extra Long Video

Have you tried to sit through Mr Anthony Trister’s sales video. Did you feel like its never going to come to an end?? Don’t worry you are not the only one. The thing is nowhere in the video, are you given a single inkling as to what the Coffee Shop Millionaire is all about.Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

Its only about talking about the dream and how lovely it would be to live the “millionaire ” lifestyle. It feels like Mr Trister, has to keep working on your emotions rather than tell you about the model.

If you care to spend around 30mins of your time, feel free to check it out!!!

Red Flag Nr2 : Transparency

As you may have followed me through this website, I have spoken a lot about the reasons as to why companies offer a FREE TRIAL run and how it can benefit both them and you.

To give a taste of what is on offer, would actually get the folks more interested in the program. Sometimes, the “gurus” don’t do this, in fear that after checking their program out, people may not even bother to take a second look

Is that the case here?

⇒If you are interested,” Are FREE Trials and Sign-UPS a good thing from Companies?”

Red Flag Nr 3 : Guarantee

I purposely left out the fact that there is a 60 Day Money back guarantee. This ties in with the support here at CSM.

There have been numerous complaints concerning people wanting a refund on their investment. Not having any luck with contacting Anthony or his team,people have had to resort to dealing with Clickbank to try to get their money back.Coffe Shop Millionaire Review

They are quick to take your money…but what about when it comes to returning it back to you as per policy ??

Red Flag Nr 4 : Price and Training

I personally would love to know exactly how much I am paying without having to receive unexpected amounts taken from my credit card. Secondly, as a “newbie” to the internet world, I would love to get training, tools and help from the start and love to be taken care of till the end.

Not just left hanging on my own, trying to figure things out. Wouldn’t you?

Do not expect any of this here at the Coffee Shop Millionaire.


Personally, I don’t see how it is possible for one to understand everything there is to know about internet marketing, within a short timeframe as 8 weeks, and to further be able to “learn everything there is to know about being rich.”

This is a classic tell tale sign of empty promises that aims to lure people in, and to part not only with their hard earned cash, but to waste their number one asset, TIME.

I get that you may or may not have been scammed before, and probably lost a lot of time in the process. But why waste another 2months(minimum), if you know in a blink of an eye that something is not right?

Overall, it’s about getting the best foot in the door to get you up and running with starting your own sustainable online business. Will Coffee Shop Millionaire get you there?

Not in my opinion. Not even close. This is why it’s important to not just look at price before you sign up.

There are far better programs out there. Even some without a FREE trial that far surpasses the product being offered here. Then, there are FREE trial companies that give you everything you need without you having to look anywhere else.

⇒Check out the FREE!!! Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate, you got nothing to loose.⇐

Coffee Shop Millionaire at a Glance

NAME : Coffee Shop Millionaire

Website :

Price : $37 + Upsells

Owner : Anthony Trister

Overall Rank : 32 out of 100

Verdict :  Too many upsells, lack of support and mediocre training tools and lessons.

Thanks folks for joining me here today.

Hope this helped you in learning more about the Coffee Shop Millionaire. Did you have an experience with them? Or do you know anyone who has?

Let me know all about it. As always, it was great having you here. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Everything of the best to you.

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14 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Millionaire Review, is it worth your time and money?”

  1. Your post is right on the money about how you broke this review down about coffee shop millionaire. More than I can say about Anthony Trister opportunity.

    I would not be impressed with his offer.

    Now when I clicked through to your Wealthy Affiliate offer now that is a genuine offer that has serious potential.

    Thanks for the information.

    • Hello Travis

      It is pretty clear that Wealthy Affiliate offers one far more and is much cheaper in comparison to CSM.Thanks for the comment.

      Take Care


  2. When I read your first couple of paragraphs thought it sounded to good to be true! And I don’t pay any attention to the guarantee, a lot of company do this where they will promise a money back guarantee and then won’t give you one. Think it’s just a scam.
    Think wealthy affiliate is much better

    • Hello Jenny

      The ones that sound ‘too good to be true’ are the ones you should thread carefully on.Thanks for your opinion about CSM and WA.

      I agree with you on Wealthy Affiliate, it’s truly a cut above the rest.

      Take Care


  3. Hey Roopesh – thanks so much for exposing rip offs like the Coffee Shop Millionaire. As someone who works hard for his money, it ticks me off to know that there are people out there who want to take it without returning any value.
    I bet a lot of people are lured into thinking this is a safe money making program because they do not promise you will get rich quick. I bet that is intentional to try and get some credibility.
    I love the way you break down and identify each red flag. I didn’t realize that long videos were a red flag but now I do!
    Can’t wait to see who you expose next and glad to know there is a company out there I can trust like Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Scott

      I know the feeling to have had your hard earned cash just taken away from under your nose.This is why I created this site, to help people see the legit programs from the ‘not so’ legit ones and hope they don’t get ripped off

      The long videos are NOT usually a red flag.I made it so in this case, because I believe there was no point or substance within it.It was the same point regurgitated in different words.

      Glad you enjoyed the article.

      See you around.


  4. Great review!
    It is clear to me now that Coffee Shop Millionaire is not worth the money and time. I have already lost enough of them with Empower Network… For newbies, it’s not easy to see clearly and with high hopes you want to believe the promises are true.
    Likely I am not newbie anymore and can tell that CSM is not worth it.

    I didn’t understand what way CSM is claiming to teach how to make money? Is it affiliate marketing or only getting referrals?
    Take care!

    • Hi Maria

      I know Empower Network and will be doing a review of them as well in due course.Glad to hear that you now that can tell the good guys from the bad ones.

      Basically, they make the money from people through thei training and programs and other upsells as I mentioned.They have an affiliate program, but I took no interest in it.

      Glad you stopped by.



  5. Was the sales video pushy? I hate it when sites like this have a great hook to draw you in and play to your fears. Then you wait and wait and wait for them to just make their point. If a sales page has more info and allows me to scroll or search, I’ll just find the bullet points and the bottom line cost. Seems like the fact that things are outdated speaks highly of the lack of credibility behind the operation too.

    • Hey Sarah

      A big welcome to you!

      No, the sales video was more playing on your emotions than anything else.Yes it was pushy at some points and there was a time limit which never seemed to countdown, it was just frozen on my PC.

      Yes, these guys do not offer the latest and keep up with the trends.As you can imagine, with all the changes going on in the industry, this is crucial to your success within the online business.

      Visit again sometime.

      Take Care


  6. Hi Roopeesh,

    Thanks for this review, I must admit I have found that a lot of Internet/ Affiliate marketing training programs don’t update their information with what has changed over recent years with the Google ranking algorithms.

    Someone not updating their content is always a clear indicator to me that the end customer getting the best experience and the most from the program isn’t their key objective.

    Any site or training program without the customers best interests in mind is big NO for me.

    What training programs would you recommend?

    • Hello Nate

      As you mentioned, it’s extremely important for these companies to keep up with the latest trends.Its shows their customers that they intend to lead the way and offer quality and valuable information,been a paying customer.

      I have recommendations on my site.These are affiliating marketing programs. Is this something that you would be interested to pursue?

      I would be glad to provide you with some more information.

      Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.



  7. I’ve always though that this program did a terrible job on their sales video. The guy on there almost has no energy at all. He sounds like he just woke up and filmed himself. The other issue is the program itself. I have heard so many complaints about this program it’s ridiculous


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